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Friday, 2 September 2011

Why Tower Hamlets? (1)

... and Leftists say that the Islamification of the UK is a 'myth'!

I always thought that 'Inter-Faith dialogue' was a one-way street - from non-Muslims to Muslims. The spiritual adviser to Lutfur Rahman, the new Tower Hamlets Ayatollah, makes this clear in this video. His name is Sheik Adel Al-Kalbani.

Christians have Dhimmi status in Muslim lands. Muslims have a special status in non-Muslim lands - in the UK!

Inter-faith deceit is just a vehicle for Muslims either to get what they want from non-Muslims or to use such meetings to proselytise on behalf of Islam.

Muslims will never accommodate themselves or their religion because Islam is the One True Faith. Full stop. No debate. No genuine InterFaith dialogue. Just Taqiyya. Deceit. Lies. Manipulation. As well as Anglican and Methodist gullibility and just pure, stupid, fluffy niceness.

As the interviewer says: Interfaith dialogue is 'dialogue for dialogue's sake'. It is just a front for most Muslims. For Methodists and Anglicans, InterFaith is their true, new faith. It is how they prove to us how fucking nice they are. What really matters to them is their own sense of supreme goodness and piety; which they prove by bending over backwards for Muslims. If the UK became an Islamic state, that wouldn't matter to them. That wouldn't impinge on their niceness (or gullibility!).

Why did the Labour Party and the rest ever have faith in these people when you can easily hear the truth from the horses' mouths – in this case, Lutfur Rahman’s ‘spiritual adviser’? (Just as is the case if you read Hamas’s 1987 charter!)

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