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Thursday, 29 September 2011

The US and the Pakistani ISI/Islamic da'wah for Christians

The US and Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI)

This is incredible. This game the United States has been playing with Pakistan, or, more specifically with the Pakistani ISI, has been going on for decades. America has known that Inter-Services Intelligence has been backing, and probably funding, the Taliban, or ‘militants’ as this news piece has it, for over two decades, if not longer. But the game goes on.

The thing is that if the US Government puts too much pressure on the Pakistani President to put pressure on the ISI, then there may well be an Islamist coup, which would makes things a lot worse. Or, at the least, that’s the theory and that’s why there is this endless diplomatic game which only the clever people at the top truly understand. (Or at least that’s what they probably think.)

As for ISI itself. They no doubt support the militants in Afghanistan because they too don’t want an unstable Afghanistan run by various tribal warlords. (Not the it’s exactly stable now.) However, it is also the case that ideologically, as well as religiously, the ISI supports these militants, the Taliban. The ISI is, in other words, an Islamist intelligence service.

So what of the ISI? It has existed since the late 1940s and has always had a lot of power within Pakistan. It is essentially allied with the military. In essence, as the late prime Minister Benazir Bhutto put it, it is a ‘state within a state’. It is the Islamism at the heart of the Pakistani state.

The religious nature of the ISI should not be understated either. To put it simply. The intelligence service has been mightily impressed by what the various mujahedin, as well as the Taliban later, have managed to do in Afghanistan. As many people know, the mujahedin never stops showing off about its defeat of the Soviet army in 1989 and before. More specifically, the ISI is impressed by the mujahedin’s ultimate brag:

‘Hey, we defeated a superpower. This just shows the power of our ideology, the power of our faith, and we can do great things with it.’

So, again, the US knows that the ISI has strong connections with militant forces in Afghanistan. More relevantly, the ISI, and the Pakistani Government, know that the US knows that they have links with militants. So the dance goes on.

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Islamic Da'wah for American (Christian) students

What’s happening here is the same as what happens at InterFaith meetings and events. That is, young students are being brainwashed into believing that Islam is a thoroughly clean and innocent faith - in every respect. They visit the mosques with their heads full of ‘myths’ or ‘misconceptions’about Islam. And then go home knowing the truth about Islam. And that truth is without stain. Even without shades of grey. Everything you know that is negative about Islam is a ‘myth’ or a ‘misconception’. They will be taught, therefore, only the nicey-nicey facts about Islam.

What a case of inverting previous possible bias! Why is being totally uncritical of Islam any better than being completely critical of it? Aren’t they both extremes?

Of course the Islamic Community of Des Plaines will welcome these potentially gullible Christian kids with open arms. How could they not? After all, Islam is proselytising faith. (They call it da’wah.) It is not only the duty of every Muslim to preach to the already converted or even to the non-religious. It also necessary to spread the truth of Islam to Christians, Buddhists, Hindus... even Jews. That why InterFaith meeting and events are popular with many Muslims. These events function as Islamic da’wah sessions; though nominally they are, of course, ‘inter-faith’

Terrance Jozwik, who runs these session for students, admits that he never broached the subject of Islamic terrorism or Islamic fundamentalism before 9/11. Now he does discuss these contentious issues. Problem is, like the good Muslim he isn’t, he’s a good dhimmi instead. He tells his students that all the vile and negative aspects portrayed in 'the media’ actually ‘have nothing to do with Islam’. Full stop. And these children will no doubt believe him. Perhaps only to be shocked into the truth later in life.

The imam, Farooqie, at the Islamic centre, obviously concurs with Jozwik. He predictably states:
“People follow the news and they think this is what Islam is, and that is not reality.”

Oh well! That’s that then. Islam has nothing to do with terrorism; or stoning; or genital mutilation; or wars of religious expansion; or death for apostasy; or misogyny; or forced conversion and all the rest. And Proph Madmood wasn’t a mass killer, paedophile and Jew-hater. Oh well again! So now we know.

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