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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Tommy Robinson on hunger strike! Get on the case Chakrabarti!

EDL's Tommy Robinson is on hunger strike. He has said that he is a “political prisoner of the state”, following his arrest after a EDL protest in Tower Hamlets on Saturday.
Tommy was remanded in custody at Luton Magistrates Court, on Monday, September 5, after appearing charged with breaching bail conditions imposed on him by Blackburn Magistrates Court, where he is due to go on trial on September 29.

It is clearly the case that Tommy Robinson has indeed become a political prisoner. There is no doubt about that. The very fact that he has been systematically prevented from engaging in any kind of political activity with the EDL clearly shows this.

The State needs to be reminded that the English Defence League is a legal political organisation, despite what the Guardian, New Statesman, Unite Against Fascism and Nick Lowles say and want. It can be readily accepted that if the EDL were an illegal political group, then such restrictions on freedoms, or bans, would be fully justifiable. Indeed, by definition, Tommy Robinson would have been stopped from attending any activities of a banned group. But, again, the EDL is not a banned or an illegal organisation.

*) Tommy Robinson has been the victim of police harassment almost from the very beginning of the EDL. I am tempted to say, in qualification, that it is not exactly the police as such, but the State/Government which has harassed TR through the police. (Although many current police chiefs are indeed fine Islamophiles and they exist deep within the mire of political correctness.)

Clearly, what the EDL is saying and doing is 'dangerous' and 'inflammatory'. But not because Muslims 'feel under threat' (it is non-Muslims who are under threat) or because of EDL violence and 'hooliganism'. The dangerous and inflammatory situations will simply arise because the truth being said about Islam will cause many Muslims to rebel, riot and even kill. We are in a situation in which Islam, and even Islamism (praised last week by the Guardian), are treated like eggshells. Such fragile entities cannot be talked about truthfully in public, let alone touched. Because when the broad mass of British non-Muslims begin to fully realise how dangerous Islam – not the EDL! - really is to the state, society and the kuffar generally, then pretty radical things must happen in order to register - and then act upon - that knowledge of true Islam (not InterFaith Islam for suckers!)

However, because large segments of our culture are Marxist in spirit, if not dogmatically so, and have definitely sucked political correctness deep into their lungs, very little, if anything, will be done in the near future. Then if you add to all that the fact many local councillors, and nearly all politicians, rely quite heavily on various Muslim block votes, then here again there will be little real chance of any change.

And that's why Tommy Robinson and others must keep up the pressure. Keep up the pressure until the State, and local councils, finally start to listen to, if not act upon, what millions of people are saying about the nature of Islam. This impasse is going to be overcome at some point – why not now?

The State cannot wait until we have another Kosovo/Bosnia, another Pakistan, another Iraq – even another Sweden or Norway.

Everywhere Islam is there is also trouble. Almost every contemporary conflict involves Muslims fighting or persecuting non-Muslims, whether they are Jews in the Middle East, Christians and Ahmadiyya in Pakistan and Iraq, or Buddhists in southern Thailand.

This situation is dramatic. But it won't go away simply by creating another fifty interfaith groups. It won't go away if we build yet more mosques. It won't go away if we build more Muslim prayer rooms in factories or hospitals or more Islamic toilets which don't face Mecca. No. The exact opposite will happen. The more we give Muslims, the more they will want. And then, again, the more they will want...

Islam, or the system that is sharia law, is a complete and total system which encompasses both the private and the public/political spheres. Accommodations on 'civil sharia law', such as marriage, will just be the beginning. After all, there is no hierarchy when it comes to the various and many sharia laws. Hudud, or amputation for theft, is just as important and relevant as are interest-free bank accounts for Muslims. The problem is that our leaders fail to realize the enormity of the problem. Indeed I suspect that at least a few of our leaders do realise the problem. However, what matters to them is their own political power and their short-term commitments.

Anti-jihad groups – Tommy Robinson too! - are determined to halt this slippery slope of appeasement and dhimmitude.

Free Tommy Robinson.

No surrender... ever!


Note: I’ve often wondered about the legality of the police stopping someone having anything to do with a legal group. Has the EDL sought out legal help on this?

Also, it would be funny if the EDL secured the help of Liberty’s Shami ‘nickers’ Chakrabarti. She would say ‘no’. The only liberties/rights she cares about are the liberties/rights of Islamoterrorists and leftists (or minority groups she can politically exploit). Her refusal to help Tommy Robinson would simply show us that to her rights activism is simply revolution/radicalisation-through-rights activism. What about JUST West Yorkshire or the huge army of academics and legal people who suffer from monomania about Palestine? Where are they?


  1. Stephen Lennon wittingly broke the law and his bail conditions and chose to go to jail early of his own free accord by doing so. The bail set for him was for attacking an ex Soldier and causing a crowd to attack him as well. He has no political motivation so is not a political prisoner but a criminal about to face trial for crimes against citizens of the Country. If you break the law willingly then you go to jail and this is why we are fighting Sharia Law to get them to obey our laws as well

  2. cladkingguk, you have missed the point. At a time when certain elements of the Libcon Coalition are even advocating "votes for prisoners", Lennon/Robinson has been prevented from exercising his democratic right to attend/speak at political meetings, even though his offences were (I think) unconnected to the EDL.