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Saturday, 3 September 2011

Lowles, Communist revolutionary, warns of EDL extremism

A British campaign group, Searchlight, has told the incredibly unbiased Press TV (based in Iran) that the the English Defence League is a “conveyor belt for potential terrorists,” warning the Home Office of threats posed by the group.
Nick Lowles, its leader and spokesman, has said that the 'revealed links between EDL and Anders Behring Breivik, the Norwegian Christian terrorist that killed 77 people in Oslo last month, should prompt officials to take a more decisive action against the far-right EDL.'

For a start, does anyone need to be lectured on extremism by a Communist, such as Nick Lowles, or by a Communist organisation, such as Searchlight? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

This man is not a expert on the EDL and he certainly isn't an expert on terrorism. In fact up until Anders Breivik, this man had nothing to say about terrorism. Specifically, he had nothing to say about the Global Jihad or the danger Islamists pose to the UK. He was utterly silent about all these things.

And then, all of a sudden, he speaks about about 'the threat of terrorism'? Why now, Nick Lowles? I'll tell you why. He is only interested in 'far right terrorism'; the massive daily death toll from Islamism and militant Islam is of no concern to him. Indeed he rationalises and explains the dirty and bloody deeds of Islamoterrorists in a typically Leftist/Communist fashion.

So should anyone listen to this Communist? Well, if you're a communist or Trotskyist who likes his Islamoterrorism explained and rationalised in Leftist terms, and all 'right wing terrorism' described in utterly critical non-analytic terms, Nick Lowles is the man for you.

Nick Lowles is also keen on the apocalyptic turn of phrase. He says that 'the EDL presents the biggest threat to community cohesion'. That's strange because this Communist also once said, not that long ago (in fact less than three years ago), that the BNP 'is the biggest threat to community cohesion'. As the similar was said, by various Trotskyists and Communists, about the National Front and even about the Conservative Party. (The BNP and EDL's existence has taken some of the pressure of the 'far right wing of the Conservative Party, as it used to be called.)

I will listen to justifiable criticisms of the EDL by others, but not from a Communist or an 'anti-fascist'. You cannot trust a single word these revolutionaries say. They admit to 'lying for Justice'. So, within the Leftist soundbites about the EDL, there are bound to be many outright lies and simple distortions.

Do not trust Nick Lowles. Do not trust Searchlight and Hope Not Hate. They are all burdened down with revolutionary theory/ideology and pathetic Leftist soundbites.
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