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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Breivik’s Terror & the EDL: a godsend for Nick Lowles

The Independent today reports some more on the fact that Anders Breivik, the Norwegian terrorist, had ‘connections’ to the EDL and that Hope Not Hate's Nick Lowles is going to "release further information today" about those links.

Of course Anders Breivik would have been impressed and interested in the success and actions of the EDL. He sees himself as a patriot who's fighting against further Islamisation in Norway and beyond. He's clearly recognised the destructive effects of extreme multiculturalism. He's also fully aware of the naive and suicidal nature of Norway’s Islamophile policies and, ultimately, of Europe’s increasing Dhimmitude.

Every movement or ideology has its extremes. Take the Conservative Party in the 1960s and 1970s. It too was associated with vaguely fascist or extreme right-wing groups, such as the Monday Club and the National Front. There'll always a murky area between a movement or ideology and extremist interpretations of that movement or ideology. Many members of the Labour Party, and even MPs themselves (along with mainstream trade unions) have very close relations to the Socialist Workers Party and other Marxist groups. The Trotskyist Unite Against Fascism once even claimed David Cameron as a ‘signatory’ on their website. So all movements and ideologies have their extremes; perhaps even the Lib-Dems.

Breivik might even have gone on an EDL demo in 2010, as has been suggested. But in law, as elsewhere, there shouldn’t be any guilt by mere association. The EDL shouldn't be tarnished by the basic fact that Breivik mentions the EDL in his ‘manifesto’. As the EDL official statement on Breivik has made clear, Breivik simply admired the popularity of the EDL along within its fantastically quick rise to political prominence. As someone who saw himself as a person who wanted to protect European culture from Islamification, he was probably quite jealous of the EDL’s popularity and political effectiveness. But he also explicitly says that he is fundamentally at odds with the EDL’s ‘anti-racism’ and ‘anti-Nazism’. He has made it crystal clear that he is ideologically at odds with the EDL; despite having certain connections to the movement.

If Nick Lowles

is desperate to make more of these connections than are warranted, then that simply shows us how desperate he is when faced with the increased scepticism and anger towards the extreme experiments in multiculturalism and, affectively, of Islamisation in Europe. ‘Cultural Marxism’ is indeed under attack from those on the Right and the centre. And because Nick Lowles knows this, he's desperate to make something - a lot - of Breivik’s ideological connections to the EDL.

But let’s ask a simple question:

What, precisely, is Nick Lowles trying to say with his ‘further information’ about the links between Breivik and the EDL?

Is Lowles a shameful opportunist trying to make a connection between right-wing terrorism and the EDL? What’s the point that Lowles is trying to make? Is he trying to argue that scepticism about mass immigration, multiculturalism and Islamisation will inevitably lead to the kind of atrocities which Breivik committed?

The EDL is against every kind of terrorism; whether carried by European Nazi groups, by Hamas or by Jewish groups. Let’s not forget that in the early 1970s and late 1960s it was the Far Left that frequently indulged in terrorism

and even in kidnap and assassination (e.g., the Red Army Faction, the Red Brigade, the Weathermen, the Black Panthers, etc.). So are we now allowed to posit links between, say, Dennis Skinner or Tony Benn (or their equivalents in the early 1970s) and the dangerous ideological views and actions of these far-left terrorists?

The ironic thing is that Nick Lowles (along with UAF-SWP) basically want an outright ban (Stalin-style) on the EDL. Now if many people are denied the legitimate democratic right to protest against extreme multiculturalism and Islamisation (or shariaisation), what do you think a small minority of those angry people will do? They will go underground. They may even express their political views in violence, arson, and ultimately, even in terrorism. This isn't blackmail of the Islamist/Leftist kind which argues, say, that if we don’t withdraw from Afghanistan (or reverse the ban on the burqa in Belgium) then there'll be acts of Islamic terrorism. I'm not saying: Don’t ban the EDL... Or else! I'm saying that if the EDL is banned these things will happen. When many people are denied their legitimate political rights, many of them will quickly become desperate and angry. The Islamic case is not parallel to this. Islamist blackmail is asking for huge geopolitical changes and the complete cultural accommodation of Islamic belief and action, not the simple right to protest or belong to a legitimate political organisation.

Besides which, if the EDL isn’t banned or prevented from protesting, then things should carry on pretty much as they were. However, since the Islamic jihad has been going on for 1, 400 years, it will not suddenly end after, say, a withdrawal from Afghanistan, or Iraq, or after the annihilation of the state of Israel. New Islamist demands will continuously arise. After all, many Islamic radicals (as well as more mainstream Islamists) believe that India is also ‘occupied territory’. Actually, they think that of Spain (or Andalusia) too.

The bottom line is, then, that Nick Lowles's various Stalinist attempts to ban the EDL outright

will make things a hell of a lot worse. And he won’t be able to make use of the Gulag. But he may well be smugly pleased about the increasingly draconian sentences and banning orders which are being handed down to various members of the EDL - including its leader.

Nick Lowles's penchant for Stalinist measures against the EDL, and against all the many others who don't embrace the diversity that is multiculturalist fundamentalism, may bring about the kind of revolutionary situation that communists like Lowles thrive on. Despite that, the British public has always been deeply suspicious of far-left ideologues like Lowles. They will not buy into his fear and hatred of freedom nor into his anti-democratic stance against the EDL.


  1. The weather underground's leader is now an advisor to Obama, in the heart of the US government. Bill Ayers ghost wrote Obamas book, Dreams of My Father. He and his wife are marxist, totalitarian, terrorists, responsible for the death of a police man in the'60s. Anti-democratic, pro-mozlem and anti-semitic:

  2. The attempts by politicians and the mainstream media to link the EDL with the Breivik case are pathetic but worrying. This is quite clearly being used across the West as a pretext for shutting down criticism of Islamisation. Stephen Lennon/Tommy Robinson acquitted himself pretty well on Newsnight yesterday, rebutting Paxman's ignorant bullying:

    Is the Breivik case the multiculturalists' equivalent of the Reichstag fire? There do seem to be certain similarities. Enter Brevik as Van der Lubbe!

  3. Anders Breivik shouldn't be faulted for being smarter than the average European as shown by studying the horrible history of Islam via bloggers like Robert Spencer, and waking up the horrors that mass Muslim immigration will bring. It's just that he put two and two together and got five by developing an unrealistic romantic plan of sparking a Helter Skelter revolution by a single act of terror. And he picked kids. Only slime murders kids, think of Pharaoh and Herod. At least he was trying for the PM, a more legitimate target. He will likely end up as another Charlie Manson in a cage trying to sell film and book rights.

    Of course the leftist PC media jumped to blame all anti-Islamist bloggers in a clear attempt to criminalize freedom of speech just like their Muslim owners-trainers want. Yes, Saudi grease money is at work here. Sorry, but the Internet is too powerful, and free speech will never be stopped.

    Want a blog of blogs that posts links to every important blog article on the Islamic threat daily:

  4. It wasn't just in the 60s and 70s that the far left indulged in terrorism. Check out Europol's comparative figures for far left and far right terrorism in recent years.