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Monday, 3 October 2011

Lutfur Rahman, Tower Hamlet's Islamist, on the EDL

I’ve never read so much nauseating hypocrisy in one go. Lutfur Rahman is a supreme hypocrite. He’s just about the most dangerous man in Tower Hamlets and beyond. He is an Islamist - through and through. He’s not of the Anjem Choudary variety of Muslim. He’s not honest and open like Choudary. Instead, being an Islamist, just like the Islamic Forum Europe (IFE), the Muslim Brotherhood and even Hamas, he is prepared to use democratic secular law to ultimately destroy it. Thus he's also a taqiyya merchant. As an Islamist, he believes in creating an Islamic state - basically, a theocracy. Don’t be fooled by his participation in various democratic processes within Tower Hamlets and beyond. Hamas has also indulged in democratic forces from time to time. Indeed the Muslim Brotherhood has used and abused democratic procedures since the late 1920s. When not doing so, they were busy blowing Jews up and assassinating various political leaders. Lutfur Rahman is part of this breed of men - he is an Islamist.

Lutfur Rahman says he was

‘shocked to read recently that Adrian Tudway, the police's national co-ordinator for domestic extremism, said he had formed the view that the EDL was not extreme after reading its website.’

So Rahman is against ‘dialogue’ with the EDL. That’s strange; he believes in dialogue with Hamas, Hezbollah, and a whole host of extreme Islamists. People who have murdered more people in a single year than have been killed by the ‘far right’ of Europe since the Second World War. And that is still the case even if we factor in Anders Breivik’s recent massacre in Norway. Breivik’s crime was against the norm. Islamist violence and Islamoterrorism is our daily bread. Each and every day the Global Jihad has a body count which equals - or even surpasses - the body count in Norway.

Mr Tudway didn’t come to the conclusion that Rahman wanted - the total castigation and banning of the EDL. Rahman is, after all, an totalitarian Islamist at heart. Banning is nothing to him. It occurs every single day, in every single Muslim or Islamic state. More specifically, criticism of Islam, or 'Islamophobia’, is never allowed in the countries Rahman admires. To commit blasphemy in these countries is to bring about your own death. That’s probably what Rahman would want here in the UK in the future. Until then, he will just require the banning of the EDL and the punishment of its members for 'Islamophobia’ or 'hate crimes’.

Rahman also mentions the fact that Tower Hamlets was a Jewish neighbourhood in the 1930s - at the time of the Battle of Cable Street. How ironic. Lutfur Rahman is an Islamist. Virtually all Islamists are virulently anti-Semitic. Islamists like Rahman have done more to foster and encourage anti-Semitism than any other group on the planet, including the ‘far right’. And this has nothing to do with Zionism. The Muslim Brotherhood’s campaign of killing and bombing Jews began in the 1920s, twenty years before the foundation of Israel and forty years before the platonic Occupation. Not only that. Islamists like Rahman contributed their fair share to the mass persecution of Jews in the Muslim-Arab world which resulted in a refugee problem which far outnumbered the Palestinians who left Israel/Palestine in 1948. That was the kicking out of 850,000 Jews from various Muslim countries. However, it wasn’t a ‘crisis’ in the Palestinian refugee sense because Israel did its damned best to resettle all the Jews in Israel. The Palestinian refugees, on the other hand, were used by Islamists like Rahman to continue the eternal Islamic war against the Jews. The Palestinians were the open sore which Islamists and Muslim leaders used for publicity and propaganda purposes. The difference between the two cases is staggering and it tells you a lot about the mindset of Islamist leaders like Rahman.

The point is that in the 1930s, it would have been highly likely that Islamists like Rahman would have been on the side of Oswald Mosley, not on the side of the Jews of the East End of London. Have you heard about the close friendship between the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin Husseini, and his soul mate, Adolf Hitler?
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  1. Tower hamlets caliph spends £50k p/m of tax payer`s money to fund Islamists.