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Monday, 4 July 2011

Cambridge supports the EDL demo

These ‘comments’ were sent to the Cambridge News website.

By Dictionary

I really do think these people need to look at little harder at the UAF. On these counter-demonstrations, far more UAF members are arrested than EDL members. For example, the recent demonstration in Bolton resulted in 67 arrests of which 55 were UAF members. I have no love for the EDL but in a country which prides itself on freedom of speech, they have the right to demonstrate. The UAF try to take away this right through intimidation and violence. We have to be very careful who decides who has the right to free speech and who does not.

I suggest you investigate the UAF further if you wish to give them this power. Can the people mentioned above who are collaborating with the UAF, particularly the MEP and unions, guarantee that the UAF will demonstrate peacefully and not resort to violence yet again?
By Sasha M

Whatever anyone thinks of the EDL, they have the freedom in this country to have their say. I worry far more about those who would try to refuse them that right. Who exactly are the fascists?
By Dictionary

Simple question. Presumably Mirza Baig is aware of the violent history of the UAF. Does Mr Baig accept culpability for any violence committed this weekend by a group that has his 'full support'?
By Oldelean

Its quite simple Mirza. Race is observable physical differences. Religion is ideology. A set of arguments and beliefs. If Islam did not have the tag of 'religion' to hide behind, quite simply, it would be illegal. For atheists such as myself, this isn't just wrong - it's insane. The blood of millions has been spilled in the name of Islam, millions of lives taken. How many deaths is the EDL responsible for? I'm sure there are indeed good Muslims, in the same way I am sure there were good Nazis - the name Schindler springs to mind. That doesn't mean the ideology isn't rotten to the core, and needs to stay in the dark ages, where it belongs. There are good people, religion is NEVER good.
By Marple

How does Cllr Lewis Herbert know that there is no support for the EDL in Cambridge? He must have been really busy if he has asked everyone in Cambridge.

I support the EDL's condemnation of terrorism and radicalism.When we hear about honour killings,young girls married off against their wishes, women made to cover their bodies from head to foot - all in the name of Islam, I wonder which group are the extremists.
By Gary

Religious hypocrisy laid bare. We respect freedom of speech, but we'd [the Muslims of Cambridge]prefer you not to engage in free speech as we will be offended.
By Chris Olpkon

Mirza Baig: How do you feel about homosexuals? How do you feel about Jews? What are feelings regarding the many Islam-influenced terrorist attacks around the world? Were you openly opposed to the Taliban? Did you support the anti-free speech protests against the Prophet Muhammad which involved hundreds of Muslims marching through the streets of London carrying banners reading 'Death to the West', 'Freedom go to hell' and '7/7 on its way'? Did you openly oppose them at the time?
By Trudie Maxwell

I'm sure readers will find it quite bizarre to see a faceless "committee" forming to make statements that "disparaging remarks about Muslim beliefs are unacceptable" or "We hope sensitivities will not be infringed". The whole point about this protest is for EDL to protest against the sexist and offensive - to some - elements of Sharia Law; to point out the apparently evil parts of Islamic doctrine; and to point out the homophobia and anti-Semitism espoused under the name of Islam.

As an atheist I find many religious practices foolish, wasteful, evil and anti-women. I also think that it is fine to criticise or disparage beliefs in a "god" or a prophet such as "Mohammed". ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
By Mike

I wonder what words of protest will be offered by this Muslim Council when Muslim extremists start mouthing off their 'Death to the west' rhetoric on the streets of Cambridge? You won't hear one word of protest from those hypocrites! Show me one instance where Muslims have taken to the streets to protest against Muslim extremists, poppy burning, etc? Not ever - and they never will. Wake up for pete's sake! The naivety of people in regard to this matter is astounding.
By Gumby

Unbelievable - all the anti-fascists posting about how they want the police to ban the march; then cheer on a public house that bars marchers on the whims of hearsay and Trot councillors. Freedom of speech on their terms. It sounds like the Anti-Brigade are more fascistic to me.How many posters were on here whining when the UAF-types were desecrating the cenotaph and trashing the streets of London a while back?

Demonstrating or criticising a religion or ideology is not racist or against the law, as in the recent Geert Wilders case.
By Voltaire


"There is no place in our city for anyone who does not share our view that diversity enriches our city."

- read

"There is no place in our city for anyone whose political and ideological views do not match our own."

An approach that Hitler would have been proud of. Let the EDL march, and let its opponents protest. Democracy is thus.
By R. Gallimore

There was relatively no racial or cultural disharmony in this country until Muslims arrived on the scene, demanding respect whilst giving absolutely none. Let’s cut straight to the quick here. Can you imagine this country with, let’s say, 5.000.000 Muslims here? 10.000.000? Well folks. NEWSFLASH! That’s what’s coming and our children will hate us for it and wonder why we allowed it to happen.

I am a very intolerant person: intolerant of sexism, racism, homophobia, anti Semitism, intolerant of those, oh and cruelty to animals. I, for one, refuse to dumb down my beliefs in FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY to accommodate a fascist ideology. And that’s why I will be at the demo. So there.
By Lee W

I for one have just turned 16. When I first heard about the EDL I thought.. A bunch of racist football hooligans who want to smash areas with a mass population of Muslims; and also kick off with those who get in the way.

I have, for the last 8 months, taught myself about what the EDL believes and what they are demonstrating for. Now I know what they are protesting for all over the country. I have now supported them. For all those who call us 'racist' - YOU’RE WRONG! How can the EDL be racist if we are against a religion, not a race? We are not even against all Muslims. We are against the many Muslim communities which are extremist! Also: how can we be called 'fascist' when we don’t support/follow a political group?

With the EDL, we have black and white, Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus! I have many Muslim friends and they know my beliefs and agree with them.. Some disagree!

I will be attending the demo.. Maybe you should too and see the 'hooligans' who 'cause' trouble get told to go home!
By Simon

I live very close to Mill Rd and most of my neighbours are fed up with the Islamisation of Mill Rd. I have been walked into by Muslim men; spat on as I cycled down mill road; and so on .

The Muslims near to me say they want to take over Mill Rd and that once their mosque is built it will happen. We are selling our home as we don’t want to be near a mosque and surprisingly ONLY Muslims have viewed our property so far.

By Bubba

Fact: the EDL have marched peacefully over 30 times this year. You know nothing of the EDL - only media propaganda.

Fact: the EDL are against fundamental Islam, not immigrants or race, this is not about race.

Fact: Luton started with one mosque and now has nearer forty.

Facts: you have no facts only hearsay and propaganda.

... you should be aiming that rant at UKIP. The EDL raise concerns about Islamic expansion and fundamentalism in the UK, not immigration per say.
By David

It’s not the EDL who hate the Jews, by the way, or homosexuals. It's not the EDL who are attacking the very culture you hold so dearly. Wake up Britain - before it’s too late.
By Repressed

As an even-minded citizen of Cambridge, who has lived here for over 50 years, I have become very concerned about the gradual Islamification of our culture. I am NOT racist but have no desire to see England sink to medieval standards where women are not allowed to think and be equals with men from their same countries.
By English Defender

Why does no one seem to understand the reasoning we have for these protests? People only seem to see the media hype that focuses on the few who go out for trouble. We are trying to protect our country from the threat of Sharia law; the Islamification of our once great country; illegal under-age sex trading; and many other problems. Read our mission statement before your judge and call us ‘fascists’ and ‘racists’.
By View from Above

Unite Against Fascism. An organisation that exists purely to suppress opposing views. In my day that was called fascism. Putting self-righteous bullies aside, we should not be encouraging modern man (quiet, women! you can slip through the back door but keep the noise down!) to build silly, divisive temples. This is 21st century Cambridge, not 13th century Acre.
By David 83

Yes, there are 122 members of the Cambridge EDL - and it’s only been running for one month. And that’s just on Facebook!!! And as for being ‘thugs’. There are black members, office managers, teachers, etc. in the EDL. And the only trouble reported in the latest Maidenhead march was from the Muslim Defence League assaulting a female police officer..

We are not racist. We are just against radical Islam and sharia law being brought into our country. I myself have many Asian, black and even Muslim friends. But I want to live in a society where I and my children can be English . And should we choose to see or learn about other cultures and religions, then that will be a choice - not a decision made by others.. See you on the 9th.
By n

Huppert, it is not necessarily the Muslims themselves who are being targeted. It is the fact that Muslims want to rule the world. And, as a country, the people of Britain are not going to stand for it. I believe we should all be equal. But unfortunately the Muslim community are, over a period of time, taking over large parts of British cities and then making them out of bounds to other faiths and religions. The British government are taking no notice of this . All the main people of the EDL is trying to state is: that this is ENGLAND. Yes, come over here, live here, but do not try to dictate.

Mr Huppert, you welcome the Muslim council but do not agree with the EDL march!!! Shame on you as a English councillor. You support the views of Muslims but not the views of patriotic British people. You are living proof that we British do not have equal rights in our own country - just because of the fear of upsetting others who are capable of causing a backlash. Resign now Mr Huppert. This is England.
By Daniel Elliot

28 Islamic organisations in Cambridge? Says it all then!!! How many was there ten years ago?

Wake up people - before it is to late.
By East Anglian

“We do fear for the security of our mosques and some of the shops but are working closely with police.”

Can you back that statement up with some facts? You should do your research properly. I’ve been on countless protests all over the country and the EDL have never attacked shops or anything..

Take the recent protest in Maidenhead last month. We were placed in the town centre - shops all open. We even walked around the town with no problems. You guys really need to get out there and see for yourselves before you write your crap... EDL AND PROUD...NS
By Lobster

In your Cambridge News online poll last week, 60 % were in favour of the EDL march. And on that day a vast amount of comments were posted on the Cambridge News site in support of the stand the EDL are making against the Islamic religion and the non-tolerant views towards Christians, women,gays, etc. To my amazement, none of these letters were printed in the letters page of the paper - only the few comments in support . Frightened to tell the truth ? Or have you got your hands tied ?
By East Anglian

... I noticed you called us racist yobs?? I take it you haven’t done any research yourself? You will see, next week, how wrong you are, my friend.. And I bet Cambridge UAF has been out handing out leaflets telling you all how bad we are. lol. The arrest figures from previous demos show that there have been a lot more UAF arrests than EDL. Although I will admit in the early days things were different. But we had just started out then. But 2yrs later we are still here and still taking to the streets. We have and we continue to try to get rid of the bad eggs that tag along for their own agendas. We intend to come to Cambridge, do our demo, then leave. - East Anglian Division Admin
By Dr Music

Daily Islamic life:

No dogs for children to play with and learn from about unconditional love and devotion. Illiterate mothers who cannot read a bedtime story to their children or help them learn how to read.
No freedom of speech that permits healthy discussion and critical analysis of current events.
No freedom of religion that is so vital to a pluralistic society.
No graphic depiction of most living forms which curtails artistic creativity.
No public displays of affection that lend a romantic atmosphere to daily life.
No pork or other haram foods that widen the diet and give variety to sustenance.
No beautiful or shapely women proudly strutting their stuff on the street.
No non-liturgical music to break up the monotony of constant religious worship.
No alcohol to unwind with and enhance convivial gatherings.
No coed intermingling that allows young people to refine their social skills.

Now, imagine how barren and loveless such a world must be. From all indications, it would seem that healthy loving relationships would be the exception and not the rule. If one reflects upon the monumental amount of misery and human suffering that Islam has inflicted throughout its entire history, the sheer existence of this inhumane ideology becomes a blatant affront to all Western traditions of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Any society populated by a majority of females who have been genitally mutilated can only be one that is so devoid of sexual fairness, true mutual pleasure and anything even remotely resembling gender equality as to be permanently and irreversibly dysfunctional.

In that religion - any child of a woman suspected of having extra-marital relations, is killed at birth. -it is accept and "normal," for a man to have sexual relations with children. Both genders, and even small children. And of course, because of this, -STDs are passed on to the children, and are rife in those countries.

-That it is also normal and accepted to marry cousins ( in the Tribe). Therefore, since this has been done for centuries, there are many infants born deformed.
-This, together with the STD's, there must be a great deal of deformities /retardations, in the Islamic countries. -And to-date, there are Stats about the "cousin birth deformities," but no records of the abused children or children grown, that have STDs because of the sexual abuse, or who, if they live, transmit it to the next generation. imagine how much more peaceful and less hostile or miserable this entire world would be if Islam simply did not exist. What more damning thing can be said of Islam?

“Ghazali, in his book, Ihya’ Ulum al-Din (Revival of Religious Learnings) writes that prayer, a big family and poverty will ensure Paradise (al-Ghazali, 1993, p. 2.28).-

"All young men who have arrived at the age of puberty should marry, for marriage prevents sins. He who cannot marry should fast."

More on Ghazali, from Abul Kasem:

“Imam Ghazali on women: The most appalling narration of Ghazali's declaration of absolute superiority of men over women is written in this fashion: "(Prophet said - if husband would be covered with pus from head to toe, and wife would lick it, even then wife's gratitude to husband wouldn't be fulfilled."

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  1. I live in Cambridge, i think the EDL are very brave to speak out when the rest of us are muzzled, terrified to admit that our views are not 'politically correct', that we hate what immigration is doing to our quiet, civilised society.