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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Muslims save England from the rioters

I found this extremely biased article, on the recent English riots, laughable. How someone, in this case a founder and head of the Police's Muslim Contact Unit, can make so much of the fact that Muslims, on two occasions, protected their own communities, I don't know. Now, if Muslims had protected all types of community, or a non-Muslim community, that would have been something to shout about. But the Muslims featured in this article didn't do that.
Of course Muslims protected their own communities during the riots. That's all Muslims seem to do when it comes to Islamic charities, Islam/Muslim-related volunteer work and even Muslim political groups. And the more Muslims protect their communities, the stronger they feel and the deeper their faith becomes. Conflict, of any type, enriches Islam and nourishes Muslims. Islam itself thrives on conflicts, which Muslims often classify as 'self-defence'. (In this article, too, Muslim victimhood is stressed as well as their defensive posture.)

The whole point of this article is to give one in the eye to all 'Islamophobic commentators'. That is, to anyone who dares to criticise Islam in anyway or to anyone who condemns Muslim behaviour. Again, how Lambert can make a case for general Islamophilia from such meagre evidence I don't know.

Robert Lambert, an academic and well-known hyperactive Islamophile, even quotes a Muslim student who says:

'When accused of terrorism we are Muslims. When killed by looters we become Asian.'

Well, for a start, when a Muslim kills someone FOR Islam or in the name of Islamic jihad, I bloody well hope that such people are classed as 'Muslims'. That's what they are! What descriptions would this Muslim student prefer?

Well, the second part of his statement explains that. The student says that 'looters' are classed as 'Asian' whereas terrorists are classed as 'Muslim'. But that's because most acts of terrorism are carried out by Muslims and it is woven into Islam itself. I also wish that Muslim pimpers, groomers, sex-gangs, drug-gangs were classified as 'Muslim', instead of 'Asian'. That would be a far more accurate description of the state of play today.

Two places of looting and rioting are featured in this article: Birmingham and Tower Hamlets. In the Tower Hamlets case, the Islamophilic academic Robert Lambert sees it as a good opportunity to sell us the benign nature of various extreme Islamist groups.

Firstly he tells us that 'volunteers' in the Tower Hamlets wore 'green fluorescent security vests marked “East London Mosque”'. He also tells us that members of the Islam Forum Europe did their best to defend their fellow Muslims. Finally, Lutfur Rahman, the Ayatollah of Tower Hamlets council, is praised for preventing looting (in some way).
Lambert, the unbiased reporter of this news piece, praised the East London Mosque and Islam Forum Europe again by mentioning their 'street skills in action in 2005'. He says that these Islamists 'dispatched Al Mujajiroun. But this had nothing to do with moderate Muslims dealing with extremist Muslims. Far from it. It was an instance of Muslim Brotherhood-type Islamists, who believe in using Western democracy in order to destroy Western democracy, dealing with militant Salafists/Wahhabites, who don't believe in polluting oneself with 'kuffar institutions' or kuffar democracy. Apart from those differences, there is very little difference between IFE and militants like Al Muhajiroun. That is, there are no differences which would matter or be relevant to non-Muslims on the outside.

Finally, I don't want to be a party-popper, but there was something about the killing of the 'three typically brave Muslims who were killed while defending their neighbourhood' the other week which doesn't seem to have been mentioned in most media reports. It is certainly not mentioned in this unashamed example of extreme Islamophilia.

There are stories going around Birmingham, and elsewhere, that the reason these three Muslims were killed was because the killers had formerly been attacked by Muslims - with rocks and much else. Thus the driver returned, seeking revenge, and ran over the three Muslims. Whether or not the driver recognised them, as their former attackers, I don't know.

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