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Sunday, 8 May 2011

The EDL ‘invades’ a Merseyside Islamist-supporting, 'radical' bookshop

[Right: the 'radical' bookshop in Merseyside. I wonder if they sell Margaret Thatcher's autobiography or Jim Davidson's Book of Politically-Incorrect jokes? Top: Unite Against Freedom, in its news ringpiece, tries to pretend that this was all about the EDL 'attacking trade unions'; not about protesting against a far-leftist, or 'radical', bookshop which supports the 'rights' and 'causes' of Islamofascists-who-can't-be fascists-because-they're-Brown-and-Exotic-and-thus-automatically-Oppressed.]

The EDL did not target this bookshop because it’s part of the ‘main trade union and labour movement’ (it probably isn't anyway) - that would be unknown to all except a tiny clique of far-left nerds. They targeted this bookshop because Trotskyists, Communists and left-liberals have systematically and opportunistically supported the very Islamofascists the EDL is against. Without the far-left types who run this bookshop, the threat of Islamism, and even Islamoterrorism, would not be as great as it actually is.

Leftists have also systematically attempted to destroy and/or ban the EDL. They have declared war on it. It follows, then, that they shouldn’t be surprised when we fight back and commits acts of self-defence (such as what happened at the bookshop).

In any case. There is a very strong connection between attacking militant Muslims and attacking certain trade unions and ‘socialists’. Trade unions finance and support Unite Against Fascism. The UAF/SWP has ceaselessly campaigned, often violently, against the EDL. And also, of course, ‘socialists’ (‘Trotskyists’ or ‘revolutionary socialists’, as everyone else calls them) are greasing the wheels of Islamism and bring about more and more Islamist 'empowerment' (or they are ‘enabling’ them).

So the EDL is not attacking trade unionists as such - only those who support Muslim Islamofascists as well as the red fascists of the UAF/SWP. Is that a surprise to UAF/SWP?

The problem also is that UAF/SWP, as well as the people who run this bookshop, have read too much about 1920s and 1930s Germany and Italy - and all through a Marxist prism. Thus they see fascism everywhere! They see fascism ten times before each breakfast. They think that everyone outside their tiny gang is a ‘fascist’ (except Muslims or anyone who’s not white, that is). I bet that in this very bookshop their are dozens of books on fascism.

Thus these nerdy Trots, Communists and left-liberal are simply dying to come across some example of real fascism so that they can ‘smash' it (as in 'Smash the EDL', 'Smash the BNP', 'Smash the Tory Party', etc.). And that’s why they see it everywhere. (These people have also called both the Labour and the Conservative parties ‘fascist’, amongst many, many other groups and individuals.)
EDL Extra comments on the Unite Against Fascism news item, 'EDL thugs target trade union and labour movement bookshop', 9th May, 2011. (Comments are in red.)

Members of the English Defence League invaded Merseyside’s main trade union and labour movement bookshop on Saturday.

The EDL is an organisation of racist thugs with fascists in its midst. It primarily targets Muslims with its vicious racism. But it is increasingly turning its sights on other traditional fascist targets, such as trade unionists and socialists as well as ethnic minorities.

The News From Nowhere bookshop is a central part of the trade union and labour movement in Liverpool, selling tickets for antiracist events and coaches to anticuts protests, as well as books on everything from the local area and feminism to activism and children’s literature. [‘News From Nowhere’ my arse! News from Leon Trotsky, or Marx, or the SWP, or Tony Cliff, etc. more like.

Most bookshops sell all shades of political opinion. This bookshop will be monomaniacal in its obsession with revolutionary socialism, the oppression of ethnic minorities and finding hordes of ‘fascists’ hiding under every bed.]

On Saturday 7 May, around 15 EDL supporters, arrived at the bookshop with flags. A group then came into the shop and attempted to intimidate staff – including making comments to female staff about pornography – before they were eventually moved on by police. [Asking the ‘female staff’ member if she sold pornography was a joke! You know what jokes are, Trots and Liberal PC-fetishists? Of course not. That’s why you’re so fucking dull and serious and probably think that Paddington Bear is a ‘neo-fascist’ (or something else with an ‘ist’ on the end).

It's because these humourless people are so dour that they have killed so many millions in the name of their cherished ‘anti-fascism’ or whatever the Leftist fads are today (as they did in Soviet Russia, China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Cuba, North Korea, etc.).

These Trots, commies and pious left-liberals are so serious that they believe that gulags, mass killings, total and all-encompassing bannings, mass repression, etc. are all very good things if done for the Revolution, or in the fight against ‘fascism’, or for the Oppressed (Muslims this time around).]

Antifascist campaigners believe the targeting of News From Nowhere is sign of the EDL’s widening agenda. UAF North West organiser Paul Jenkins said:

The racist EDL claim only to be against “militant Islam”. But now they are intimidating a progressive bookshop, News From Nowhere....’ [The ‘EDL claim’ - that’s another cliché these Leftist automatons spout at every opportunity. Do these people ever actually think for themselves or do their Marxist theories, along with their stock of Leftist soundbites and clichés, do their thinking for them?]...

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