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Thursday, 21 April 2011

The EDL stirs up religious hatred - that old chestnut!

We hear a lot - a hell of a lot! - about the EDL 'stirring up religious hatred’. Let’s think about this for a moment. The EDL demonstrates against ‘Islamic extremism’. A very common and important aspect of Islamic extremism is religious hatred.

Take the British Muslim bombers. We should say that what probably drove them (far more than the 'treatment of Palestinians', etc.) was religious hatred – the religious hatred of all non-Islamic religions.

Imams and religious leaders, as well as leaders of the Muslim Council of Mosques and the Muslim Association of Britain, can often be found spouting their dislike of other religions (hatred in the case of Judaism) and secular culture. Of course, they won’t say this in the press or on Question Time. But an hour or two reading their websites, publications, etc. will show you that this is indeed the case.

The councillors for ‘community relations’ may want to sanitise these facts or even hide them from us (perhaps they hide from them), but feeling all nice, fluffy and piously tolerant about all aspects of all cultures and religions (almost exclusively Islam and never the white working class) will not do much for community relations (though it may well help lengthen certain careers in this area).

So what about Unite Against Fascism protestors? Let’s be specific about this. It has been Martin Smith, leader of UAF, who has been more responsible than any other single person for the troubles at EDL demos. I have personally seen him inciting the Asian Muslims behind his non-Muslim ‘vanguard’. Incidentally, Martin Smith can be seen in various photos doing this. In one he can be seen approaching an English Defence League protester for an informed discussion, not.


  1. i dont see the edl trying to force anyone else to change their laws or religion. i see people trying to save their culture in their own homeland.

  2. The EDL simply oppose the islamic radicalisation of England and also support other nations in their attempt nullify the said. islam is NOT a religion nor is it a faith that promotes 'peace'. islam is simply a political ideology that must be adhered to or death would be the result. The politicians know this, yet are too weak minded to admit this in case it upsets the islamic leaders in the middle east who have constantly threatened the West that if there is any persecution towards muslims in Western lands then OIL trade would cease as a punishment. That is FACT!

    The EDL do NOT prevent anyone from following their beliefs, yet if a belief based on a political ideology is forced down our throats along with threats of terror then WE will respond to that. Were is the crime? Is it the EDL who are a danger to the society/world?.. or is it islam in all it's forms along with the politicians who are too weak to speak out on behalf of the English people! The latter is the answer! E E EDL.. NO SURRENDER

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  4. Made in England is absolutely correct, The EDL is not the enemy nor are any of the other defence leagues that have begun around the globe.

    The enemy is as he states and so are the politicians who Kowtow to this so-called religion.

    We must hang together or assuredly we will hang separately - Benjamin Franklin (1776 at the signing of the Declaration of Independence)


    Admin 2 Australian Patriots Defence Movement

  5. Happy Saint George's Day: