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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

MPACUK: Sharia blasphemy law against the EDL!

[Left: Muslim Public Affairs Committee members agitating for Islamic law and for more Muslim - or Muslim-friendly - MPs.]
It has been consistently shown that the rise of Judeophobia, or of anti-Semitism, is far more of a problem than Islamophobia; which is largely a myth devised in order to aggrandise Muslims and Islamist groups. Not only that. Many of the people responsible for Judeophobia are exactly the same people who are crying to us about Islamophobia. That is, many of the hard-core Judeophobes are Islamists - and that includes this organisation itself - MPACUK! Even in this demand for sharia blasphemy law they manage to have a dig at Jews. MPACUK is obsessed by the Jews; as most Islamists are.

MPACUK claims that there have been ‘countless attacks’ by the EDL on Muslims and mosques. That is a lie! MPACUK wants there to be a rise in attacks on Muslims because this will ignite Muslims and gain more Islamists for the cause of Islamisation; just as Osama bin Laden wanted the United States to attack Afghanistan after 9/11 and Hamas has wanted the Israeli army to attacks civilians. (Every Muslim killed in all these cases will go straight to ‘paradise’.)

MPACUK doesn’t want ‘community cohesion’. It wants Islamist rule and sharia law. It wants a tribal war so it can call all Muslims to arms. It wants Muslims ‘to become more extreme’; as it has often said on this very website.

In any case, what does ‘ending Islamophobia’ actually mean? How can you end Islamophobia - even if it does exist? What does this extreme Islamist group, MPACUK, want the Government to do? Ban the EDL and other ‘far right’ groups? Make ‘hate crime’ legislation against ‘Islamophobia’ harsher than it already is? That is, do they effectively want sharia blasphemy law introduced in the UK in order to stop all criticism of Islam, Mohamed, the Koran and the behaviour of Muslims as Muslims?

In addition, what ‘measures against the EDL’ does MPACUK want from the Government? Be honest. MPACUK is really talking about a complete ban and the introduction of stronger ‘hate crime’ law. That is, they are talking about the implementation of sharia blasphemy law, and other measures, to secure the egg-shell that is Islam from all attacks.

EDL Extra comments on the MPACUK article, ‘ACTION ALERT: Lobby your MP to act against Islamophobia’, 8th July, 2011. (Comments are in red.)

This is the first day of Stop Islamophobia Week. To kick start the campaign we need you to call and write to your MP demanding an end to Islamophobia.

Here is a template to get you started:

Dear __________

I am writing to you regarding my concern about the rise of Islamophobic crime and hate speech.

The rise of the English Defence League (EDL) has caused countless violent attacks on individuals and Mosques and has harmed community cohesion.

On 18th June 2011, two Muslim men were brutally attacked in Dagenham whilst walking in their neighbourhood. The attack was unprovoked and led to one individual’s cheekbone to be permanently broken. [MPACUK, like Socialist Worker, does not give the names of the two Muslims supposedly attacked by the EDL. At least Socialist Worker gave us their first names. We don’t even have that from MPACUK. I really believe that this event has been fabricated precisely to radicalise (in the SWP’s case) or Islamise (in MPACUK’s case) Muslims and indeed far leftists.]To date, nothing has been done and the issue is being ignored by Parliament. [Does MPACUK honestly think that Parliament has the time to discuss the fabricated attack of two Muslims? And what exactly do they want Parliament to do about this? We know. Ban the EDL outright. That’s what’s behind all this. Ban Gert Wilders, kill Tommy Robinson, put a fatwah out on Salman Rushdie, threaten riots over cartoons... and introduce sharia blasphemy law... - anything and everything to shield Islam and Islamic groups from all criticism.]

As my MP, I would like you to raise the issue in Parliament, calling for measures against the EDL.

Furthermore, I am appalled at the lack of legislation against Islamophobia. The most prominent form of discrimination in Britain today is Islamophobia, yet there has been a reluctance to introduce legislation to make Islamophobia illegal. [How do you make ‘Islamophobia illegal’ exactly? What does MPACUK mean by ‘Islamophobia’? Is criticising the Koran or Mohamed Islamophobia? Is supporting the EDL Islamophobia? Is being against halal produce Islamophobia? Is writing this against MPACUK Islamophobia?]

British Jews are protected against anti-Semitism under race relations legislation. [That’s because the Jewish people are an ethnic group and they are regarded, by racists, as a race. Muslims do not constitute a race - and MPACUK knows it. You can’t change your ethnic identity. You can change whether or not you believe Hamas has the ‘right’ to bomb infant schools and university cafeterias.] I would like legislation to be passed in Parliament that gives British Muslims equal protection against Islamophobia.

Thank you

Yours sincerely.

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  1. Superb post as usual!! Cannot watch another video with those satanic, distorted with hate, features on, any more! Thanks for doing the heavy lifting, tho'!!