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Sunday, 7 August 2011

The political extremes merge in anti-Semitism

The familial connections between the extreme left, extreme right and the Islamist movement just keep on turning up. Everyone knows that the extreme left has always been anti-Semitic… sorry, anti-Zionist. Everyone knows that Islam, not just Islamism, is distinctly anti-Semitic and not at all simply anti-Zionist. The problem now is that the anti-Zionist extreme left

has joined forces with the anti-Jewish Islamists. This alone should give one suspicions as to whether the extreme left was every really only anti-Zionist at all - rather than being plainly anti-Semitic.

Take the Workers Revolutionary Party in 1983 (?). This is from the Party’s paper, News Line:

"A powerful Zionist connection runs from the so called Left of the Labour Party right into the centre of Thatcher’s government in Downing Street. Top of the list we have Mr Stuart Young, a director of the Jewish Chronicle, as youngest-ever Chairman of the BBC… He is the brother of Mr David Young, another Thatcher appointee, who is chairman of the Manpower Services Commission."

This could have been written by a spokesperson for the Muslim Association of Britain (MAB). Indeed, it could have been written by a Nazi! It seems that any group that believes in conspiracies, whether the BNP, the SWP, the WRP, or the MAB, is almost bound to see the Jews as a threat or a menace. There is so much history, after all, to back them up. But as some Creationist once said about Darwin:

‘Everyone believes in Darwinism because everyone believes in Darwinism.’

So now we can say:

Everyone believes the Jews did it because everyone believes (or believed) that the Jews did it.

The Jewish-Conspiracy Tradition has been effectively passed on from Christians, to Muslims, to revolutionary socialists and Nazis, to today’s Islamists, without there really being any need for new facts about the 'conspiracy'. Of course it is the case that if we already have this tradition, then it will fuel today’s loonies to find yet more ‘facts’ about the global - or is it cosmic? - Jewish conspiracy.

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