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Sunday, 31 July 2011

Sharia Blasphemy Law in Telford?

We have been told that the ‘Muslim community in Telford must be listened to’. That Muslim community is demanding that the ‘march by the far-right English Defence League [be] banned’.

What we have here, essentially, is an attempt to impose Islamic sharia law on the British people and, indeed, on the people of Telford. More precisely, it is Sharia blasphemy law that may well be imposed on the people of Telford. And when non-Muslims call for such a ban, this is simply a case of extreme Dhimmitude

in which the kuffar does the dirty work of Muslims. Why they do-the-dhimmi is hard to say. It may be in order to feed off various Muslim block votes which are up for grabs. Perhaps the dhimmis simply like to feel good about how pure and pious they are in their protection of - or slavery to - the demands of Muslims.

Yet Telford is not Islamabad. It is not Karachi. It is not Damascus. We must not impose Islamic sharia law on the people of Telford.

People often defend Islam by trying to impress us with numbers. They basically say:

How can a billion Muslims be wrong?

Well, quite easily. At the peak of Nazism/Fascism, I would say that there were no less than 125 million Nazis/fascists throughout Europe and beyond. In the mid 1950s, or maybe before that, there would have been no less than 225 million Communists in China, Russia and beyond. So numbers alone prove nothing. The flat-earthers were also once the majority here in Europe.

The relevant question is: Why are there so many Muslims? The clues are actually found in what Muslims, and their enablers (the dhimmis), are trying to do in Telford. They are attempting to impose Islamic Sharia blasphemy law on the English people. For over 1300 years, in Islamic or Muslim states, it was impossible to criticise Islam, Muhammed or the Koran in any way whatsoever.

Sharia law made sure of that. There were indeed debates within Islam on interpretation, etc., but certainly no debate about Islam itself - on its truth or falsity.

Apart from imprisoning all critics of Islam, there was also the ultimate sharia law - death or imprisonment for apostasy. That means that every single critic of Islam or Mohamed, in the last 1300, was either put to death or imprisoned (usually the former).

Finally, in many Islamic/Muslim states the lives of dhimmis there proved to be intolerable. As a result of this, many former non-Muslims converted to Islam in order to fit in or to prosper as Muslims.

And then there is the demographic fact that Islam is simply passed on from generation to generation. This means that in Islamic societies, which outlaw all criticism of Islam, the numbers of Muslims would by definition increase from generation to generation. It could never have been any other way. In the end, or today, there is bound to be a billion Muslims on this planet for simple reasons of demographics and the outlawing of all internal criticism of Islam, the Koran and Mohamed.

So because of all these facts about the rise of Islam, don’t believe that Telford's Muslims, along with their dhimmi enablers, are trying to ban EDL demos simply because of the possibility of violence. They are certainly not trying to ban the EDL demo because the Muslims of Telford are ‘frightened’ of what may happen come demo-day. Muslims are simply trying to impose sharia blasphemy law on the UK; they are not trying stop any possible violence. So when Councillor Kuldip Sahota and Telford & Wrekin Council met ‘in a bid to scupper any plans for the EDL to cause trouble’, it was not really ‘trouble’ that worried them. What really worried them was the open and honest criticism of Islam; alongside the criticism of the behaviour of Muslims as Muslims.

The worst thing about this Shropshire Star piece, as with all the other pieces which proceeded it, is that

it doesn’t even bother mentioning why it is the EDL will be demonstrating in Telford.

That just shows that it is not ‘trouble’ which really concerns them, it is criticism of Islam or of Muslims as Muslims. In this case, it is the the criticism - and condemnation - of the sexual-abuse gangs which are made up entirely of Muslims who know or are related to each other. That is, they are worried about the criticism and condemnation of the Muslim grooming-and- sexual-exploitation gangs which polluted the streets of Telford with the systematic abuse of non-Muslim girls and young women (one was only 13 years old).

But what’s even worse than all is the fact that this massive abuse can be explained in terms of Islam and that pernicious religion’s effect on young Muslim men. That is, yes, other ethnic groups do indeed abuse women and young girls. But this situation is very different. These people tend to be friends and relations or even live together in adjoining streets or in adjoining Muslim ghettoes. That means that there is something pretty much endemic to these Muslim communities, especially when bearing in mind the added fact that there are very many of these Muslim sex gangs throughout England; especially in the North West and in counties like Yorkshire. There is something wrong here.

It is not just a question of sexual abuse. It is a question of a community’s attitude to non-Muslim girls and women. Quite simply, Islam, or the Koran, teaches Muslims to despise non-Muslims. And because women are treated as second-class citizens in Islam anyway, then the hatred for kuffar women is even more intense and visceral.

These Muslim men see the non-Muslim girls they have systematically abused as vermin or little more than animals. Or, as the Koran calls non-Muslims, as ‘pigs and monkeys’. That hatred for the infidel - or the non-believer - is intense in the Koran and can be found on nearly every page. Added to this is the fact that this hatred towards non-Muslims is taught, either directly or implicitly, to very many Muslims from the moment they can read or understand.

The biggest threat that non-Muslims pose to Muslims is temptation. The temptation of other religions or the temptation of the better lives which non-Muslims undoubtedly live.

The other factor which contributes to the Muslim man’s low estimation of non-Muslim women is the Islamic, or Koranic, notion of ‘booty’. This basically refers to the Koranic idea that because Muslim men are by definition superior to all non-Muslims (who are ‘pigs and monkeys’), then they can basically treat them as they like. This is especially true of kuffar women. In the Koran it can be seen that the Muslim ‘victors’ deserve any ‘booty’ they can lay their hands on. It was out of this injunction that Islamic slavery arose - something which existed for around a thousand years before the European/African slave trade and which, arguably, still exists today (as in, say, Saudi Arabia). However, it is not just ‘war’ booty this notion applies to. It applies to any situation in which Muslim men are in close proximity to non-Muslims; especially in those countries is which non-Muslims have a dhimmi status.
The Shropshire Star piece, 'Telford council leader wants English Defence League march banned', Friday 29th July, 2011.

The Muslim community in Telford must be listened to and a controversial march by the far-right English Defence League banned, the leader of Telford & Wrekin Council said today.

Councillor Kuldip Sahota has come out fighting against a plan by the EDL to march in Wellington next month and said residents’ security was now a top priority.

The group plans to demonstrate on August 13, the same day as the opening fixture of AFC Telford United’s Blue Square Bet Premier bid against Luton.

Councillor Sahota told a full council meeting last night a working group had already been set up in a bid to scupper any plans by the EDL to cause trouble.

He said: “The security of everyone in Telford and Wrekin is of great importance to us all.

“It’s very important we listen to our Muslim community and what they are saying. They are going to be directly affected. The council does not want the English Defence League in Telford and wants the march banned.”

Calls for the march to be banned come less than 24 hours after bosses at the Bucks changed the kick-off time to 7.45pm to avoid a clash. The march may take place some time between 1pm and 4pm.


  1. telford people would like to welcome the EDL to telford on the 13th August

  2. A show of strength against the Muslim offenders

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