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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

The EDL says 'No' to Nazis and Nazism

The leader of the EDL, Tommy Robinson, once issued an ‘Anti-Nazi Statement’.

What I have never understood is why a British patriot would be so into German Nazism, and the way the Nazis did things, in the first place. The British have their own ways of doing things. The German National Socialists, who were of a specific historical period (1921-1945), had their own very German way of doing things. What’s British about German National Socialism? Why do British Nazis want to mimic German Nazis? This is like Pakistani Muslim youths in Keighley and Bradford parroting Bronx blacks.

Another question: Why the hell would a genuine Nazi want to be part of the EDL? Nazi infiltrators of the EDL are either very thick or they exaggerate their own ability to convince British people to take up a Continental totalitarian ideology.

You only need to spend five minutes or so on the EDL website and FaceBooks pages to realise this is not the place for fascists. If you want a place for fascists, red ones, join Unite Against Fascism’s forum (if they’ve got one).

Of course a few retarded Nazis may tumble into the EDL and even take part in EDL demos. But the EDL is not as hierarchically organised and centralised as the Socialist Workers Party and Unite Against Fascism. So these things are bound to happen. (You can’t join the SWP if you misquote a single word of the Party Line. You will be up in front of the Central Committee. They will pull your pants down and give you a good whacking. The EDL is more grass roots than that. More easygoing. More British and less Continental.)

So if a few Nazis are surreptitiously trying to recruit EDL members, the only members they will recruit will be retards or those under the age of ten. The British hate Nazism and there is no British version of Nazism (or of any kind of totalitarianism). That’s why Britain is great. We simply don’t go in for any of that Continental 20th-century stuff. That’s history. And it isn’t even our history anyway!

As for the ‘white supremacists’. Racism was a pseudo-science of the 19th and early 20th century. Now it is more or less a dead pseudo-science.

The EDL is a culturalist organisation. It is not racist. It believes that British culture is superior to Islamic culture. It believes that much of Islam is despicable. Blood (or genes), in the literal sense, accounts for very little vis-à-vis distinct races. Culture accounts for just about everything.

The EDL does not swallow the Continental relativism and post-modernism which say that ‘all cultures are equal’. In any case, the relativists don’t really believe that anyway. Edward Said and George Galloway, for example, believed and believe that Arabic/Muslims cultures are superior to ‘the West’. Isn’t that a non-relativist judgement?

So Tommy Robinson was right to argue that the ‘white supremacist cancer seeks to destroy the EDL’. Of course it does. How dare the Nazis even attempt to infiltrate and then try to control what EDL members believe and do? Who the fuck do they think they are? Anyway. It doesn’t matter that much because the British will never buy into fascism. It’s not in our nature. This is what the UAF/SWP fails to realise as well. They do not trust the British people. More specifically, they do not trust the white working class. A class which, as a whole, has always hated fascists, including the red fascists known as ‘Trotskyites’, ‘the UAF/SWP’ and so on. The SWP/UAF sees a fascist threat everywhere because they too are fascists – red fascists. Thus they see the Nazis and the BNP, or whoever, through their own red-fascist lenses. That tiny world of red fascist-black fascist rivalry. They feed off each other. They need each other. They are each other.

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