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Thursday, 5 May 2011

Wikid Islamophobia Watch

[Above: Bob Pitt has said that saying that the Koran 'is not that nice' is a 'hate crime'. He also accused an academic who said that 'Mohammed may have killed someone once' of being an 'Islamophobic racist Zionist'.]

*) This is a piece in the Wikipedia style.
Islamophobia Watch was created in January 2005 as a non-profit project which receives large funds from Saudi Arabia and from many Muslim groups.

It exists to document material which, according to Islamophobia Watch, ‘disgracefully advocates criticism of Islam’. It also documents any horrible words whatsoever against ‘peaceful and lovely’ Islamists, Islamic ‘freedom fighters’ ( or ‘terrorists’ according to 'fascists and Zionists’) or against the Enablers of of the Muslim Oppressed (such as itself and other Trotskyists).

The website was set up by two non-Muslim opportunistic Trotskyists, Eddie ‘Hitler’ Truman and Bob Pitt. Truman was at that time press officer for the Scottish Socialist Party group at the Scottish Bourgeois Parliament, which he once promised to ‘destroy from within’. Pitt worked as an arsewiper in the orifice of the then Mayor of London, Kenneth Livingstone.

Most of the posts now appear under the name of Martin Sullivan, who is rumoured to be either Bob ibn Pitt or Yusuf Qaradawi (or some kind of sick Cronenbergian fusion of the two) .

Islamophobia Watch was described in the paper ‘Cyber-Islamophobia? The case of WikiIslam’ as
'representing Trotskyist efforts against all Islamophobic, and therefore anti-Leftist, discourse [i.e., writing and words] on the Internet and everywhere else where Islam’s name is taken in vain.'

The Comrades and Brothers Who Support Islamophobia Watch

[Above: Bob bin Pitt says that 'people should spend more time tackling the terrible cases and rise of New-Testament-inspired terrorist attacks on the Muslim world'; as well as the persecution of Muslims, by Christians, in the Sudan, Pakistan, Iraq, Gaza, etc.]

Islamophobia Watch has been welcomed by all sections of the Trotskyist and Leftist communities, as well as by a few Muslims and Muslim groups. Such Trotskyist groups see it ‘as a useful resource’ in furthering Trotskyist causes and the Trot revolution against everything and everyone further to the Right than Pol Pot (or Bob Pitt). It has been said that it ‘may even help Muslims in some small way’. It received an honourable mention in the ‘Best Non-Muslim Blog by the name “Islamophobia Watch"' category in the 2005 Brass Neck Awards.

Islamophobic, Zionist and Fascist Criticism of Islamophobia Watch

[Above: some of Bob ibn Pitt's favourite Brown and Exotic Muslim friends. He said that they are 'real hard-core anti-Zionists', but still 'a bit soft on the Israeli apartheid state'.]

The ‘Zionist’ Johann Hari, a journalist for the ‘Zionist’ The Independent, has criticised the use of the term Islamophobia by Islamophobia Watch to attack him and others. He writes:

‘If Muslim women and Muslim gays are going to have any kind of decent life, the [Muslim] liberals need to receive solidarity and support – but slap-dash charges of Islamophobia intimidate people who could offer it.’

‘While Islamophobia Watch talk about defending Muslims, they end up defending the nastiest and most right-wing part of the Muslim community – the ones who are oppressing and killing the rest.’

Bob Pitt replied to this by calling Johann an ‘Islamophobe!’ Followed by 'a fascist!’

The ‘Zionist’ Martin Bright, former political editor of the New Statesman and author of the 'Zionist’ Policy 'Exchange pamphlet When Progressives Treat with Reactionaries: the British State's Flirtation with Radical Islamism', has drawn a parallel between Islamophobia Watch and the extreme right. Responding to an article by the anti-Zionist holocaust denier, Lady Michèle Renouf (surrently serving on the SWP's Central Committe), that denounced him as part of a "Zionist conspiracy".

The 'Zionist' Bright commented that Renouf's piece was

‘almost indistinguishable from the attacks on me from supporters of Ken Livingstone and the likes of Islamophobia Watch.’

Bob bin Pitt’s Islamophobia Watch responded to this by calling Martin Bright an ‘Islamophobe!’ Followed by ‘a fascist!’

Zionist Controversy

[Above: Bob ibn Pitt on a good day.]

During the 2008 London mayoral election campaign Islamophobia Watch came under attack from the ‘Zionist’ London Evening Standard (also classed as a ‘fascist newspaper’ by Islamophobia Watch). A 'Zionist’ editorial complained that the website had attempted to discredit the ‘Zionist’ Boris Johnson’s Trotskyist challenger Ken Livingstone by highlighting the fact that the far-left Socialist Workers Party had called on its its supporters to cast a second-preference vote for Kenny.

An accompanying article by the ‘Zionist’ Keith Dovkants claimed that Islamophobia Watch was seen as ‘a tool of Ken's political machine’ because it gave favourable coverage to Livingstone's role in combating Islamophobia by arsing Yusuf Quradawi (the moderate anti-Semite) on a regular basis.

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