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Friday, 24 June 2011

The EDL and the Working Class

By Jim EDL

The political left has embarked upon a deliberate campaign to demonise the English Defence League (EDL) and its working-class supporters. Does the political left still represent the concerns of the working class?

In many cases ‘working class’ is a badge that wealthy members of the middle class like to wear to demonstrate how selfless they are in their prosperity and good luck, rather than an actual state of being. But the working class does exist and is already feeling the negative effects of the Islamisation of the UK – for the members of this class, ‘working class’ is not a badge but a grim reality. The middle classes will undoubtedly feel the same negative effects in due course, but by that stage it will be far too late. The working classes are the canary in the coalmine. They see the dangers today, in their everyday existence.

The socialist establishment is, in reality, middle class and has no interest in working-class concerns. Its attitude to the EDL is proof positive of this state of affairs. It may pay lip service to such concerns, but in the end it tries to explain them away, like in this article on the New Statesman website. Working-class concerns are filtered through the prism of middle-class respectability and thereby lose their intrinsic meaning. In fact many on the left simply demonise groups like the EDL out of hand and will not even listen to their concerns. People are gradually recognising this fact, and a book about the demonization of the working class has recently been published. The title of the book by Owen Jones is Chavs: The Demonization of the Working Class. It is the title that draws attention to the problem, but a review has been published by The Guardian for those who are interested in such things (perhaps the book itself show signs of middle class filtering). The attitude towards the EDL is an archetypal example of the phenomenon of demonization and a clear demonstration of socialist deafness to the needs and concerns of the real working class.

The word ‘Chav’ is a deliberately conceived label used by middle class people to demean and demonise the working class. The socialists might like to point fingers at the so-called conservative press for such labels, but in many cases it is the socialists themselves who are the worst culprits.

Indymedia UK, that great bastion of the middle class left referred to the EDL as “hooligans and ‘chav scrotes’” in its propaganda about an event in Amsterdam organised by the European Freedom Initiative and attended by a small number of EDL activists. This demonstrates quite clearly that such organisations have nothing but contempt for real working class people who have to live real working class lives. Perhaps they are just comfortable middle-class well-off ‘social worker types’ or over-privileged students looking down their noses at working people and their concerns. The language used by Indymedia above is prejudice and bigotry in its purest form, though it would never admit to this.

On 14 June 2011, Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland Labour MP, Tom Blenkinsop, tabled an Early Day Motion against the EDL. He said:

"The EDL is simply disgusting. They could use their efforts to push for solidarity amongst workers, a better deal for families, or a boost to the North East manufacturing sector. But they choose not to. Instead, they choose to try and sow seeds of division and hatred."

Perhaps Mr Blenkinsop and his ilk should try listening to the views of ordinary working class folk instead of demonising them and belittling their concerns. Suggesting that the EDL adopt middle class concerns seems to be a theme that is now emerging and this is condescending to the working people of Britain. In any case, getting ‘a better deal for families’ was hardly accomplished by the actions of Mr Blenkinsop’s own party when it was in Government, a Government that set the scene for the current economic collapse.

The unrestricted mass immigration that was facilitated by his party since 1997 was on a scale not experienced since the Anglo-Saxon invasions, and has done nothing to improve the prosperity or happiness of the working class. Was the Labour Party really thinking about the interests of the working class when it pursued this policy, or was it more concerned about appearing trendy to the chattering classes who want to see England and its culture destroyed? Perhaps the real intention was to keep the working class down by keeping them poor and vulnerable to the whims of international capitalism. Such a situation would allow middle-class do-gooders in their ivory towers to continue to keep the real working class as if they were their pampered pets to ensure their privileged positions and prosperity in the left-wing professions.

The theoretical interests of international socialism are always put before the practical interests of working people. In so doing socialist activists have become the puppets of the globalised elite who want cheaper labour and a compliant and docile workforce in every corner of the world. After all, it is a simple rule of supply and demand – if labour is more available it is by definition cheaper. Cheaper labour is exactly what big business wants, and mass immigration is something that socialists want. It appears that the capitalists and the socialists are working on the same side after all. Look at the way the influence, freedom and standard of living for working people increased when the population of England plummeted in the aftermath of The Black Death of 1348 to 1350. It is clear that the economic interests of the elite are now being facilitated by socialist and capitalist alike. How is that helping ordinary working families?

Even those once proud bastions are of the working class, the Trade Unions, are now effectively middle-class institutions that are working against the interests of the working class via their apparent preference for unrestricted population movement from unstable parts of the world. How ironic have the anti-globalisation protests become, and how foolish are those that attend such protests! The globalised elite is laughing at such servile stupidity.

A distinction really needs to be made between ‘Socialist’ and ‘Working Class’. The former these days tend to be those of middle-class background who have intellectual pretensions and an intolerance of any non-socialist views. They seem to be people who want to restrict freedom, undermine Western Civilisation from within, and they appear to care more about the Third World and endangered crustaceans in the South Pacific than the real working people of Britain.

By contrast, the working class are practical-minded people who may often be poor, but love freedom, tradition, and stability. They have respect for our country’s institutions such as the monarchy, the armed forces, and the legal system. They love their country and recognise the benefits of Western Civilisation and want their children and grandchildren to enjoy its fruits. Unlike their socialist counterparts, they are not into such nonsense as ‘creative destruction’ and despising their own society and its accomplishments.

Surely it is now time for the middle class left to come clean about its true position on the working class. It clearly does not have to live working class lives in highly Islamised working class neighbourhoods, and lacks any true empathy. When it comes down to it there is only one organisation that represents real working-class interests in Britain, and that it the EDL.

The EDL has attracted a growing number of middle class activists in recent times who will enhance its capabilities and make it more successful. The EDL aims to represent and include the whole range of the British population in its ranks including the working class. It will undoubtedly remain faithful to its working class origins into the future and represent working class interests, and indeed the interests of the whole spectrum of British non- sharia society, more effectively than those who purport to do so from within the left wing political establishment.

*) From the EDL website:

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