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Saturday, 3 September 2011

Tower Hamlets: History didn't 'repeat itself'

Tower Hamlets 2011 did not result in 'history repeating itself' because history can't repeat itself. However, I suspect that the Muslim writer of this piece, Salman Farsi (image below), also knows this. Nevertheless, it will do wonders for the Islamist or Islamic cause to make associations between the EDL and Moseley's fascists because he knows, as we all do, that Trotskyists and Communists are absolutely obsessed with Cable Street and what happened there. More generally, because they are so obsessed with the rise of fascism/Nazism generally in the1930s, they see fascism rising left, right and centre.
But it's what can be called RED FASCISTS who are seeing fascism everywhere. That's because it's their job to see fascism everywhere.

Leftists used to scream about 'anti-Communist scaremongering' and fearing 'reds under the bed' – what about fascists or Nazis under the bed instead?

So another alternative would be the ISLAMIST UNDER THE BED. And it is these almost ISLAMOFASCIST Islamists who are in control of Tower Hamlets. That's why most EDL members demonstrated today.
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