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Sunday, 10 April 2011

Russell Howard, the very clever comedian, slags off the ‘thick’ EDL

There’s an epidemic spreading through Twitter Land at the moment. It’s being spread by loads of Leftist students, Leftist ex-students and, possibly - though not likely - by some non-Leftists. That epidemic is a profound political analysis of the EDL and what the movement stands for.

This is it: the EDL are thick.

That’s it! Nothing more. No analysis of Islamism, militant Muslims, the swamping of the English through immigration because it is ‘hideously white’ (according to one Guardian journalist).

Now, even if the EDL is wrong on these things (or wrong on all things), don’t these issues deserve at least a small mention by this comedian?

This turd is so brave that he dare slag off the white working class. But to do the same to any aspect of Islam or any behaviour of any Muslim - he’d shit his little pants!

The other side of these acute political analysis of the EDL - as wll as of the student Twittering rage against the EDL - is:

If the EDL is thick [or they simply say the EDL is thick], then, by definition, all these Twitterers, as well as Russell Howard himself, must be supremely intelligent.

You see; that’s all it takes. Slag of the ‘thick’ EDL and you automatically become a political sophisticate with a deep take on all political issues.

But this is nothing but typical Leftist (student) contrarianism. That is: My politics is deep and sophisticated because it’s different from all those ‘people on the estates’and all the ‘lads in the pub’. In other words. I’m a Leftist sophisticate because I’m not like the EDL, the people on the estates and the ‘yobs in the pubs’. Full stop. That’s all it takes for these student and ex-students. That’s all it takes because they damn well never offer any real analysis of the EDL and what it stands for!

I wouldn’t have bothered commenting on this deeply unfunny turd if what he says on the video wasn’t also matched on the Left generally - away from comedy. Searchlight, Socialist Worker, as well as the Guardian, also base all their ‘analyses’ of the EDL on a handful of things: the EDL are all ‘pretty thick’; we are all ‘football hooligans’; and we’re all ‘resentful’ and pissed off because we haven’t got jobs and the ‘economic crisis’ has really annoyed us. Deep!

That’s not really much better than Russell Howard, is it? Why? Because these esteemed Leftist journals and rags don’t ever mention Islam, militant Muslims, Muslim self-ghettoisation, Muslim grooming, Muslim drug pushing, etc. either! (Even Spiked recently fell into the same trap by not mentioning anything that the EDL is actually against or even what it stands for.)

The Attempt at Comedy Itself

As for the audience. They were either paid to laugh or they were laughing at every single thing this non-entity said simply because they were already his loyal fans. I suppose this happens with all well-known comedy acts. But on this video the audience embarrassed itself by laughing at everything he said. If he had lifted up his right leg... just a little bit... they would have laughed at that too!

So just as he taps into the Twitter fashion for calling the EDL ‘thick’; so he also uses the now- famous Muslamic Ray Guns video to prove that point - just as all the Tweeters are doing right now! Oh, by the way! Apart from the fact that the EDL guy in the video is clearly drunk, very young, and maybe even a little nervous, what’s funny about a Northern accent? It's a Northern accent, Howard, you know, people Up ‘t’ North speak that way. They don’t speak in the way they do in Leamington Spa or at university - unless they are students or middle class. So stop being such a racist and snob against Northerners and the white working class... But that’s OK nowadays, isn’t it?

Then he shows a clip of Tommy Robinson and I genuinely couldn’t see what the joke was. What was funny about the Tommy Robinson clip? I’m not forcing myself not to find it funny because he’s the leader of the EDL. Unless.. unless the funny part of it was Tommy's being working class and speaking in a working class Luton accent! So that’s what’s funny about it! Outrageous!

You Leftist haters of the EDL should get together with Daily Mail readers because they hate the white working class too. Oh. I forgot, Leftists are supposed to hate the Daily Mail and its readership. You seen, the theory is that the Daily Mail hates the white working class from its right-wing and ‘snobby’ perspective; whereas Howard, all those student Twitterers, UAF/SWP, etc. hate the white working class from a Leftist perspective. And they aren't snobby with it - at least not in the Hyacinth Bouquet way. Yes they are!

The Left, especially the Trot Left, is terribly and notoriously snobby about the white working class. That’s why they wanted to fundamentally turn it into a revolutionary class which thought differently, acted differently, dressed differently, and even had different social lives. And when the working class refused, point blank, to be the sacrificial fodder for a middle-class Trot revolution, then, as we all now know, they suddenly turned their attention to Muslims! (But they too will fuck them off in time. However, as in Iran, Pakistan, Egypt, Algeria, etc..)

On matters of detail.

The EDL didn’t go to Blackburn to ‘fight anti-fascists’, as Howard hilariously put it. In fact many ‘anti-fascist’ red fascists went to Blackburn to fight the EDL. But that can only be politically legitimised by calling us ‘racists’ and/or ‘fascists’.

Also, the EDL didn’t ‘fight amongst themselves’ because of this lack of competition. The EDL actually had to fight off a group of Nazis and racists. That’s what actually happened. You’d think that Russell Howard would be happy about that. No. Only middle-class students and student leaders, as well as Trots and hip comedians, are allowed to fight racists and fascists - and they do it for the working class. The ‘thick’ working class can never be trusted to do this for themselves, can they?


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  3. EDL are thick? Nah, you're just a bunch of retarded illiterates.. Now go away or I'll shoot you with my muslamic ray guns..

  4. All he knows is the shit he sees on TV,Not the real story behind it,its quite obvious he doesnt know what hes talking about,and he never will,A good slap in the jaw will make him think twice next time,or atleast get his facts right,

  5. He was obviously bullied at school the lefty cock-eyed cunt.

  6. he is just a sad human being, sucking up to muslims i wonder will this idiot get away with it when England is a islamic state i dont think so he be beheaded.and while they are cutting his head of he be wishing he supported the EDL like the rest of these cunt who think this will never happen.but it will unless we take the law into our own hands and do something to stop islam

  7. This lefty Marxist ass-kissing weasel really is the arse-end of liberal bias! He has a go at the EDL because its easy to knock the white British for defending their values and stopping Muslim grooming perverts! Typical liberal double standards from the BBC and this cock eyed scumbag! Id like to see him say the same about Islamist! They would cut his pussyhole head off(rightfully for once!).Definatly agree he must of been bullied at school the cock eyed fag! A traitor to British people on every level somebody gut this beta boss eyed cunt pronto!

  8. This is the dumbest page on the whole internet...

  9. Right no need for all of that was there (especially these "I think I'm so hard that I can say shit about russell" comments) because no one else cares if Russell thinks the EDL are thick, cause then let him think that its his opinion... No need to put this up

    1. Eh? Sorry I don't understand any of that.

    2. surprise surprise

    3. That cuckold faggot Howard wouldnt say it to their faces that's for sure lol!

  10. I would dearly love to now of RH's experience of the ethnic minorities? Where does he live and who are his neighbours?

    That cunt is now worth about 4 million, courtesy of lucractive TV contracts and the publicity that these generate for his 'comedic' tours. They are often described as 'SOLD OUT' - He has sold out that's for sure!

    You would think with all that money he would get his muskrat teeth sorted, i tell you what - i'll sort 'em out.......for free.

    'Alternative Comedy' - yes, an alternative TO comedy!

    Laurie -

    p.s. - Message to Russ, fuck off and die there's a good lad.

    1. way to help bring people to your cause, by answering like you have you only help increase the "yob in the pub" stereotype that the edl has earned...

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