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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Muslim Hate Crimes

It has often been said that the English Defence League is stirring up ‘religious hatred’. Let’s think about this for a moment. The EDL is demonstrating against Islamic extremism. A very common and important aspect of Islamic extremism is religious hatred.When the British Muslim bombers faced conviction (one from Birmingham),

we should say that what probably drove them (far more than the treatment of Palestinians, etc.) was religious hatred – the religious hatred of all non-Islamic religions.

Imams and religious leaders, as well as leaders of the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) and the Muslim Association of Britain (MAB), can often be found spouting their dislike of other religions (pure hatred in the case of Judaism) and secular culture.

Of course, they won’t say this in the Birmingham Post or on Question Time. But an hour or two reading their websites, publications, etc. will show you that this is indeed the case. Some councillors and MPs may want to sanitise these facts or even hide them from us. (Perhaps they hide unpalatable facts about Islam and Muslim behaviour from themselves.) But feeling all nice, fluffy and piously tolerant about all aspects of all cultures (except white working class and 'right wing' cultures) and religions (except Christian fundamentalisms in the US) will not do much for community relations (though it may well help lengthen certain Islam-enabling careers).

So many people have been given a hard time by Unite Against Fascism protestors. Let’s be specific about this. It is Martin Smith,

the former national secretary of the Socialist Workers Party and a leader of UAF, who has perhaps been more responsible than any other single person for the trouble at the EDL demos. (The EDL doesn't have its own version of this machine-Trot and control freak.) He has been seen, many times, inciting the Asian Muslims behind his White Trotskyist Vanguard.

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