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Sunday, 14 August 2011

Mathew Collins, 'expert', on the EDL

Matthew Collins himself is the extremist - not the EDL. He has followed a path that many extremists follow - in his case, from the extreme right (when a member of the BNP) to now being an extreme 'anti-fascist' (or vice versa). He has swallowed, completely, the rhetoric of Far Left Trotskyists and Communists. Even his statements in this Daily Star article are themselves extreme. He sounds like Dave Spart, the Trot in Private Eye.

Again, he has simply moved from the extreme right to the extreme Left. That happens a lot with what psychologists call ‘extremist types’.

The EDL is nothing like Choudary or Muslims Against the Crusades:

i) MAC states that it supports terrorist action.
ii) It states that it wants an Islamic state and full sharia law.
iii) It states that it is against all secular democractic governments.

With the EDL it is completely different. All the extremes of the EDL are INTERPRETATIONS of the EDL. They are Leftists interpretations, not statements of official EDL belief or policy. For example:

i) The EDL is not fascist according to its own literature; but is is fascist when interpreted through Leftist theory.
ii) The EDL is not racist according to its own literature; but it becomes racist when see through Leftist theories.
iii) The same goes for the EDL’s ‘Islamophobia’.

There is not a single statement on the EDL’s website that can be deemed as fascist or racist.

That’s why UAF/Hope Not Hate/SWP/Nick Lowles rely exclusively on EDL fanpage posts, not on the EDL's own website. That’s because, as with all pages, anyone can post on EDL Facebook pages. It takes some time before they can be deleted, and that’s forgetting that much of the racist stuff is put up by ‘anti-fascist’ red fascists in the first place.

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  1. Sounds like he just needs someone to hate. He should try looking in the mirror for starters.