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Friday, 1 July 2011

What Muslims Really Think (1)

These passages are from various Muslim or Islamic forums, such as the Muslim Public Affairs Forum.
The Dirty Kuffar

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Firstly, one should never be surprised of kuffar even if they are 'friends' of turning their backs on muslims because we are told from the very beginning that they only care about themselves and are not interested in the truth... Muslims need to learn how to stand alone and Many have also said that these recent events have helped bring them back to islam, which again can only be a good thing. There is a lot of anti islamic propaganda going on and the media is at the forefront of this with many people, especially pro zionists leading this campaign to gain popular support. But remember that most are all mouth and no balls! - Zoya09
if you find the media blaming a so-called muslim group for doing something that NO muslim would ever do, just know that this means that muslims were NOT responsible. irrespective of what zionist mainstream media says or what "proof" they give." - Guantanomo Justice Centre
I meant as the quran clearly states that you can not rely on kuffar to take your side. And as far as the truth goes, yes tell them about islam but dont expect the vast majority to accept it as they purposely reject the truth.” - Zoya09
Good to see that the true nature of the kuffar has become apparent to you.

They will never be pleased with you until you follow their way of life and become one of them. And we can never be pleased with them until they become Muslims. People think its extreme to have an "us and them" mentality but there isn't anything extreme about it. Its just the way the world works.

You're either with Allah or against Him. There's no in between. - NeverGoodEnough
these forums are not visited by extremist kafirs, these are your everyday kafirs, except they can speak anonymously from behind a computer, so they tend to say what is EXACTLY on their minds

Allah says what they say is bad, but what is in their hearts is even worse. - AbuMubarak
Is Islam a threat to the west?


Is Islam a threat to banking?


Is Islam a threat to the oligarchic machine state?


Is Islam a threat to the Jewish political and financial domination of the world?

Definitely. -
everything in this world happens according to will of Allah. west see islam as a threat so be it. Allah has put that fear in their heart and insha Allah soon Islam will dominate the whole world. btw they will have peace and feel secure if they come to the fold of islam. - Abu Raas
.figures never matter in the eyes of muslims, you know why? ''If there are twenty of you who are steadfast(muslims), they will overcome two hundred, and a hundred of you, if steadfast, will overcome a thousand of the disblievers, for they are people who do not understand''(Q:8:65).

the kuffar dominate the world economy? good, ''they (the kuffar) use their wealth to bar people from the path of God, and they will go on doing so. in the end this will be a source of intense regret for them: they will be overcome and herded towards Hell.'' (Q:8:36).

Oh i just remembered this verse ''They(the kuffar) are like people who kindle a fire: when it lights up everything around them, God takes away all thier light, leaving them in utter darkness, unable to see--deaf, dumb, and blind: they will never return.” Q:2:17-18.
- Abu Hamza

Muslims conquered the whole middle eastern region in a few years, defeated the persians, went on defeating the romans, expanded the Islamic rule and changed the world, and all this began and continued against many worldly odds including military might.

The leaders of the west know this fact very well and they know very well that Muslims would be unstoppable, even against outstanding military odds, if Muslims ever unite under a single Islamic leadership.

The western leaders know this even if the common folk is ignorant. That is exactly why they continue to support the zionist cancer in the middle east, only to keep the Muslims divided, weak, and in check.

That is also why they fear an Islamic government like Taliban in Afghanistan.

I have one question for you. Would you admit that it is a Miracle from Allah('Azza wa Jal) if Muslims could form an Islamic government that starts uniting the rest of the Muslims, expanding their rule, starts to recapture the occupied lands, and pose an evidently apparent millitary threat of conquest of the west within your lifetime?

Would you accept the Miracle if this happened, while every apparent calculable odd is against us Muslims?

... Of course we Muslims also understand that the kuffar love to live in a dream world, ignoring the signs that despite the odds the Muslims are beginning to get back on their feet, thinking that the Muslims had fallen permanently and would never again regain their strength, forgetting that the Muslims have been living this weak condition despite large numbers(which itself is among events foretold by our Prophet Salla Llahu 'alaihi wa sallam) for only less than a 100 years out of the last 1430 plus years that passed.

Of course we understand what you kuffar love to believe. So let time tell who ends up correct.

- ArcSine
Sure it is a threat! non-muslims make approx 1.5 babies per family (and how many out there do live without even thinking to have kids!) while Muslims "produce" 2, 3 and more per family. Bottom line - the non-muslims will almost disappear from the face of the Earth soon. There will still be some, but that will be a minority, not worth mentioning.

... It's a fact. Being aged 37 now, and having spent most of my life in the land of kufr, and having spent some years in the Muslim land, I could tell the difference. Also, try find a christian video on the net, where they proved the thing by actually giving real stats on how the number of Muslims is constantly increasing (not only in non-muslim countries) and the number of non-muslims is constantly decreasing. They predict another 50 years is needed and Europe is "gone", meaning, Muslims will prevail. Allahu akbar! - Oudh Burnerrrr
Wow another kaffir regurgitating the same oft-repeated garbage propagated euroamerican satanists or "Orientalists" while ignoring her own history of bloodshed and psychotic oppression and killing.

.... White whore, Hitler was a white Euro christian wasn't he? Same with Stalin, right? -

Did you expect the white satanist to tell the truth or at least attempt to give a balanced view? If they aren't exploding from eating swine they're making "porn" films with each other and spreading STDs while drunk, after all their gods greatest miracle was getting people drunk at a wedding. - Ghazee
u white dirty kuffurs, run along back to ur council estates and have a bath u all stink of BO cant fukin stand u and u white smell!!!! gona kick sum white ass on blackpool cant fukin wait!!!
- Sabbir Ahmed
*) Can't wait till tmrw!

Broken noses and smashed heads, that's what the EDLs wil be getting - Jomirul Islam

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