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Monday, 11 April 2011

Lest We Forget

Henryk Górecki was a Catholic Polish composer (he died last year). This is a movement from his Third Symphony - 'Symphony of Sorrowful Songs'.

Images From the Islamic/Muslim World


Let’s get to the lack of logic which is frequently displayed in Islamic or Muslim anti-Semitism.

On the one hand, many Muslims say that ‘the Holocaust never happened’ or that it has been ‘grossly exaggerated and emphasised for Zionist ends’.

On the other hand, many Muslims say that ‘Hitler did a good thing’ and even that ‘he should have finished the job’.

What’s worse than this is that many Muslims, sometimes the same ones, say both these things, and sometimes even in the same articles on in the same news pieces.

Similarly, on the one hand many Muslims, specifically in Palestine, are continuously comparing the Israelis/Zionists to Nazis and to Hitler and their own condition to that of the Jews during the Holocaust. On the other hand, many Muslims, especially Arab Muslims, have had a long-standing and deep love affair with Hitler and the Nazis which goes back to the 1930s and the Mufti of Jerusalem’s very close friendship with Hitler and other leading Nazis. Hitler’s Mein Kampf is still a best-seller in many Arab Muslim countries, as well as in many non-Arab Muslim countries.

Again, what’s worse than that hypocrisy, or plain self-contradiction, is that many Muslims say both these things, sometimes in the same articles or news items.

You see, that hypocrisy and self-contradiction doesn’t matter to these many Muslims. What matters is winning, politically and religiously. What matters is annihilating Israel. What matters is exterminating the six million or so Jews of Israel and, as with Hezbollah, Jews everywhere else in the world as well.

In addition, what also matters is the advancement of the Abode of Islam. If lies, self-contradictions, etc. achieve that end, then saying that ‘the Holocaust didn’t happen’ in one breath, and then that ‘Hitler should have finished the job’ in the next, then so be it! Similarly, saying that the ‘Israelis are Nazis’ in one breath (which works so well on non-Muslim Leftists in Europe and the US - for obvious reasons), and then going out to buy Hitler’s Mein Kampf, then so be it.

It’s a shame that Europe's and America’s Leftists and liberals don’t realise that they’re being had, big time, by so many Muslims - not just on Israel and the Jews. Why don’t they realise that they are the victims of massive and historic Islamic taqiyya? Perhaps their Leftist or liberal beliefs will not allow them to accept, or even to contemplate, such a thing.

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