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Saturday, 25 June 2011

On Islamic Tower Hamlets

[Above: a common scene in today's Tower Hamlets. Left: the Islamist caucus/gang of the Islamic Republic of Tower Hamlets' council. Lutfur Rahman, the Ayatollah of this region of London, is on the far left.]

By the EDL's Christine Patriot

What we have to realise is that this is just the beginning!
Take a look at the way Islamists conduct themselves when they are either in significant numbers or are in a majority position - they have a tendency to act like a stoneage rabble (and that's being polite!). They don't give a flying phcuk about protocol, organisation, manners, decorum or politeness. They don’t respect ‘the infidel’ and would rid the earth of them at the drop of a hat (or a sword on the back of the neck).

The vast majority of the unenlightened of this country, who have no direct experience of Islamic 'enrichment', seem to think it's both quaint & fair to have Islam/Islamists/Muslims represented in local government or in the Houses of Parliament.

Look at Tower Hamlets now! You may think that what you have read in the media is bad - but you've seen nothing yet. Wait until the non-Islamists have had enough of this element of jihad (for that's what it is) and then they’ll throw in the towel because no action is taken to address this. Do you really think other non-Muslims will step into their shoes, do you?

This time it's Islamic homophobia but next time it will be because a person is an infidel;

or because he wants to bring a ham sandwich in for lunch;

or because he gets hungry during Ramadan;

or because she refuses to wear a burka.

No excuse or latent reason is needed and nor would any justification be given - it's jihad.

Drive out the infidel once and for all! If they choose to make your life such a misery that you leave, top yourself, convert or whatever, they don't care. As long as infidels walk this earth, the Islamists will get busy.

Want a mosque complex built in a Muslim-headed or -run local council? No problem. Don't worry about the paperwork... Oh! And you can have a grant at the taxpayers’ expense to help with the costs while you’re at it!

Need a grant to refurbish or update your draughty old church or community centre, perhaps even build a new one (and you've got the cash waiting!)? No chance! Nothing to add to this so forget it - you're getting nothing.

You can bet you bottom dollar that in every town & city in UK where Muslims live in any significant number, there'll be - or soon will be - Muslim councillors waiting to play the same game - it's the way of many Muslims. They use our democracy against us in order to bring about the downfall of our proud nation in order to effect an Islamic state in Great Britain.

Whenever you see a single Muslim or group of Islamists up to mischief, you shouldn’t think of this as an isolated occurrence. It should be seen for what it really is: a small part of the bigger picture of jihad being waged in this country.

[Left: the Islamist organisation, the IFE, which more or less runs the Islamist contigent/caucus of the council of Tower Hamlets.]

*) More of the islamisation of Tower Hamlets now that the council 'has Islamic influence':

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