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Sunday, 17 July 2011

The Telford demo: Sunday Mercury’s extreme words for the EDL

The Sunday Mercury calls the EDL ‘far right’.

‘Far right’ = fascist. OK?

How can a single-issue pressure group be fascist? Fascism is an overall ideology upheld by individuals and groups which want to gain or seize state power. None of this applies to the EDL.

Unless being against militant Islam, sharia law, Islamoterrorism, the Islamist burqa, Muslim ghettoes in England, terrorist-friendly rhetoric in mosques, etc. is by definition fascist; just as they are by definition ‘racist’. What definition is that? A far-left definition. A Trotskyist and/or Communist definition. A definition which only works if the journalist concerned tacitly accepts loads of prior Marxist theories which affectively make patriotic groups, counter-jihadist groups, etc. racist and/or fascist. Marxist theories that say that ‘prejudice by white people, who have political or social power, is racism’ or ‘fascism’. Marxists theories which say that any attack on ethnic minorities, or on non-white people, is fascist and/or racist.

Even a journalist at the Cambridge News admitted to me that ‘far right’ = fascist (after at first saying that ‘“far right” doesn’t necessarily mean “fascist”’). What else could it mean? The problem is that writing ‘fascist’ just sounds so over the top and inaccurate for a group like the EDL. Therefore the journalist sort of waters it down by writing ‘far right ‘ instead - to save embarrassing himself. Problem is, he’s changed the word but keep the meaning: the EDL is fascist. Full stop.

This Sunday Mercury journalist also says that the EDL is ‘extremist’. What crap. The EDL is fighting against extremism. It is fighting against extremist sharia law. Against extremist mosques and extremists imams. It is fighting against extremist Islamism and extreme militant Islam in all it forms. It is fighting against the extreme dress that is the burqa and jilbab which stick two fingers up at British society and traditions.

More relevantly to Telford, the EDL is against extremist Muslim gangs which think they can sexually abuse and groom (i.e., ‘booty’ in the Holy Koran)

young non-Muslim women and girls and get away with it because the police are so frightened of being classed as ‘racist’ by leftist ideologues and the left-wing Establishment.

Predictably, this Sunday Mercury piece doesn’t inform its readers why the EDL will be protesting in Telford. These regional papers rarely do. Instead, yes, you guessed it, they concentrate on the EDL’s being ‘extremist’ and the violence associated with the EDL. They make it seem that the EDL’s isn’t really protesting about anything. Or that we are protesting against Muslims simply because they are Muslims.

No. Muslim sexual grooming and abuse is most certainly something. And these people should begin to see it as something. They should listen to the EDL for once instead reeling off a barrage of Leftist soundbites and clichés.

What exactly is extreme about the EDL? Is it the EDL’s policies and objectives, or the fact there has been arrests and violence at certain EDL demos? Journalists and others tend to fuse these two separate things. If the word ‘extremist’ is a designation of EDL policies and objectives, then these journalists, and others, need to come clean and say exactly which EDL policies and objectives are extreme. Let’s not mince words here.

If it a designation solely of EDL demos, then are students extreme? Is Stop the War extreme? Are the many anti-Israeli demos extreme? Are greens, anti-globalisation activists, or environmentalists extreme? At all these demos, there has been violence - sometimes far worse violence than anything that has happened at any EDL demo (e.g., the last London student demo).

Finally, the EDL is not an ‘anti-Muslim group', as the Sunday Mercury journalist suggests. If anything, the EDL is anti-Islam. And even that is not entirely correct for many or all EDL members. Some members of the EDL don’t find every single aspect of Islam offensive or objectionable.

To be anti-Muslim is to be against individuals, not ideas or practices. Extreme Trotskyist groups, like UAF/SWP, are against all the individuals of the EDL and other groups. That is, they are against EDL members for being an EDL members. That is the reason why far-leftists never debate or discuss anything with the EDL. The EDL is the EDL. Full stop. 'No Platform'. No debate. No discussion. Just more leftist violence and street rhetoric in a very long history or tradition of far-leftist violence and street rhetoric. (Violence ‘liberates’ and ‘radicalises’, according to far-leftist theory.)
The Sunday Mercury news piece, ‘English Defence League target Telford for new demonstration’, Jul 17 2011, by Ben Goldby.

FAR Right group the English Defence League is planning a new demonstration in the Midlands.

The extremist EDL, whose previous marches have led to violent clashes in Birmingham and Dudley, is due to take to the streets in Telford, Shropshire on the same day local side AFC Telford kicks off its Blue Square Premier league football campaign against Luton Town.

An events page on Facebook says a national meeting by the anti-Muslim groupis planned for August 13, with 390 people claiming they will attend.

West Mercia Police said it was aware a march could take place.

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