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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Sharia law in the USA/What? Yet more 'myths' about Islam?

Sharia Blasphemy Law in the US

One Islamic sharia law is the law against blasphemy. There is no law against blasphemy in the West. However, that hasn't stopped Muslims from attempting to foist sharia blasphemy law on non-Muslims.

In the UK, members of the EDL have been in imprisoned and heavily fined for breaking a now-unspoken sharia blasphemy law in this country. You simply cannot criticise Islam, the Koran or the Prophet Madmood without being punished, whether you live in Carlisle or Luton.

But in order to disguise the true nature of this law, Western Muslims must pretend that the perpetrator is doing something more than simply criticising Islam or the Koran. This is where ‘hate crimes’ come in.

In this South Florida case, a police officer has been accused of using ‘hateful language’ and saying ‘derogatory things’ about Islam. Apart from this being a free country, you’d have though that this was a simple case of free speech. However, because the police officer is a public servant, as they put it in England, then this Muslim believed he could milk the case, both politically and financially, for as much as he could get.

Enter the Council on American-Islamic Relation (CAIR). Now, considering the political nous and taqiyya of CAIR, I bet this case will go all the way. There will be money changing hands from non-Muslims to Muslims and the police officer will almost definitely be severely reprimanded, if not sacked.

CAIR continues to spread the disease of Islamism throughout American. Watch out!

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What? Yet more 'myths' about Islam

‘Misconceptions’ [or ‘myths’] about Islam’ = anything critical of Islam

This is a by-definition rule which Muslims follow slavishly. That is, if someone says anything even slightly negative about Islam, the Koran or the Proph Madmood, then, by definition again, they believe ‘myths’ or ‘misconceptions’ about it. Muslims are so thoroughly brainwashed, often self-brainwashed, that they cannot even comprehend that non-Muslims are critical. The cleverer Muslims, however, may well know what the score is. Politically, they will still call our negative truths about Islam ‘misconceptions’ or ‘myths’ - that’s if they haven’t already classed the critic as an ‘Islamophobe’. The trick, as ever, is to silence all critics of Islam as every critic of Islam has been silenced (killed) throughout Islamic history in Muslim countries. Now it’s coming to a place near you!

One standard gambit is to say all the really bad things about Islam are really about various 'cultures' which just happened to be Muslim as well. This is stupid. Isn’t religion a culture or at least part of culture? Of course it is. So when they say that stoning, cliterodectomy or polygamy are really 'about culture', not Islam, you know that your being given a heavy dose of Islamic taqiyya. How can that culture/Islam binary opposition be pulled off when one considers that some of cultures have been Islamic/Muslim for over a thousand years! Try separating religion and culture after that amount of time.

And this is additionally a false distinction even non-historically. For a start, stoning, polygamy, jihad are all parts of the Koran or Islam. None of these barbarous aspects of Muslim countries are strictly cultural rather than Islam.

The trick is, though, to say that all the negative things are ‘cultural’; whereas Islam takes all the credit for the lovey-dovey things. Don’t buy this taqiyya!

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  1. Their filthy lies extend to using acronyms for their nefarious, colonising organisations that sound the complete opposite of what they really are: CAIR - care!!

    Liars and Islamic Colonisers of Europe= LICE