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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment must not ‘offend’ Muslims!

What’s happening in our country? Just over a week ago there was an ‘investigation’ into the fact, which is perfectly legal, that a Carlisle United steward supported an EDL member while he was being tried under the UK’s Sharia Blasphemy Law of 2011. Now ‘defence chiefs’ are launching an investigation into whether certain soldiers are members of the ‘far right’ EDL. I thought we lived in a democracy. This smacks of Stalinism.

All over the country people are being investigated, probed, banned and imprisoned either for being members of the EDL or for engaging in EDL activities. The situation, today, is that although the EDL is legal in theory, it is slowly being banned in fact. The authorities know full well that a total ban would outrage most of the British public. So, instead, councillors, politicians, judges, etc. are using all means possible, outside of an outright Government ban, to limit, control and affectively silence the EDL.

And that’s why we had a 70-day prison sentence for an EDL member who dared to burn the Koran. That’s why a Carlisle United steward was effectively sacked for supporting the EDL. And that’s why other EDL members have been giving 10-year banning-orders to stop them attending any EDL demos or even accessing EDL Internet sites.

But, on the other hand, a Muslim poppy-burner was fine a disgusting £50. Yet Tommy Robinson, the leader of the EDL, was fined £350 - five times as much! - for attempting to stop the very same Muslim poppy-burners.

So is it that the courts, and indeed these Defence chiefs in this case, are sending out a loud and clear message? That message being:

The EDL will not be tolerated - even if it is a legal movement.

That runs alongside another message from the Islamophile authorities:

Any Islamophobia from the EDL, or from anyone else, will be the subject to extreme measures.
So if the authorities and the Government want to make the EDL illegal, then why don’t they do so? Why doesn’t the Government ban the EDL outright and thus stop our judges, councillors, etc. playing all these deceitful and anti-democratic games with the EDL and its members?

And has Liberty, or any of the many other revolution-through-rights-activism groups, spoken out on these abuses against the EDL and our freedom of membership, demonstration and speech? Of course not! The EDL’s right to demonstrate and express itself is the wrong right and the legal expression of the wrong things. In other words, the EDL doesn’t express the things held dear by that sizeable Leftist contingent of our establishment.

In any case, as far as I know, soldiers can take part in the democratic process. This means that soldiers, in law, can support particular, but legal, political groups. The EDL is such a legal group. However, it is the case that serving soldiers cannot become activists for any particular political group - even if it is a legal group. And that’s fair enough.

In addition, the Cumbrian News & Star piece below speaks about a ‘more controversial picture’ taken of the 1st Battalion of the Duke of Lancaster. This piece doesn’t clearly say what the problem with this photo is. But it seems to be ‘more controversial’ than the other photos because it was taken in Afghanistan. In Afghanistan our soldiers are fighting extremist Muslims.

So is that the main reason behind all this fuss? Was this photo and action perceived, by our ‘Defence chiefs’ and others, as yet another ‘offence’ or ‘insult’ against our precious Muslim voters - the ones with eggshell egos and their endless crocodile-tears-for-jihad?
EDL Extra comments on the Cumbrian News & Star news item, 'Defence chiefs launch probe into soldiers’ far-right EDL photos', by Phil Coleman, 17th May, 2011. (Comments are in red.)

Defence chiefs are investigating a claim that soldiers from the 1st Battalion of the Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment have been photographed showing their support for a far-right anti-Islam group.

Several pictures are under investigation.

One shows soldiers from regiment – which recruits in Cumbria – posing next to the flag of the English Defence League (EDL) at a homecoming parade for the regiment in Blackburn last year.

Eight soldiers are seen standing next to the flag, bearing the words: “EDL supports Duke of Lancaster Regiment.” [Perhaps it’s a good thing that the EDL ‘supports the Duke of Lancaster Regiment’ and the British armed forces as a whole. After all, the Labour Party, and even the Conservative Party, have treated our ex-soldiers, as well as our serving soldiers, disgracefully, whether by throwing them onto the streets of our inner-cities or denying them the equipment they so desperately require during their battles in Afghanistan.]

Another more controversial picture shows a uniformed solider, allegedly in Helmand Province, his face hidden by a black scarf as he brandishes a pistol and stands in front of before the EDL flag.

The pictures – which have not yet been confirmed to be genuine – could help radicalise some Muslim, and inflame divisions between Islam and the West. [Why-oh-why are Muslims so easy to ‘radicalise’? Is it because, in a sense, they are already radical and always ‘inflamed’? Perhaps, after all, their religion, Islam, inflames and radicalises them and turns every infidel action or word into an ‘insult’ or an ‘offence’. Have these people even thought about these possibilities?]

A Ministry of Defence spokeswoman yesterday confirmed that an investigation was now underway, but suggested that some of the soldiers who appear in the photos may have been hoodwinked into posing next to the EDL flag.

“Individuals are free to join political parties but they’re not permitted to take an active role in political campaigning and must abide by our values and standards in all they do,” she told the News & Star.

“Instances of unacceptable behaviour in the armed forces are investigated, and appropriate action taken – up to and including dismissal.

“An investigation is already underway into allegations that individuals have breached army regulations through their involvement with the EDL.”

Kevin Carroll, 41, who is joint EDL leader, said the organisation was opposed to racism, but the Cumbrian branch is currently publishing an on-line video crammed with anti-Islamic slogans. [Yes? And? ‘Anti-Islamic slogans’ are not racist slogans. Or have all these people, local journalists, 'Defence chiefs', etc. swallowed completely the arcane Leftist/Marxist theory that all criticisms of Islam and militant Islam must be ‘racist’ or ‘Islamophobic’? In order to swallow this Leftist theory, these people must have also swallowed all the other Leftist stuff which is needed in order to make this theory work.

The Left really has won ‘the culture war’, hasn’t it?]

The first of these shows a medieval crusader in battle armour, under the slogan: “Jihad works both ways.” Another slogan tells viewers: “Let the crusade begin.”

Patrick Mercer, a former chairman on the Commons counter terrorism sub-committee, urged servicemen to steer clear of the EDL. He said the pictures could be used as propaganda by extremists in Afghanistan. “That could only damage our cause,” he said.