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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Birmingham Embraces Diversity

Welcome to Birmingham

- A plot to behead a British solider leading to arrests in the city.

- Reports that some of the suspects from the recent attempted car bombings in London were from Birmingham .

- A Channel 4 ‘Undercover Mosque’ program revealing the widespread preaching of Jihadist doctrine in the city.

- The ‘Tipton Taliban’ inpresoned after being captured in Afghanistan.

- Wounded soldiers in Selly Oak harangued by Muslims.

- A report, last year, claimed there were 80 known terror cells in the West Mids region - more than twice as many as London. The West Midlands has, according to MI 5, more terrorist cells than anywhere else.

On the 20th January, 2011, the Telegraph did a feature on Birmingham. In it there is a quote from a Belgium Muslim who had moved to Birmingham. He was quoted as saying:

‘Everybody knows. Birmingham - best place in Europe to be a pure Muslim.’

The same article stated that ‘a large Taliban flag fluttered daily on a house near St Andrew’s football stadium (Birmingham City) for some months’.
Off With the Kuffar’s Head

In 2006, a Muslim plotted to behead a British Muslim soldier "like a pig" and film the killing in a lock-up garage. Parviz Khan then planned to broadcast footage of "the ghastly death" in an attempt to spread panic among the armed forces and the public.

Leicester Crown Court heard how Khan was at the centre of a Birmingham terrorist cell, sending equipment to fighters operating on the Afghan border.

Khan, then of Alum Rock, pleaded guilty to charges connected to the plot – and supplying equipment to terrorists – but two other Muslims denied offences under the Terrorism Act.

Nigel Rumfitt QC said that had hoped to kidnap a soldier by ambushing him in Birmingham 's Broad Street entertainment quarter, and was planning to enlist the help of drug dealers to capture the soldier:

"He would be taken to a lock-up garage and there he would be murdered by having his head cut off like a pig. This atrocity would be filmed ... and the film released to cause panic and fear within the British armed forces and the wider public," said Mr Rumfitt.
As a result of all the above, West Midlands Police decided to install CCTVS, or ‘spy cameras’, in various Muslim areas of Birmingham, such as Sparkbrook and Washwood Heath.

Not long after this, there was a campaign against the CCTVS by various Muslims and left-wingers. This culminated in a ‘public debate’ at Sparkbrook (6.7.2010) in which the police promised to remove the CCTVs. In that debate Lord Nazir Ahmed, a Labour Lord, threatened ‘civil unrest’ (this is on video) if the cameras weren’t immediately taken down. Salma Yaqoob also said:

‘If the police do not remove them, will you join me this Summer to take every single one down?’

This too is on video.
Only a short while after West Midlands Police promised to take them down, West Mids Police told the Birmingham Mail (31.10.2010) that it was expecting a ‘Mumbai-style attack on the city’ (Birmingham).
Just a few weeks ago, WMP did begin to take them down.
Coun. Salma Yaqoob

Leader of the Respect Party, which began as an off-shoot of the revolutionary Trotskyist party (split in 2007), the Socialist Workers Party. Respect has been called a 'communalist’ (i.e. Muslim) party by many commentators.

In October, 2009, the Birmingham Post quoted a Respect activist saying that Muslims need to tell Birmingham’s councillors and politicians that ‘they will not get our votes unless they do something to help the people in Pakistan’.

Yaqoob is a councillor for Sparkbrook, Birmingham.

Yaqoob began her career, in 1998, as spokeswoman for the ‘Justice for the Yemen Seven’ campaign to free seven men from Birmingham who had been convicted of terrorist activities in Yemen. (This was three years before she was ‘spat at’ and thus converted to IslamoTrotskyism.) Some of these men were related to both Abu Hamza and Yaqoob herself.

Coun Salma Yaqoob once refused to take part in a standing ovation for Afghanistan veteran Lance Corporal Matt Croucher.

Along with Respect Party colleague Mohammed Ishtiaq, she remained seated in the city council chamber as everyone else in the room rose to give guest of honour L/Cpl Croucher a spontaneous round of applause.

Liberal Democrat councillor Martin Mullaney accused Coun Yaqoob of wanting to see Britain become an Islamic republic.

Mullaney claimed: “If Coun Yaqoob had her way, she would be implementing Hadood Law, with hands cut off and stonings.”

He went on: “I can only assume that if one of the failed 21/7 London suicide bombers had been in the council chamber, Coun Yaqoob would have been demanding the council applaud the failed suicide bomber for their past heroic actions.”

He provided a link to an article written by Coun Yaqoob entitled 'The Islamic Republic of Great Britain'.

- On the 8th of August, 2009, during an EDL demo outside Birmingham Town Hall, Yaqoob addressed a crowd of mainly SWP members and young Muslims at the Bullring. She is on video shouting: ‘Whose streets? Our streets! Whose streets? Our streets!...’ Not long after that, Muslim youth rioted through the streets of Birmingham city centre attacking shoppers and anyone who was non-Muslim. This was while the EDL itself was at the other side of the city centre, surrounded by police.

[Yaqoob's speech is towards the end of this video.]

Dr. Naseem of Birmingham Central Mosque

Yaqoob in the spokeswoman for Birmingham Central Mosque. Dr Naseem also works at this mosque. He has denied that 9/11 was the responsibility of Muslims. He said that America carried it out to create ‘the perception of an external threat’. He also said that it was an attempt to create an ‘extended Israel’. Finally, he said that people must be ‘extremely naive’ to believe that ‘al-Qaeda is a threat to the world’. One of the reasons he gave is that Osama bin Laden wouldn’t have electricity in his cave in Afghanistan.

He has also said that the UK is a ‘police state’. During the two EDL demos in Birmingham in 2009, he advised Birmingham’s Muslims to ‘vent their feelings’. He has also talked about ‘Christian extremists’.
Dr Naseem formed an ‘Islamic’ political party.
Islamic Schools and Mosques in Birmingham

- In January 2011, a Birmingham Imam, Shaykh Asrar Rashid, said that Muslims should not fight in the British armed forces on conscientious grounds.

Rashid is a visiting cleric at the city's mosques. He also told the BBC the Queen was "a disgusting woman" for knighting author Salman Rushdie.

Rashid lives in Sparkbrook in Birmingham, where Coun. Yaqoob works.

- Schools in Birmingham have been targeted by Islamic extremists trying to infiltrate the education system, the Education Secretary Michael Gove warned in November 2010.

He told MPs there were “genuine dangers” due to extremist influence in state schools.

- In early 2011, Channel 4‘s Dispatches programme (‘Lessons in Hatred and Violence’) did a feature on Birmingham’s mosques and Islamic schools. It showed, with a hidden film, that such mosques were rife with Islamic extremism. A preacher/teacher is on film saying:

‘... the disbelievers are the worst creatures...’

Another film showing a preacher/teacher talking about Hindus:

‘The Hindus do, they drink piss... Do they have any intellect? No.’ (2008)

The Daily Mail also did a feature on a Birmingham Islamic schools in which children were hit by their Islamic teachers. Darul Islamic High School School, Small Heath, was also featured. As a result of this, the Daily Mail (14th Feb, 2011) said that Islamic teachers had ‘met with police chiefs’.

Birmingham Lib-Dem MP, John Hemming (Yardley), responded to all criticisms of Green Lane Masjid (mosque) by saying:

‘If Channel 4 thinks this is a school where racism and intolerance is accepted in any way, they have got their facts seriously wrong.’ (2008)
The Rev Ray Gaston

Rev Ray Gaston is an ‘inter-faith enabler’ in Birmingham. Like Dr Naseem at Birmingham Central Mosque, he once became a candidate to be a Respect councillor. He became an activist against the CCTVs, or ‘spy cameras’, in Birmingham’s Muslim areas. He once ‘spent a year as a Muslim’. Rev. Gaston also became politically active against Israel’s treatment of the Islamist flotilla by becoming part of a demonstration against Israel’s behaviour on this matter. At one such protest, his friend, Salma Yaqoob, said that ‘Israel’s days are numbered’. Gaston, in September 2009, wrote to West Midlands Police asking them to ban the EDL. His letter was published in the Birmingham Mail.


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