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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Muslim threats about the Tower Hamlets EDL demo

[Above: Phil Woolas. Another victim of Muslim threats and blackmail. Left: Lutfur Rahman, who takes his order from the Islamic Forum Europe (IFE) and who's intent on Islamising London's East End.]

The Home Secretary has been asked to ban the forthcoming EDL demo through London’s East End (Tower Hamlets) on the 9th of September.

There has been talk about ‘groups opposed to the Far Right EDL' who 'will also take to the streets if it goes ahead’. John Biggs, who represents East London at City Hall, has written to Theresa May about this issue.

However, John Biggs, the Government, the police, etc. aren’t worried about - or frightened of - the EDL rioting or causing trouble at Tower Hamlets. They are worried about - and frightened of - what Muslims may do if the demo goes ahead.

Let’s face facts here. As everyone knows, even the Leftists who must deny Islamic/Muslim reality in order to accommodate their theories, that when Muslims don’t get what they want, they riot, assassinate, bomb and kill. And this is what’s being threatened if this EDL demo in the East End isn’t banned.

Muslims rioted in Bradford, Oldham, Rochdale, etc. They rioted and killed over Salman Rushdie and the Danish cartoons of Mohamed. They have rioted in Malmö, Paris, Copenhagen and in many other European countries. They assassinated Theo van Gogh and have threatened to kill Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Gert Wilders and Salman Rushdie. They have bombed the streets of London and Madrid and night clubs in Israel and Bali. They have demanded that sharia blasphemy laws be implemented in the UK to deal with all criticisms of Mohammed, the Koran and Islam itself. And no doubt they will eventually riot and kill over these issues in the future.

So the question is: should we give in to Muslim threats or blackmail like this? The Government usually answers ‘yes’ (if quietly and shiftily) to this question. Councillors and most local politicians nearly always say ‘yes’ if they can sniff a Muslim riot in the air or a massive loss of votes. Trouble is. If you give into blackmail or threats, you can be very sure that the group you give in to will have many more demands up its sleeve. Demands for sharia blasphemy law to stop criticism of Islam, the Koran and Mohammed will just be the beginning.

Many Muslims won’t stop demanding and threatening when they see they’re on a winning run and when there are so many more sharia laws to implement. We are just facing the beginnings of a future of massive Muslim intimidation, threat and blackmail to get exactly what Muslims want as Muslims. Banning the EDL, which the extreme Islamists at the Muslim Public Affairs Committee (MPACUK) demand (or else!) is just the beginning. Massive implementation of sharia law will be the end. And that will come unless our politicians and councillors stop being so pious about how lovely and peaceable Islam is and start to look into our Islamified future.

In any case, why not ban student demos, or demos against ‘cuts’ instead? Why were huge demos against the Iraq war, etc. never questioned, whereas the EDL is made to feel as if the Government is doing it a favour?

You cannot pick and choose who has the right to demonstrate. It can’t be a case of left-wing demos good: right-wing demos bad. Who will be doing this choosing and what criteria will they be using? And, in this case, if there is a danger of Muslim violence or Muslim riots, then it is up to the Government and the police to sort that out, not to ban EDL demos.


EDL Extra comments on the East London Advertiser news piece, 'Call to ban EDL march through East End week after Ramadan', by Mike Brooke, July 12th, 2011. (Comments are in red.)

The Home Secretary has been asked today to ban a threatened march by the English Defence League through London’s East End.

[Left: John Biggs - who Embraces Muslim votes and Islamist power.]

The call comes from the London Assembly’s budget chairman John Biggs, who represents East London at City Hall. [Clearly, the Lutfur Rahman's Islamist caucus of Islamist thugs has been on the back of this John Biggs in order to bring about Islamic-republic-like ban on EDL blasphemy.]

He has written to Theresa May asking her to ban the “divisive” march through Whitechapel planned for September 3—anniversary of the outbreak of the Second World War. [A war that was proceeded by years of appeasement - and respect - of Nazism by members of the British Establishment. These traitors had tried to convince the rest of the British people that Nazism was the Ideology of Peace and that Hitler was basically a good guy. Sound familiar?]

“I have real concerns that groups opposed to the Far Right EDL will also take to the streets if it goes ahead,” he said. “The results will be huge public disorder, a risk of injury to the public and damage to property.” [Here John Biggs is being more or less honest when he says that it is ‘groups opposed to the Far Right EDL’ that he’s frightened of. If he is, then he should sort them out - not ban a legitimate and much-needed demo in that thoroughly Islamised part of the capital.]

Today’s letter was the second in a week to the Home Secretary in which he outlines his concerns: “I believe the march will be totally divisive.” [Letting Tower Hamlets Islamists have free reign is ‘divisive’. It is divisive to homosexuals, to all non-Muslims, to women who refuse to wear the hijab, to non-Muslims who stray onto its Muslim ghettos, to those victims of sexual-grooming of Muslim gangs.]

It would be staged the first weekend after Ramadan, he points out, if it goes ahead. [Clearly, as an East End politician, John Briggs certainly knows his Islamic festivals. He certainly knows how to ingratiate himself and get Muslim support and votes.]

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