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Friday, 15 July 2011

Leftist and Muslim Soundbites (4)

Only white people can be racist

“In a racist society it is white people who hold the power. Other groups are capable of displaying prejudice. When power and prejudice combine you have racism.”

That position on racism, or definition, is utterly Leftist. No one else would accept it. You have either been spoofed this Leftist definition, or you have willingly accepted it. Every single part of it can only be accepted if you have already accepted other Leftist theories beforehand.

That statement comes across like a religious catechism. Racism is... It’s like: Truth is... I always thought that Marxism/Leftism was another religion - and so have many other people.

Racism is a about race; not about who holds power. The addition of this is a Leftist invention - from top to bottom. No one except a Leftist need accept that racism has anything at all to do with who holds the power. You can only accept that if you are a automaton Leftist who accepts these directives from on high - or from the SWP Central Committee.

Every syllable of that diktat can be challenged.

Not all white people have political or social power, for a start. Millions upon millions of white people have not had real power. Isn’t that what you Leftists have been trying to tell the working class for ages - before Leftists gave up on them and started to patronise Muslims instead?

Now you might answer by talking about relative power. Relative to ethnic minorities white people still have more power. But there’s still no reason to accept that only white people can be racist. There is still no reason to say that there is any connection between power and racism. If you have accepted a diktat from the top; there is no reason for any one else to do so.

What you’ve said is just an empty statement - a soundbite. Without argumentation, why should anyone - accept a gullible middle-class student - accept it just as it stands?

‘In a racist society it is white people who hold the power.’

You are arguing in circles. If you have already defined a society as ‘racist’, then white people holding the power is not to the issue. Unless it is racist because, and only because, white people hold the power. It simply sounds that you haven’t really thought about this diktat - you’ve simply accepted it - no questions asked.

What about Asian and African countries in which brown and black people hold the power? Can’t they be racist? The Sudanese Islamic regime murdered millions of black Africans primarily because they weren’t Muslims but also because they weren’t Arabic. Weren’t they racists? By your pathetic SWP-esque definition, they couldn’t be racist. What about the millions of white people who have no power?

The same applied to your distinction between racism and prejudice. Pure Leftism. Absolutely no one else would accept that, unless he’s a braindead student or another gullible fool.
A Leftist supports Islamist hacking

"Look mate no disrespect but the yanks deserved it i mean look at them the greedy cunts cant just settle for there oil they would rather have somebody elses but other than that i am off on your site as i enjoy taking the piss out of muslims and also questioning there faith but only the extremists i have nothing against the ones that just want to live and smoke weed yurp.”

You stupid man! You basically accuse me of putting all Muslims in the same basket (‘extremists’ from ‘weed smokers’), yet you make a gross and brainless generalisation about ‘Yanks’. You say that every single Yank ‘deserves it’ (being hacked or worse?).

Don’t you realise that these Muslim don’t discriminate! They are hacking every single kuffar on the planet. They are hacking mainstream Christian groups, all patriotic groups, any group that’s pro-American, pro-British, pro-Western... any group that dares criticise any aspect of Islam or any behaviour of Muslims in any way whatsoever... Any group or page that dare express its kuffarness.

They cannot take criticism in any shape. Islam remained untouched for 1, 300 years. Any criticism resulted in death. Anyone who gave upon Islam was murdered. Anyone who didn’t say the right things in the right way about Islam was killed, persecuted or imprisoned. That’s why these absolutist zealots will hack and kill every ‘arrogant’ kuffar on earth if they could. These people won’t stop till the ‘whole world belongs to Allah’. They have repeatedly said this and they fucking mean it!
I am a bigot

"Or religious preference or ethnicity or sexual orientation.bigotry is ever present in some form-I myself am a music bigot,who refuses to let cockends like justin-spawn of satan-beiber and all the other banale incubii on mtv enter my musical consciousness.”

He’s right. We’re all bigots. He’s a bigot. I’m a bigot. You’re a bigot. Problem is, the Left makes a big political song and dance about being against bigotry. Thus they portray themselves, like the self-righteous gits they are, as being non-bigots. But all you need to do is scratch these hypocrites for one second and their own bigotries begin to stink out the area.

But they are the RIGHT things to be bigoted against. They are righteous bigotries. The list is long: ‘racists’, ‘bigots’, ‘the far right’, ‘Tories’, fox-hunters, ‘neo-liberals’, ‘neo-conservatives’, ‘Zionists’, ‘fascists’, ‘Islamophobes’, ‘reactionaries’, people who don’t like reggae, ‘toffs’ (which is odd, because many of the leaders of the Left are toffs), etc. And, of course, they are bigoted against all ‘bigots’.

So bigots are all the people who don’t believe what they believe. They are all the people who have different lifestyles to them. In other words, the Left, especially the Far Left (SWP/UAF/Commies/Trots, Hope Not Hate/Searchlight/etc.) display all the things which should and do characterise true bigotry.

Am I bigoted. It depends really if it is seen as negative. But I’ll say ‘yes’. I’m very bigoted against Leftists, and, bizarrely, against the many Muslims who want to kill me and destroy everything I hold dear. How bigoted of me!
Muslim grooming and sexual abuse

'Whites are more likely to be paedophiles and groomers than Muslims.’

But do they systematically do so in gangs that are joined together because of the members' religion? No.

Do they systematically seek out girls who aren’t members of their own religion? No.

Do their brothers, uncles, etc. also commit these grooming offences with them? No.

You call them 'Christian gangs'. In fact, they are gangs who sometimes happen to be Christian. They are also members who happen to be Christian but to whom Christianity is more or less irrelevant. To call these gangs ‘Christian’ is ridiculous.

So why do I call these gangs ‘Muslim’? Try actually reading the post. I also like how you keep on fusing ‘white’ and ‘Christian’, which is exactly what Muslims do.

Of course Muslim women may get raped by non-Muslims. But read the post again. Do these white or non-Muslim abuser seek out Muslims? Absolutely not!

Of course brothers, uncles, etc. are sometimes involved - but not systematically and culturally, as in the Muslim case. And not because they believe that what they’re doing is not wrong - again, as in the Muslim case.
Brainwashed by the Media?

“So much ignorance in one page most of you dont even have a clue about islam you only go by what the media or hate sites say.”

The classic Muslim riposte - and Leftists, of course, use it too. Except it’s not really a riposte at all. More a Muslim soundbite in the form of a cliché in the form of a wet fart.

The bottom line is that if your critical of any aspect of Islam, or any behaviour of any Muslims (as Muslims), then you simply must have been ‘brainwashed’ by the platonic MEDIA, Press, etc. They, of course, have not been brainwashed by the Muslim media or by Islamic sites because what they say about Islam and Muslims is positive. That’s how simple it is, really.

What is this Media/Press that Muslims and the Left keep on going on about? Is that the media which includes the Guardian, the New Statesman, the Independent, Socialist Worker and other other Leftist rags? In any case, most people rely on the millions of sites on the Internet nowadays. Is that the Media too? Or is anything ‘the Media’ if it is simply critical of Islam and of Muslims?

Where should we get a true view of Islam? From the Koran, perchance? From a Muslim?Never! And why do you simply assume that all critics of Islam and Muslims haven’t read that despicable book - the Koran or any of the filthy Islamist sites which pollute the Internet?

This is a typical case of patronising all critics of Islam. They must be 'brainwashed' because they disagree with me! The Leftists say exactly the same thing. Only someone who believes what I believe is not brainwashed by the Media. You fucking arrogant gits! Not one buys it accept Muslims and Leftists and no one gives a shit about them except Muslims and Leftists.
The Jewish Menace

“I have to agree that it seems the movement has been infiltrated by the Zionists...they want us to be focused on the Muslims for perpetual war with many are losing site of the Jewish menace.”

You’re in the wrong movement Camo Kev. It’s as simple as that. It doesn’t matter if I agree or disagree with you. You’re still in the wrong group. The EDL has officially committed itself to the state of Israel and it is against anti-Semitism. Whether or not that’s good or bad - it’s a fact.

The ‘Jewish menace’. That makes you a Nazi. It’s a Nazi phrase. Why are you part of the EDL when there’s loads of Nazi groups you could join? Unless all you do is post on pages like this or you are trying to bring the EDL over to the ‘race war’ and the ‘class war’, as you put it. It’s not going to happen. If the EDL embraced the race war, anti-Semitism and all the rest, it would no longer be the EDL. I just don’t understand where exactly you’re coming from and why you’re posting on an EDL page.

Camo, are you for real? Reading your post - it sounds like a comedy sketch of someone taking the piss out of an anti-Semite. So, at best, you sound like you're having a laugh. At worst you sound like Hamas or a retarded Nazi. Which one are you?

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  1. I'm no fan of the EDl - as you well know! I'm even less of a fan of filthy liberals who take the piss out of anyone European and defend foreigners regardless of their crimes. What's got my goat today is the Muslamic Ray Gun videos doing the rounds on Youtube. Anyone with half a brain (far more than liberals have) can hear the EDL activist say Muslim (Muslamic!) Rape Gangs. Obviously Liberals think Muslims raping white children is fine. But living where there are no Muslims, they would wouldn't they!