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Thursday, 14 April 2011

Weymouth: Labour MPs get together with Trotskyists and Islamists to stop people hearing what the EDL has to say

[Top: New Labour, in Weymouth, says: Islamists good. Far left good. EDL bad. After all these years, the Labour Party still classes hard-core Trots as being part of their own Leftist 'broad church'. Then again, doesn't the revolutionary SWP also ask its members to vote for New Labour? Or at least it has done.]
EDL Extra comments on the Dorset Echo news item, 'Extremist fears: Concern over English Defence League march through Weymouth', by Catherine Bolado, 14th April, 2011. (Comments arein red.)

FEARS are mounting over a march through Weymouth by the right-wing English Defence League protesting at Islamic extremism. [The genuine ‘fears’ of Muslims? They have nothing to be fearful of. The last four demos by the EDL have resulted in zero arrests. That was broken by the Blackburn demo recently because various Nazis and racists tried to convert EDL to their cause or even to their own political groups. That’s what the Blackburn fighting was about; despite what the Left and that supremely intelligent and funny comedian, Howard, had to say when he said it was ‘EDL fighting each other’.

However, these fears are being stoked up by the Trotskyists of the UAF/SWP. Being revolutionaries, when it’s bad, it’s good. Or, when it bad for everyone else, it’s good for them. Thus the fear of Muslims, which they consciously and strategically stoke up and then play on, as well as riots in London, violent counter-demos, Muslim riots, etc., all work wonders for the Trotskyist cause. What is that cause? The Beatific Revolution which will somehow arise from mass violence, riot and bloodshed. Ha! Ha! Madness itself.]

The newly-formed Weymouth branch of the group organised the march following a TV programme that showed Islamic extremists on the streets of the town. [Islamists and militant Muslims are now on the streets of every town and city in which there are large - and sometimes even small - populations of Muslims. This begs the question: Is militant Islam or Islamism really at odds with ‘traditional’ or ‘moderate’ Islam? Not if you know your Islamic history. Sure, there have been periods of calm and even of periods of tolerance. But there have also been many more times of chaos, violence, intolerance and jihad. Indeed those periods of calm and tolerance were in spite of Islam/the Koran, not because of it.

Islam even began with that violent ‘take’ on Islam - Mohamed’s very own stance on his own religion in which jihad, forced conversion, warfare, ‘booty’ (slavery, prostitutes, sexual gang rape,etc) were not only part of Islam, but necessary for Islam and its spread/survival.]

They will be undertaking the protest in Weymouth on Saturday, April 30 at 1pm to protest the ‘entrapment of the youth of Weymouth by extremist Muslims.’ A counter march by opponents of the English Defence League (EDL) will take place at the same time. [So these ‘opponents’ want Weymouth youth to be entrapped by extremist Muslims? Is that what the UAF/SWP really wants? If not, then why are they protesting against people who don’t want such entrapments to happen in Weymouth?

Or will these entrapped youths also work wonders for the Trot revolution, which is what the UAF/SWP really wants?

Muslims should realise that they are being used by the SWP/UAF for their own revolution, not for Islam or Sharia. In fact, I believe that most Muslims, especially the Islamists, already know this about the UAF/SWP and are happy with it. Why? Because they too are using the SWP/UAF! The thing is, as history has shown, the Islamists/Muslims will win in the end. The Trots and Commies always loose.]

The group, which was formed after the showing of the programme ‘My Brother the Islamist’, now has more than 330 members and has said it will be a peaceful protest.

The programme followed film-maker Robb Leech, originally from Weymouth, as he documented his step-brother Richard Dart’s sudden change to an extreme Islamist called Salahuddin with minority group Muslims Against Crusaders. In one scene he and a group based in London visited Weymouth and preached in the town centre. [Just as they do in Luton...and Birmingham... and London... and Bradford... and Blackburn...and Bolton...]

The counter march will be headed by the Labour Party. [The very same party which attempted to ‘swamp’ the white working class and make it less ‘hideously white’ (which they haven’t done to the posh parts of Islington, etc. where the New Labour high-flyers live and where regional MPs go when they become part of the Labour Cabinet, etc.)]

The group said that it is a non-political peaceful protest and anyone from any party opposed to the EDL in Weymouth would be welcome. [Revolutionary Trots and Commies, as well as Islamists, will be especially welcome to join Labour’s 'broad church’ of extremists. That is, any extremist can join as long as they’re not white and ‘right wing’.]

Richard Baker from the group said: “We plan to peacefully oppose the presence of the EDL in Weymouth and I encourage councillors, candidates, MPs of all political parties, and the general public to join us; divided not by party, but united by a common humanity and compassion. [You should teach your Islamist, Muslim and Leftist friends about ‘humanity and compassion‘. It is they who have built the gulags and who stone women to death. It is they who want violent revolutions or Sharia law. It is they who want jihad and totalitarian Islamic/Communist/Trotskyist states.]

“We want to make it clear that the community of Weymouth and Portland does not share the narrow and prejudiced views of the EDL.” [No one is as prejudiced as a Leftist and an Islamist. Even 'conservative’ or 'traditional’ Muslims are very prejudiced. And New Labourites are pretty politically strait-jacketed too - either that or they tow the party line simply for career reasons.]

Weymouth and Portland Borough Council spokesman for Community Safety Ian James said that people should not be worried by the marches. [But the SWP/UAF, and even New Labour politicians, will do the best to spread fear amongst not only Muslims, but also everyone else. And they will do precisely that because such a 'climate of fear' will be conducive to the banning of the EDL; which is the real battle plan behind all this pontificating about ‘freedom and compassion’.

The twin result of an EDL ban would of course be complete free reign for the Muslim community, an increase and proliferation of Sharia law, an increase of Islamism, the continuation of the untouchable status of those Muslim youths carrying out the Drugs Jihad and the Grooming Jihad, and all the other things which will help to destroy the ‘hideously white’ working class of Weymouth and everywhere else in England.]

He said: “I’m disappointed the EDL feel it necessary to hold a protest march in Weymouth based on one TV programme, we’re not harbouring millions of terrorists here for goodness sake.” [That is just plain pathetic! It’s not even a classic New Labour soundbite. As if the entire reason for the EDL’s existence, and the massive counter-jihad movement in Europe and the US, is based upon one TV programme. I doubt that there is even a single EDL member who was converted to the counter-jihad cause by this single TV programme.

As for ‘millions of terrorists’in Weymouth. It only takes one Islamoterrorist to kill on a massive scale. It only took 19 terrorists to carry out 9/11. What the hell is this imbecilic politician going on about? I doubt that he even believes his own words.]

He added: “Hopefully it will be a very small turn-out and hopefully people will ignore them.” [Is that what he’s really frightened of - the EDL not being ‘ignored’? If the EDL is so extreme, so 'Islamophobic' and irrational, so 'fascist' and 'racist', etc., then why is he so damned afraid of the people of Weymouth hearing what we have to say? Doesn’t he trust his own people? Well, like most politicians and councillors, he probably doesn’t trust the people of Weymouth or even the people who vote for him. After all, it is his job to do politics for them. When voters achieve any kind of intellectual and political independence, these politicians and councillors hate it and that’s why they are extremely frightened of any positive responses to the EDL. That’s why this man is hoping that people will ‘ignore’ the EDL. They won’t. And this is becoming clearer and clearer as time progresses. So much so that even mainstream politicians and leaders, such as Cameron today, have started to tune into not necessary the words of the EDL, but the words of concerned Brits generally - whom the EDL aims to represent and whom New Labourites or councillors like this man despise.] ......

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