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Thursday, 19 May 2011

To the Birmingham Mail: the New Street Islamists

[Left: the Birmingham Mail appears to have no interest in the fact that al-Qaeda supporting Islamists, who want to set up an Islamic state here in the UK, proselytise (i.e. carry out Islamic dawah) in the centre of Birmingham every Sunday. Top: the 'coat of arms' of the Salafists. Right: British Salafists in Arabic fancy dress, complete with beards.]


Dear Sir,

The Birmingham Mail has a report today (9th May) on Muslims killing (Coptic) Christians in Egypt (‘12 dead in Egypt religious rioting’). This has been going on for years in Egypt.

However, I have written to note something which is much closer to home but which is still connected to what’s going on in Egypt.

The main group involved in this violence in Egypt is the Muslim Salafis. Now this group - the very same one - holds a stall every weekend in Birmingham city centre. (Just after the Odeon and towards the Town Hall, on New Street.) They have been doing this for many weeks.

This Islamist group, as evidenced from personal discussion and from their literature, supports al-Qaeda and also supported Osama bin Laden. Not only that. It also distributes the works of Sayyid Qutb and Mawdudi. The former was a terrorist who was imprisoned for his violence by the Egyptian state. He believed in the total destruction of ‘infidel’ society and the creation of an Islamic state. (Mawdudi more or less believed the same things.)

I contacted the council about this and a woman there said that religious stalls do not need permission from the Birmingham City Council - but political groups do. The problem is, this group is made up of Islamists; even by their own self-definitions. Anyway. I was passed on to the man in charge.

He gave me a completely different story. He said that neither political nor religious groups need permission as long as they don’t ‘obstruct the highways’ or ‘cause a nuisance’. Thus, he said, they could do nothing. And then he hinted that the police, for the very same reasons, would/could do nothing.

It seems that if you have are a Muslim, you can get away with, if not murder, then distributing and advertising murder in the name of Islam, as this stall does.


[This letter was not published.]

Dear Mr Chauhan,

I made an enquiry about stalls in Birmingham’s city centre. I was told by Noreen (?), in your department, that political stalls needed permission from Birmingham City Council. I was also told that religious stalls did’t need permission.

Every Sunday there is a stall held by what I think are either Salafists or Wahhabies in Birmingham’s city centre - just beyond the Odeon (when walking from Waterstones and towards Birmingham Town Hall, on the left).

My guess that they are Salafists or Wahhabies comes from that fact that they dress in Arabic clothes, distribute the books of the extreme Islamists (as well as supporters of terrorism and political assassinations) Hassan al-Banna, Syed Mawdudi, Sayyid Qutb, etc. In addition, I have spoken to them and they have said they support Hamas and al-Qaeda. (Though obviously they don’t openly endorse or advertise terrorism, as such, from the stall.) They haven’t actually called themselves ‘Salafists’; only ‘Sunni’ Muslims. But they are clearly Islamists of some kind - an extreme kind.

Since they are Islamists, and Islamists themselves says that Islam is political in nature (or should be political), then the Council’s requirement for permission for political stalls clearly applies to this stall as well.

I also have a feeling that it may well be very difficult - if not impossible - for groups like the BNP or EDL to be allowed to run stalls in Birmingham’s city centre.

In addition, I have frequently come across stalls run by the Socialist Workers Party and Unite Against Fascism. From what you have said about political groups needing permission from the Council, I will assume that these groups have been granted permission. But if they have not, then why not?

Incidentally, sometimes the Islamist stalls run directly alongside the SWP and/or UAF stalls, especially when outside the Waterstones next to the Bull Ring. Perhaps they gained joint permission.

My demand is not only that this stall should obtain permission from Birmingham Council, but that it should not be allowed to take place at all. We are talking here about a group which openly supported Osama bin Laden. So little extra argument, at this juncture, should be required.


[This enquiry resulted in no action by Birmingham City Council.]

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