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Friday, 22 April 2011

This man's a football hooligan. So don't support the EDL.

[Top: Leeds Service Crew; who work on the Leeds ferry. Right: the Trot hooligan, Martin Smith. Member of the SWP - in case the BBC's interested]


EDL Extra commnet on the BBC News London news item, 'EDL member jailed for Liverpool Street football brawl', 20th April, 2011.
Why the hell has the BBC (as well as many others) mentioned the fact that this football hooligan, Joel Titus, is a member of the EDL?

Do they ever mention the fact that all UAF leaders are SWP? Do they mention the fact that many criminals are Muslim? (In the many cases when they should do. For example, in the grooming and drug-pushing examples, their religion is relevant. But not as relevant to the BBC, and many other journalists, as this man being a member of the EDL.)

Do they mention that many BBC journalists support the SWP, the Communist Party or other far-left groups? Do they ever mention any criminal's political affiliations (unless they are directly related to the crime)? Would they say that Mr X, a serial killer, is a member of the Labour Party or the Conservative Party?

Every report of Joel Titus has mentioned his membership of the EDL. That is sometimes a case of lazy - therefore parasitic - journalism. However, a lot of it is pure unsophisticated bias against the EDL.

So why is the BBC doing it here? Simple. To make a political point and to score a political point. That point being: See! All EDL are football hooligans. Don't support them!'
An English Defence League (EDL) member has been jailed for nine months after taking part in a pre-arranged brawl between football supporters in London.

Joel Titus, 19, took part in the "pitched battle" between supporters of Brentford and Leyton Orient outside Liverpool Street station in May 2010.

Titus, of Pinner, north-west London, and five other men admitted affray....


  1. In the coming civil war/revolution, all this nonsense will be irrelevant. The tables will be turned and the scum get their comeuppance. not long now...

  2. the tune of, "We're coming...!":