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Monday, 11 April 2011

Let’s hope the EDL never ends up like this... the defrocking of Chris Bambery from the SWP

[Left: an SWP-controlled and -run demo; just like Chris Bambery liked it. See also the image of Ayatollah Khomeni (who killed Leftists like Bambi after the 1979 'revolution'), who is also mentioned later in this post. Top: Bambi himself. He looks like a Trot. The goatee beard and the cropped hair all trying to disguise a posh boy and ex-student leader of current SWP students.]

The LUNA 17 blog

I am very sorry to announce that Chris Bambery, or ‘Bambi’ as he is known to all those who know him, has resigned (or perhaps he was pushed) from the ‘CC’of the SWP.

I’m sure that most members of the EDL will be deeply saddened by this news.

Me and a few other EDL infiltrated a demo and the later get together of various Leftists, trades union leaders and wannabe student revolutionaries in Birmingham about a year back. Chris Bambery gave a speech there - or, rather, a stream-of-consciousness rant that lasted nearly fifteen minutes (almost as long as Lindsey German’s James Joyce imitations). The arse didn’t even come up for air.

As for light relief. ‘There is no humour in that which is serious.’ This is what the late Ayatollah Khomeni (see image above) said of Islam - but it can also be said about po-faced Trotskyism.

Bambi was also big on Northern Ireland. At least he was when its ‘Troubles’ greatly interested the SWP - as all troubles do. He was probably the main formulator of that meaningless or self-contradictory SWP mantra about its position on the IRA: ‘Unconditional but critical support.’ Yeh!? If your support was unconditional, then what was the point of it being critical? Or am I missing some profound and abstruse Trotskyist logic in that ridiculous formulation?


EDL Extra comments on Chris Bambery’s (now former SWP) resignation letter, as posted in the blog, Luna 17, 11th April, 2011. (Comments are in red.)

Chris Bambery was - until yesterday - a leading member of the Socialist Workers Party for almost a quarter of a century.

The letter below has been forwarded to me by a contact.

It is by Chris Bambery, addressed to current SWP national secretary Charlie Kimber, for the attention of SWP members.


Letter to CC and SWP April Dear Charlie, After 32 years membership of the Socialist Workers Party [32 years of indoctrination and self-indoctrination! Jesus Christ! No wonder SWP leaders come across as automatons or RoboTrots], during which I was National Secretary for 17 of them and editor of the Socialist Worker for five, I am resigning forthwith both from the Central Committee and the Socialist Workers Party. [What has always astonished me is how the SWP still uses the term ‘Central Committee’ without deep embarrassment at its centralist and Stalinist implications. Still, the ‘Trotskyist’ SWP was always Stalinist in organisation, if not in rhetoric.]

The relentless factionalism in the organisation [Yes, which has always gone on. The difference, this time, at least for Bambi, is that he’s got the worst of it for the first time. Factionalism is the very essence of Trot or far-leftist politics.], driven by the leading group on the CC, shows no sign of ceasing and is doing enormous damage to the party . It is a cancer eating away at its heart. [Again, since ‘factionalism’ is always happening in the SWP, and has always occurred, all this can mean is that it was either the wrong kind of factionalism for Chris Bambery, or he, for the first time, was a victim rather than an initiator of it.]

At the special CC held on Friday 8 April I was told by Martin Smith I played a 'filthy' and 'disgraceful' role in the party, a 'foul role in Scotland' and despite the CC 'fighting hard' to integrate me I had 'spent the last year and a half organising against the CC.' [We all know what a nasty and violent piece of work Martin Smith is - even those on the outside of the SWP. Just look at the facial contortions of this man, as well as the foaming mouth, when he gives a speech. This man wants to kill en masse and he he knows that the best way to do it, for him at least, would be in a violent Trot/Islamist revolution. His victims would be multitudinous - the EDL, the BNP, anyone on the ‘far right’... anyone on the right for that matter, Zionists, neo-cons, neo-liberals, Zionists, the right wing of the Conservative Party... every wing of the Conservative Party for that matter, Zionists, liberals, Zionists, but, last but certainly not least, rival far-leftists parties and individuals such as, well, Chris Bambery. Oh. As well as Zionists.

It has even been said that he has used physical violence against fellow SWP members as well - including Chris Bambery? For example, a couple of stories include him punching a fellow Trot - for misinterpreting a sentence in an obscure early book by Trotsky, perhaps?]

Such accusations were repeated by Martin's supporters and were not refuted by yourself as National Secretary. While not recognising the reality of such slanders, I pointed out if you believed them immediate action would be required against any CC member believed to be involved in such behaviour. None followed. [Boring internal Trot politics! Who gives a shit?]

It is simply untenable to sit round a table or work with people who believe, and are spreading, such slanders. [Handbags, full of books by Trotsky, at dawn!] These slanders [What an old-fashioned political word, 'slanders’ - used by Communists in the ancient past, I believe.] are not just aimed at me but those who have worked closely with me in building the party and wider initiatives, particularly so in Scotland which I've held responsibility for since 1988 until I was asked to step aside this year to help prevent 'factionalism'. This step was criticised at a Scottish steering committee by some members who argued my role in the significant development of the Scottish districts, particularly amongst younger members, had been important. They too have been subject to similar slanders. The party has been afflicted by factionalism for four years and grips the leading group on the CC who seem addicted to it. [‘Four years’ of SWP factionalism? Not quite. Since the very beginnings of the SWP in the 1950s. The troubles over Respect, the sacking of John Rees, Lindsey German, etc. all occurred before four years ago, especially in the case of the Respect Problem, which dates back to the early 2000s. He’s clearly on about the Bambery Problem and SWP factionalism that has specifically affected him badly, as this has.]

It has damaged our united front work in all the campaigns - Right to Work most obviously but in all others. Stop the War is now treated with derision by leading CC members. [Now, is all this generated by doctrinal differences or by different groups vying for power (which will of course require their own political/ideological rationales or justifications)? This is the far left we are talking about. So it will be primarily about clashing egos, such as Martin Smiff’s ego clashing with Bambi’s, as well as clashing power-groups trying to get the main prize - the stupidly but truthfully entitled ‘Central Committee’.]

In recent weeks there has been no lead or drive from the CC in turning the party towards building the growing anti-cuts movement. [The SWP has always tried to ‘build’ this or that ‘movement’ - the ‘anti-fascist movement’, the ‘anti-EDL movement’, the ‘anti-pasti movement’, etc. What that means, in non-SWP English is: trying to control and takeover movements which were not initially ruled or controlled by SWP - the ‘non-revolutionary movements’, that is.]

The current article in Socialist Review and the post 26th party notes on the way forward after 26 March both have virtually nothing to say on anti cuts campaigns. Martin Smith has attempted to blame me personally for the weaknesses of Right to Work despite the internal arguments which have held it back from its inception and which have brought it near to derailment. [Martin Smith - don’t you just love this political and violent train-spotter?] While all of us wanted to see the party grow the stress on party building has increasingly meant 'intervening' from the outside rather than recruiting whilst working alongside those who are building the movement. [‘Intervening from the outside’ is what the SWP has always done. Chris Bambery simply means that it wasn’t him on the ‘outside’ any more.]

Since Friday's CC I have been made aware that a major factional attack was being once more orchestrated against myself. [Oh! Diddums!] The SWP prided itself on being free from factionalism and on its record in helping initiating and building [controlling] strong and genuine united fronts [i.e., run and controlled by the SWP]. That has been damaged.

I was one of the only two remaining CC members who had worked with Tony Cliff in a leadership role. [A true disciple of the holy Tony Cliff. Who himself once touched the left bollock of Lenin and the browned anus of Trotsky.] Having worked closely with him on a daily basis for many years with [as a true disciple], I believe the CC's current approach goes against everything he stood for. [Against the words of the Master.] His analysis [interpretation] of Lenin's ideas [sacred texts] laid great emphasis on taking a firm grip on the 'key link in the chain'. [This is a euphemism for gaining more control of the ‘workers’ and of workers’ movements. And that control-freakery is mirrored in the internal structure of the SWP itself - hence its Central Committee.]

Its been clear for some time that the question of austerity [‘austerity’? Is like like the Palestinian ‘holocaust’ and the Turkish Peace Flotilla ‘genocide’?] would dominate the political scene, yet we've failed to position ourselves at the heart [i.e., to control, run and rule] of the anti-cuts movement and our influence is not what it could of been.

This is not the place to go into detail about the party's recent history, but Right To Work was initiated in bizarre circumstances (I learned the news from Party Notes) and the CC as a whole has never applied systematic pressure to push the formal position through the party.

For all of my 32 years as a member [of the Faith] I have given everything into building this party [religious movement], even making serious financial sacrifices including loaning considerable sums of money during the financial crisis which has affected the party in recent years, money I am still owed. [Considering that most SWP ‘CC’ have been rich ex-public school posh boys and girls, Bambi probably had loads of cash to spare. So he should stop being so fucking ‘petit bourgeois’.]

A revolutionary party is an instrument for making a revolution [of controlling, running and ruling a revolution]. If it is blunted or broken another must be built. I maintain the firm conviction that a party rooted in working class struggle [the SWP control of that ‘struggle’] that fights constantly for Marxist ideas whilst building unity on the basis of action [mainly violent action, which is actually preferred by the SWP] is essential for the battle for socialism. For that reason, to take this road is not an easy decision, but it is one I have been forced to take. [The man has been defrocked from the SWP. Ha! Ha! Now the working class doesn’t have to look over its shoulder to see if Bambi is trying to control and rule it.]

Yours sincerely,

Chris Bambery.

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  1. "This is not the place to go into detail about the party's recent history".Hahahahahaha!
    What was all that regurgitated puke then?

    Why do they keep on about the working class? They hate anyone who is not an islamist or an anti-semite. None of them have actually met a working or working class person.