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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Birmingham’s latest Islamoterrorists - bring back the ‘spy cameras’!

You will have seen that a group of British-born men, from Birmingham, have been held in police custody. They are under suspicion of having attempted to commit ‘mass murder’ with suicide bombs here in the UK. The men appeared in court yesterday.
This was why the CCTVs (‘spy cameras’) were put up in Birmingham in the first place! Even the areas under observation are exactly the same ones which had CCTVs (for that limited period). Areas like Sparkbrook, home of the IslamoTrot Salma Yaqoob, and Washwood Heath.

So why were the CCTVs taken down? Because local Muslims MPs and leftists, such as the Rev Ray Gaston and Salma Yaqoob, along with Lord Nazir Ahmed, threatened ‘civil unrest’ (Ahmed’s actual words - see video) if the cameras weren’t immediately taken down. So not only do these people demand that the kuffar does the will of Muslims, but that they should do so even to the extent that it problematises the fight against terrorism.

This is why Muslims are so often ‘demonised’ by the platonic Media/Press. Because there’s so many things to demonise! The home-grown Islamoterror problem isn’t a ‘myth’ and it isn’t the ‘creation of the Islamophobic Media’. They are the creations of Islam and of our many Muslim ghettoes.

The British state must do everything it can to stop these potential mass murderers from carrying out their ‘Islamic duty’ by ‘killing for Allah’.

Even with all the restrictions placed on the police by Multiculturalism Incorporated, the police are still foiling these Islamoterrorist attacks. And that’s why there hasn’t been another mass killing since the London bombings of 2005 - not because these Muslims have stopped trying. (Palestine groupies and Muslims often tell us about the 'lack of proportionality' between Israelis and Palestinian deaths. What they don’t also tell you is that this is largely because 80% of the terrorist attacks against Israel are foiled by the secret services and the IDF.) The carnage from the British and Global jihad would be even larger than it is today if it wasn’t for the good work of our own anti-terror organisations.

Bring back the spy cameras so that we can stop any further acts of Islamic jihad on our streets. Do we want to end up in a hell-hole like Pakistan or Iraq? Defeat Islamoterrorism now - by any means possible.
The News Link:
Lord Nazir Ahmed ranting against Birmingham's 'spy cameras':

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