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Saturday, 2 April 2011

Those who tried to ruin the Blackburn EDL demo should join the red or Islamic fascists

Whatever the problem the renegades had with the EDL, it should have been sorted out before the demo. Unless, of course, they wanted to kick off at the demo to show the EDL who they are and what they want. Yeh! They showed the media who they are OK. A bunch of dickheads who pretend the dispute with the EDL is all about politics when really it's about the fact that they aren't at the top in the EDL. Along with that is the fact that these people are mainly ex-National Front types, BNP and other racists/Nazis . Which is fair enough; but the EDL ain't racist or fascist.

How can a freaking English patriot admire Hitler and the Nazis or parade under a swastika? That's like saying that a pacifist likes investing in the arms industry. These Nazis are not part of a 'broad church' or 'family' which also includes the EDL. The Nazis are closer to the red-fascist UAF/SWP and the Islamofascists (Islamists). That's why the far right and far left actually visit Palestine together so they can slag the Jews off and have meetings with Hamas. The far left and far right, along with the Islamists, are all meeting on common ground.

In another way, what happened could be seen as good publicity for the EDL. After all, the media was there, along with the police; and it was plain for all to see that the EDL wouldn't tolerate racists and fascists and that it will deal with them accordingly. All this along with Tommy's fierce diatribes against the scum who want to ruin the EDL because they haven't got positions of power within it and thus want their own little bit of control. Either that or the EDL is not 'doing enough'. That is, not fighting 'the Pakis', as they call Muslims. So they have conveniently concocted stories of leadership corruption and, low and behold, Guramit Singh, being a Sikh and brown-skinned, just happens to be accused of grassing or corruption or whatever it is. (All found on the Internet's Conspiracy Theory Corner, along with stuff about Zionists, the 'neo-cons', etc.) Of course it's got nothing to do with the fact that they think he's a 'Paki' and therefore he can't be a real patriot because of the pigment of his skin disallows it. Coming from people who worship the German Nazis that's pretty hypocritical. They admire the cunts who tried to destroy the British people!

However, despite the good or bad publicity, this should have been sorted out before the demo. Then again, how would the EDL have stopped these fools from coming to the demo? At least now more EDL know their faces and know who they are.

The Demo Itself

So it's a shame that I've only just got to writing about the demo. It was a good turnout no matter. Some EDL, because of recent events and the stirrings within, along with some general winging, were expecting a very low turnout. But I reckon there were about two thousand - but maths was never my hot spot. Still, it was good natured. But it's a shame that the town was closed down to stop locals seeing the EDL support they've got behind them. Also, the actual march was too short.

Still we had some good speeches from Tommy, Guramit and Kev, as well as from a local Blackburnian talking about the Muslims who have killed many non-Muslims in what can only be taken to be some kind of Road Jihad in Blackburn. I personally didn't know about all this. The number of deaths there have been at the hands of Muslims without licenses or from Muslim gangs is disturbing. I thought I had heard it all about UK Muslims before today.

Kev too, during his speech, got a taster of splinter-group shit and he responded by destroying their fake politics and the hard-man image. If these fuckers love fighting so much, why don't they do it dark alleys away from the police or in Muslim ghettos and without any backup? Why not without a drink too? Why? Because it's all drunken mouthiness. Nothing more. The politics just makes the hard-man image look a little bit different from what it actually is. I'm not against a scrap, on the terraces or anywhere (as long as women and civilians are not involved), but I am against anything, including violence, which gets in the way of the EDL and its non-violent mission to hold back - and eventually destroy - English Islamism.

These splinter-groups and complainers are doing the Islamists and Muslims a big favour. Still, it's having a ten-minute scrap in front of loads of police which really matters to these short-termist shitheads.


I've had messages from EDL who've told me that neither North West Infidelss nor Combat 18 caused the trouble on Saturday. That's fair enough. But none of these people have said who was responsible.

I have said on this post and others that I didn't know who the culprits were. However, this is what many EDL said on the day and what I've read after. If anyone does not who the hard men were, let me know and I will add it to the relevant >


  1. It looked to be a good turnout. Well done on sorting out these trouble-makers. To help lighten the mood, take a look at this absurd photograph from the UAF counterdemonstration. Priceless!