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Sunday, 3 April 2011

Video of the speeches at the Blackburn demo - plus the infiltrators

This is a long video of the EDL demo in Blackburn - 2nd April 2011. More correctly, it misses out the march and focuses on the speeches. It starts with Tommy Robinson talking about what can only be called the Roads Jihad in Blackburn, which goes along the Grooming (Islamic 'booty') Jihad, the Drugs Jihad, and the Islamist (Political) Jihad. (All that's forgetting Islamoterrorism itself.) What's gone on in Blackburn has been a disgrace. Or, rather, the lack of police action on the Roads Jihad has been a disgrace. Lots of Blackburnians (non-Muslim, of course) have lost their lives to Muslim men driving around in un-licensed cars and killing people – only to drive off. Then there are the victims of Muslim gangs... As Tommy says: '' We don't want justice. We demand justice!'

Tommy goes on to thank and remember our troops who are also fighting Islamic killers and terrorists in Afghanistan. Yet despite the fact that many Muslims kill en masse every single day, Tommy points out that they still have the nerve to call us, the English, 'lost sheep'. Is that because we don't kill for our religion? Does that make us 'lost sheep' to many Muslims? I'd rather be a lost sheep than a killer of innocent civilians.

During the speech, at some point, Tommy gets heckled by Combat 18 or whoever the infiltrators and demo-ruiners were that day. They must have shouted something about Guramit Singh because Tommy responds by saying that Guramit 'has done more to bring down racial barriers' - than any Leftist and certainly more than any Muslim. Yet these racist demo-jackers won't care about Guramit's patriotic and barrier-breaking credentials. They wanted a scrap in order to show us how big their cocks are. And the political disputes, the accusations of corruption in the EDL, etc., were just the rationalisations they needed to show us how truly hard they are.

Guramit Singh himself speaks after Tommy. Then there's a musical interlude from Anglo Saxon in which he plays some EDL anthems. Then an Australian Blackburnian speaks again about the Roads Jihad in Blackburn.

Finally, Kevin Carroll does his bit. He too gets some lip from the infiltrating hard men from Combat 18. Apparently, he's done some corruption too, or did he hit someone's bird? If you want the answers to all these questions, go to the Internet's Conspiracy Corner website where you will find members of the extreme left and extreme right concocting stories about the EDL and, of course, the Zionist Lobby or Cabal or Conspiracy. (Good anarchists always said that on important matters the Trots are indistinguishable from the Nazis. And now the Trots and Nazis share air fair to Palestine to meet Pacifist Victims from Hamas and other Palestinians groups. So things are even more cosy between the two extremes which meet at the edges.]

*) I've had messages from people saying that the trouble wasn't caused by North West Alliance or Combat 18. That's fair enough. But none of these people have said who was responsible.

I have said on this post and others that I didn't know who the culprits were. However, this is what many EDL said on the day and what I've read after. If anyone does not who the hard men were, let me know and I will add it to the relevant posts.

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