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Saturday, 21 May 2011

Muslims Attack Free Speech (on FaceBook) Again!

"I am the creator & Admin of Uphold British Traditions and Christian Values and I am sad to say that it has been HACKED by muslim extremists who call themselves Z Company.

"It was only one week ago that I got it back after it was hacked by the MDL (Muslim Defence League).

"Just writing to ask you not to post on there because at the mom...ent extremist muslims are in control and if you post on the wall they are very likely to target you or whoever is at the end of any link you add.

"I am hoping to get it back and am appealing to Facebook.

"I have also requested your friendship.

"Kind regards..."
This just goes to show that those who believe that Muslims and Islamists only target so-called 'fascist' or 'Islamophobic' groups like the EDL are extremely naive and may even ultimately pay for their naivety. In fact, it really shows that what the EDL is actually doing against Islamism is a good thing after all. It also shows that any faults that the EDL does indeed display are irrelevant and tiny when compared with the massive threat we face from Islam and Islamism.

This also shows that the gullible and/or opportunistic Leftist enablers of both Muslims and Islam must be fought at every opportunity and that fight should be total. There simply would be no present threat from Islamism, and even to some extent from from Islamoterrorism, if it were not for Trotskyists/Communists/Leftists. The logic is simple:

They too, just like all Islamists and millions of Muslims, want to destroy the UK and ultimately the West.

Note: It is strange that it is called the 'Muslim Defence League' when these Muslims are attacking free speech on FaceBook and everywhere else. (Free speech is utterly alien to Islam, as history and present reality shows.) Then again, millions of Muslims called 9/11 a 'defensive' act. Since the beginning of Islam, because of what is said in the Koran, every act of Islamic aggression is turned, through Islamic taqiyya, into a 'defensive act'
More on Z Company

"Trick aka is also a virulent anti-Semite. He has attacked numerous Jewish 'non-right wing' pages and other Christian mainstream groups.

"He has also attacked the Indian government's webpages when there was tension between India-Pakistan....

"Anyone who thinks his cause is just, is deluded. Just search online for the multitude of cyber attacks he's done then come back and argue with me what a good guy he is.

"Z-Company, as far as I'm aware, is a Middle-Eastern criminal network dealing in everything from arms and drugs, to people smuggling, slavery and prostitution..." - Geoff Moverley


"Beware these people...and know I will be WATCHING as well. The PakiHakis' as I call them: (1) Information Technology II We the Pakistanis II (2) Report here II Pakistan II (3) SK Salman (4) KhantastiC haXoR (4) Bint Iskanadar (...5)Hamza Saeed Arshad (6) Bashir Ahmed Narejo (7) Osama Javaid (8) Prince Mansoor Ali (9) Naeem Bashir (10) lolipop or LOLYPOP extremely gifted hacker acts like a female but is a muslim male in his 20's. (11) Juni Hashmi (12) Zainab Tahir see . Anonymous has a group of Egyptians in the USA midwest that enjoy going on FB all day every day and deleting/hacking and also hacking websites pro-American as well as Pro-Isreali. They pose as working class joes...union guys sometimes to start a converstaion, but they are LETHAL. I will SIMPLY WATCH as well for you friend...add you to my list. Godd Bless you for staying in the fight." (Iris Mentus), from American Jihad Watch

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