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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Birmingham EDL demo: 'Whose streets? Our streets!'

Links to various posts, articles, videos, etc. on Islam in Birmingham, as well as on the EDL.

SAT, 29th OCTOBER, 2011

(See Salma Yaqoob's 'Whose streets? Our streets! @ 3:39 above)

'Why Birmingham's "spy cameras" were put up'

'Birmingham's new Islamoterrorists: Bring back the "spy cameras"!'

‘Birmingham - Best place in Europe to be a Muslim’

'The Birmingham EDL demos and Unite Against Fascism (UAF)'

'The Birmingham defeat of the EDL?'

‘The August 2009 Birmingham EDL Demo’

'The Dudley demo according to the Birmingham Mail'

'The EDL rooftop protest by the Birmingham Mail'

'The Birmingham Mail’s Cuckoo-Diversity Dream'

'Birmingham’s ‘peace vigil’ in support of Hamas'

'Trouble in Brum: the EDL and the Free Palestine Brigade'

'Adrian Goldberg defends the red-fascist UAF'

‘The Rev Ray Gaston and UAF against the EDL’

‘Sparkbrook - Birmingham’s Terror Base’

‘Just back from the anti-'spy cameras’ pro-Islamist meeting’

‘West Midlands Police tries to teach the EDL a lesson’

‘Video of the Rev Ray Gaston: Ban the EDL!'

‘West Midlands Police and its hands-off-Muslims policy’

‘The ‘spy cameras’ of Birmingham: leave the terrorists alone!'

‘Birmingham’s Dr Naseem: Muslims didn’t do 9/11'

‘The unholy alliance of Rev Ray Gaston and the West Midlands Police’

'Mistakes made over the Birmingham 'spy cameras'?

'Police on alert over possible terror bombings in Birmingham'
'Birmingham schools targeted by Islamic extremists'

'EDL protest against pro-Hamas stall in Birmingham'

'A stranger in my own land [Birmingham]'

'Birmingham imam calls for Muslim jihad'

'Birmingham's Khalid Mahmood: an 'Asian MP'?'

'EDL's Birmingham protest - 19th March, 2010'

'The EDL postpones its Birmingham demo'

'Secret filming at Muslim schools in Birmingham'

'Channel 4 puts Birmingham mosques back in the spotlight'

'Our day out at the Small Heath Islamist Conference [Birmingham]'

'Birmingham's Muslims are appeased over "spy cameras"'
'Birmingham Muslim 1 West Midlands Police 0'

'The New Street [Birmingham]Islamists'
'Birmingham Embraces Diversity'

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