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Monday, 19 September 2011

Duke University Professor blames US for Islamoterrorism

A Duke University imam and professor, Abdullah Antepli, has told reporters that the United States helped create the monster that is jihadism.

Professor Abdullah Antepli admits to nothing when it comes to Muslims and Islam. He literally says that jihadism is all America’s fault. He says that the

‘United States helped create the monster that is Jihadism with its support of the Mujaheddin during the Soviet War in Afghanistan’.
Firstly, many historians and political commentators have argued that the Afghanistan Mujaheddin, or a similar jihadist group, would have been born even without American help. Sure, it would have taken longer and been more difficult without American money and training; but jihadists would still have arisen anyway.

This is clear when one bears in mind that fact that Islamoterrorism dates back - at the very least - to the 1920s, with the Muslim Brotherhood’s terrorist and assassination campaign against various ‘enemies of Islam’. Palestine-related and -based terrorism also dates back to before the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan in 1979. Terrorist bombings and kidnappings date back to the mid-1960s, especially as regards the PLO and other Palestinian groups.

The other Islamist cliché which the Professor trots out is the US's ‘troubling relationships with dictators in the Muslim world’. I wonder if he includes the kosher Islamic states like Iran and/or the Sudan. That is, it isn’t dictatorships as such that Islamists and our Professor are against, but the wrong kind of dictatorship. More clearly, any dictatorship which is non-Islamist and friendly with the United States is a bad dictatorship. This will be a reference to states like Egypt and suchlike - the non-Islamist states. (Though not non-Islamist for long in the case of Egypt?)

He also, of course, excuses Islam itself for any responsibility for jihadism. He says:

‘The radicals are not the product of Islamic theology or Muslim societies.’

Really? Jihadism dates back to the very beginning of Islam. Indeed it dates back to the violent and expansionist behaviour of Muhammed himself, whether that was his conquests, his mass killings of Jews or his enforcement of Islam on various pre-existing civilisations and cultures. To say that Islam, or the Koran, has no responsibility is a plain lie. I’m convinced that most Muslims, especially this professor, know this to be true in their hearts. They know it; but it's still a heavy thing to admit. And that’s why they don’t admit it. Best blame America or the West as a whole. It’s always someone else’s fault. Muslims and Islam are never responsible for anything that is deemed to be bad or destructive.
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