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Monday, 4 April 2011

Why ‘patriots’ wanted to destroy the EDL leadership in Blackburn

Personally, I wasn’t that happy, at first, when Tommy asked the infiltrators onto the stage and slagged them off in front of the rest of the EDL. Then again, if these people genuinely came for trouble, or came for a good scrap, as well as see themselves as genuine patriotic Hard Men (of the far right), perhaps they deserved to get a good kicking. They could have hardly complained if they came for a fight. And, as Real Hard Men, wouldn’t they have enjoyed such a big scrap? So I don’t see how Tommy can be accused of ‘causing the trouble’ if some people had come along for trouble in the first place. Someone has even said that Tommy was scared of a real 1-to-1 fight. Shit! What this all about? I thought it was all about fighting militant Islamism, not school yard scraps and proving to each other how hard we are.

As for what happened at the coach pick-up points. I’ve got no idea. If the lies are running thick and fast, and people have the hump about the leadership, then why should anyone believe what these people have to say? Why should anyone believe groups that are out to change the direction of the EDL as well as destroy its leadership? They’re not likely to be honest about these things, are they? This is politics and politics is nearly always a dirty affair. Unless there is clear video evidence of all this, as well what has been said at the time, then there’s no reason at all why anyone outside these disgruntled groups should believe a word of it.

These people have made it clear that they were well against Tommy, Kev and Guramit well before this demo. So it seems like a bit of a convenient coincidence that they are now saying that the leadership and EDL created ‘carnage’during it (or at the coach pick-up points). They are also accusing the EDL leadership of the same kinds of thing that some members or supporters of all political groups fling at their leaders - but, usually, they don’t! Stuff like Tommy is ‘pursuing his own agenda of political fame and glory and gain’, as EDL Hartlepool put. Exactly the same kinds of things are being said about the Labour and Conservative leaderships by their members and supporters. That’s what the politically disgruntled do and especially the ones who would like their own slice of power instead. That’s politics. The difference is that most members and supporters of most political parties and movements put their cause and party above their own egos and other pathetic internal squabbles.

For Christ’s sake! We are supposed to be fighting the Islamic jihad, aren’t we? Muslims have had 1, 300 years and more practice at this than we have at fighting them. Yet already the egos amongst us, the ones who jumped on the counter-jihad bandwagon, are already trying create mayhem within the EDL. Oh yes. Such a situation is bound to be beneficial to the counter-jihad cause!

As for 'the EDL should be a free and democratic movement’. Does that mean the EDL should let anything go? Including infiltration from racists and fascists or from those who are going out or their way to destroy the EDL? That not democracy. Why? Because within weeks it would no longer be a movement or party if it let the destroyers have their way. This is internal politics. People vying for power and influence, regardless of what it is we should be fighting for. It’s all about egos and Hard Men who surround themselves in political halos when all along it just a glorified scrap in the school yard.

And then there’s the conspiracy theories. They run thick and fast on the far right, as they do on the far left. Good anarchists have always said that the far left (Trots and Commies) are virtually indistinguishable from the far right (Nazis and fascists) when it comes to the things that matter. They all believe in 'smashing the system', killing coppers, slagging of Jews/Zionists, street fighting, the infantile charm of being in tiny political clubs, etc.

These paranoid conspiracy-heads don’t need ‘proof’ about what the EDL is or is not doing. The lies and conspiracies destroy the ‘enemy’ - it doesn’t matter what’s true or false and long as the ‘lies are for Justice’, as the Trots put it. The far right believe exactly the same thing! That why far left and far right groups hate each other so much. They’re both fighting for the same bone and they both love to hate each other.

Apparently, some of these people have been posting pretty extreme stuff and even pictures of fights. I've seen some of it myself. What I don’t get is if the far-right Hard Men love fighting or violence so much, then why are they very rarely in the army, professional boxers, etc? Why do they need tons of booze before they fight? Because in Afghanistan and Iraq there would be real violence and even the chance of getting killed. No they wouldn’t want that. In any case, the far-right Hard Men wouldn’t stand a chance of either getting in the army or becoming professional boxers.

So they want to ‘step up their game’? What - like the SWP and the Islamists? Like the National Front in the 1970s? Do these groups (except for the Islamists) ever actually get anywhere with their strong desire for aggro? No! If they only want a fight, then why do they fancy-it-up with politics? Why not just scrap down dark alleys or whatever? Also, I really think these tiny groups on the far left and far right want to remain tiny - that’s much more exotic and hardcore than a mass movement like the EDL, which even allows ‘soft cunts’ to become members.

I’ve been told that on Saturday (in Blackburn) they came to the EDL demo in peace. Yet at the very same time many of these people have been talking about ‘street action’ and slagging off the EDL leadership. This is far-right stuff from the 1970s again. It’s dead. These groups have had their day and they achieved nothing because they wanted nothing but internal scrapping and street fights. What’s that going to do against a massive jihad that’s being waged by millions of Muslims throughout the world? Some of these only jumped on the counter-jihad bandwagon a couple of weeks ago because they got bored off slagging off Zionists, blacks and ‘Pakis’. As a Birmingham EDL member has just put it:

‘And if you wish to get as extremist as our militant Islamic enemy, then don’t come to peaceful patriotic [EDL] demos.'

The general gist I’ve got is that of course there will be many true patriots in the NEI and NWI.But are these others really patriotic when some of them are Nazis and racists? The English have always been against extreme ideologies. That’s why the EDL is against all of the following: the far right, the far left and the Islamists. How can anyone class himself as a ‘patriotic Brit’ if he admires Hitler and wants to destroy British democracy with an ideology that was created in Germany and Italy in the 1920s? Although Hitler didn’t have much of a problem with the English racially, he still thought we were ‘petty’ precisely because we didn’t embrace extremes like Nazism (or Communism/Trotskyism/Islamism).

So why don’t you Trots, Nazis and Islamists all go off into the wilderness somewhere and kill each other? That will save us all the bother. Or perhaps it will end up as a mass love-in as you all come to realise that you share more than you ever could or would believe.

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