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Sunday, 3 July 2011

The EDL demo in Cambridge

[Above: UK Muslims of Pakistani background must be aware of what's happening to Christians in Pakistan. Why don't they speak out against the many crimes and killings committed by people who must be, in some cases, their relations?]

Muslims in Cambridge have said that they have a ‘right’ to build a new mosque in that town. It is this new mosque which the EDL is protesting against, in part, in Cambridge next Saturday (9th July).

There is no natural right to build a mosque. Such a right, if it exists at all, will have to be created by political institutions. And such political institutions, in a democracy, must weigh up all the pros and cons of building yet another mosque in Cambridge - and indeed in the UK.

Muslims must abide by the duties which our society asks of them. Only if they by abide by such duties do they have the right to build another mosque. So far it seems that Muslims are very keen on the rights they are given by our secular and Christian culture, but rarely repay those rights with their duties (such as keeping radicals and Islamists out of their mosques).

The journalist, in the following Cambridge News piece, tells us that Churches exist in Iraq.

Yes, you can build churches in Iraq and even in Pakistan. However, there’s a good chance they’ll be burned down or the victim of a terrorist attack, as recently years have frequently shown. (There was the terrible bombing is Egypt’s Alexandria last New Years Eve, which claimed more than 21 lives, as well as other church bombings in Karachi, Pakistani.) This Cambridge journalist has conveniently forgotten to mention this massive persecution of Christians, by Muslims, in Iraq and all over the Muslim world.

Not only all that. Saudi Arabia simply doesn’t allow any Christian to build a church or even own a single Bible.

All over the Muslim world, Christians are experiencing really hard times. So much so that even the Anglican church has surprisingly taken a few seconds out to stop talking about the the ‘Israeli oppression of Palestinians’ and begun to says a few words about the much more extreme Muslim oppression of Christians in Pakistan, Egypt, the Sudan, Nigeria, etc.
EDL Extra comments on the Cambridge News piece, ‘Cambridge is in the grip of terrorists’, 3rd July, 2011. (Comments are in red.)

Claims from far-right activists that Cambridge is in the grip of terrorists have been branded "outrageous".

Members of the Cambridge Division of the English Defence League (EDL), who are preparing for a march next Saturday, said Muslim “extremists” are “pervasive” in the city.

They also defended accusations they are racist, saying “the Cambridge Division’s organiser’s best mate is black”.

The group is marching next Saturday in protest at the building of a mosque in Mill Road. The march will clash with Cambridge’s Big Weekend celebrations.

Designs for the Islamic centre go before the city council’s design and conservation committee on Wednesday. [There is a very good chance that the mosque on Mill Road will be given the go-ahead by Cambridge council. After all, I don’t recall any council ever saying ‘no’ to Muslim demands. Saying ‘yes’ to a new mosque is another way of proving councillors/politicians’ PC credentials as well as securing various Muslim block votes.]

The EDL division’s website says: “The EDL Cambridge Division is a group of lads who have had enough of the Islamic extremists so pervasive in Cambridge.

“We are saying enough is enough and are making a stand.

“For too long Islamic terrorists have had Cambridge under their thumb, but no longer!”

The group also states Muslims “keep demanding the ‘right’ to apply for planning permission” to build mosques.

[Left: the Alexandria, Egypt, Church bombing.]

The website says: “If we were in the countries these Muslims are from we would respect their way of life. No-one would build a church in say, India, and absolutely no one would practise Christianity in Saddam’s Iraq.”

In fact, 3 per cent of Iraqis are Christian and the faith is India’s third-largest religion. Both countries have Christian churches. [Yes, 3 per cent are Christians but this is a low figure compared to the number of Christians in Iraq before the recent troubles. Hundreds of thousands of Christians have left Iraq in recent years due to their persecution by Muslims. And the terrible fact is that the Christians of Iraq faired better under Saddam Hussein's secular rule than under the present rule of Sunni and Shia Muslims.]

Mirza Baig, vice-chairman of Cambridge Muslim Council, told the News: “Although the Cambridge Division of EDL claims to be a non-racist group, the website is full of racist remarks. [He should tell people about the hate-filled remarks on nearly all Muslim or Islamic Internet forums. The hatred towards the ‘kuffar‘ on these sites is frightening.

You get two faces from Muslims, it seems. They face they portray to the Cambridge News and the face they show to each other (as they do so on these forums). The two faces are very different.]

“We support EDL when they condemn terrorism and radicalism. However, they very quickly jump on to condemning all Muslims. [No one condemns ‘all Muslims‘. Muslims, and their Leftist enablers (SWP/UAF, etc) keep on saying that the EDL ‘targets all Muslims‘ - but there is never any evidence for this. Do they think that targeting some Muslims = targeting all Muslims - by definition? If you use the phrase ‘Muslims do X' that doesn't mean All Muslims do X. It‘s just how people express themselves grammatically.]

“Unfortunately, they are doing it in the name of British culture. According to my understanding this is not the correct face of the British culture. [The 'correct face of British culture'? It's not appeasement, either. And it's not absolute tolerence. There are limits to our tolerance.]

“While giving out a hate message, EDL forgets every fifth person in the world is Muslim.”

Cllr Lewis Herbert, a Labour city councillor who is organising a counter protest, branded the EDL branch’s claims contemptible – but warned the national group was a serious threat.

He said: “There is no room in this city for stirring up hatred and the EDL haven’t any support in this city. The website actually shows what they really think about the right of people to have places of worship. Their claims are clearly outrageous.” [I wonder how many votes Lewis Herbert will get for that soundbite?]

The website adds: “We are ready to take action against the terrorists wherever they strike in Cambridge.”

EDL leader Tommy Robinson was yesterday unavailable for comment but previously told the News he wants the march to be “peaceful” and that the group is “not racist”.


  1. No surrender to Islam.

  2. This method is the best insurance against the building of moslem occupation barracks and has proven itself up to now.
    All it needs is a group of patriots -and a video camera.
    A word to the wise is enough ;)

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