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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Tommy's stag do and 'sharia-controlled areas' in London

- By the EDL Support Group (Monday, July 11th, 2011)

Tommy Robinson Faces More Police Harassment

Despite being banned from EDL activities for daring to object to Labour MP Richard Howitt’s ridiculous and offensive claims that people should be more worried about the threat posed by ‘the far right’ (whoever they are) than by radical Islam, the harassment of Tommy Robinson appears to be far from over.

On Saturday Tommy, who is getting married in a few weeks time, went out for his stag night in East London. Amongst the large crowd were many of Tommy’s friends from the EDL, but none were wearing EDL colours – they were quite simply on a night out.

Unfortunately someone, and we do not know who, recognised Tommy and arranged what we believe was intended to be an ambush. We understand from the police that a large group of Muslim youths had gathered at what was intended to be the next pub.

When Tommy’s group came to leave the pub they found themselves blocked in by the police, who then moved in and took everyone into custody on the grounds of preventing a breach of the peace. Since when is it that the intended victims are arrested!? Amongst the people taken into custody was a man who was not attending the stag do and did not know anyone there – he just had the misfortune to be in the pub at the same time. What possible grounds could there have been for arresting him!?

The police when asked said that the orders to arrest Tommy’s group had come from above, and they themselves saw no sense in it. Perhaps they were genuinely trying to prevent there from being any trouble by taking Tommy’s group into protective custody. But that is not the explanation that was offered on Saturday. In fact little to no explanation was given and gives rise to the belief that the Police in Great Britain, are now becoming nothing more than Stasi agents and that Great Britain is on a downward spiral to becoming a stasi state and that the innocent were punished and the potential perpetrators allowed to carry on in their ‘sharia-controlled’ areas.

It seems that the police simply seized upon Tommy’s involvement with the EDL as an excuse to avoid the difficult job of tackling violent Muslim youths. You don’t solve a problem by pretending it doesn’t exist, and you certainly shouldn’t victimise those who refuse to let the problem be swept under the carpet.
It’s about time the police remembered whose side they’re on. With radical Muslims hoping to establish ‘Sharia Zones’ in our towns and cities, can we trust the police to clamp down on the real extremists, or will they just continue to harass members of the EDL?

In this Sunday's Daily Star there was an article about certain areas of London being 'Sharia controlled zones' but this article has now been removed by the Daily Star with no reason given.

The article can still be seen by going to this link and viewing the copy/paste of the whole Daily Star article.

This is absolutely disgraceful and should not be allowed, if you live in an area that is effected by these 'sharia controlled' zones then you should write to your local MP demanding he takes action and contact the Police and ask them why they are allowing 'No go areas' within Great Britain

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