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Thursday, 27 October 2011

The EDL “stormed” an Ahmadiyya book stall in Cradley Heath, Birmingham

It has been reported, in the Halesowen News, that a Muslim book stall, at Cradley Heath market, Birmingham, was ‘stormed’ by over 25 members of the English Defence League (on Saturday 15th October). The act was reported to have occurred in front of shoppers, many of whom were women and children, at the market at 2.30pm.

If the account is accurate, then I would say that it was a bad move on the EDL’s part. Whether or not it was organised by the EDL’s Regional Organisers in that area I don’t know. I would certainly say that the EDL’s national leadership would not endorse such actions if those actions were violent (or intended to be violent) in any way. So this action was wrong. However, it’s not quite obvious what the Halesowen News means by ‘attacked’ and ‘manhandled’. If there was non-defensive violence, then that was a foolish mistake.

It is said that Ahmadiyya Muslims pride themselves on their alternative - seemingly pacifist - approach to Islam. So pacifist, indeed, that Sunnis Muslims and other Islamic sects don’t even regard them as legitimate Muslims. (Sunni Muslims more or less think the same about Shia Muslims as well.) Indeed this Muslim antipathy towards the Ahmadiyya, from other Muslims, is so strong that they have been persecuted in certain Muslim states, such as in Pakistan and Iraq.
And even here in England, such as in Walsall relatively recently (see link), the Ahmadiyya have been harassed by other Muslims. (Perhaps the Halesowen News should also do a news piece on Muslim violence towards the Ahmadiyya.)

It’s a shame that the EDL didn’t choose the Islamist/salafist stall which is frequently placed on New Street - right in the heart of Birmingham’s city centre. This is an extreme Islamic group which espouses a ‘revolutionary’ Islam and the implementation of an Islamic theocratic state. They also champion violence, or ‘jihad’, as a means to further their cause. This places them at odds with the Ahmadiyya.

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  1. It is not good to attack anyone, but these Ahmadis are a cult who exploit their members, have no consistent position or policy on anything and insult all religions, including Islam and Christianity.

    I don't agree with EDL, but it is good to recognize such fringe groups for what they are. At least the Jehovah's witnesses are benign. These guys are not.

  2. QeRN: do I take it you think that mainstream Islam, unlike the Ahmadis, is "benign"? And can you give details of how the Ahmadis "insult" all religions, in a way in which mainstream Islam does not? And can you give me an example of Ahmadi suicide bombing or Jihadism?

  3. @QeRN: I am a member of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community and would challenge you to highlight a single incident where Ahmadies have been involved in causing any sort of unrest or throwing insults at members of any religious or non-religious group? On the contrary, Islam teaches us to be respectful toward people of all faith and to be loyal to the country in which we live.