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Sunday, 3 April 2011

The Blackburn Demo – does the EDL 'harbour' racists and fascists or does it kick them out?

[Above: some have said that Combat 18 was involved yesterday. I don't know. All I know is that these skinhead lager-guzzlers wouldn't have been allowed into the Waffen SS or the Gestapo because of their booze-inspired physical weakness and mental retardation.]

EDL Extra comments on the Daily Star news item, 'Fisticuffs in EDL demo chaos', 3rd April, 2011. (Comments are in red.) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

A VIOLENT demo by far right group the English Defence League descended into chaos yesterday when thugs on the march began fighting each other. [The EDL were not 'fighting each other'! This Daily Star article itself calls North West Infidels a 'splinter group', so how can it have been a case of the EDL 'fighting each other'? The fight was the equivalent of the UAF/SWP infiltrating the demo. In fact, many of the infiltrators are fascists like the red fascists of the SWP/UAF and the Islamofascists of the Muslim Defence League. They went there for a scrap. It didn't just happen because of drink or general rowdiness amongst real EDL.

In any case, the Daily Star, the SWP/UAF, Searchlight, etc. should be glad that the EDL is getting tough with the racists and fascists who are trying to infiltrate the EDL. You can't complain and say that the EDL 'harbours extreme racists and fascists' and then get all sanctimonious when the EDL deals with them, as it did yesterday. Which one do these groups and newspapers want? Do they want the EDL to harbour Nazis and racists or do they want it to kick them out? You can't have it both ways.] Police in Blackburn, Lancs, had used shields and steel barriers to keep apart more than 2,000 EDL marchers from a counter demo of 500 supporters from Unite Against Fascism. [Did you know that the SWP/UAF held a conference in Birmingham on this very day? Does that mean that the SWP/UAF is no longer committed to 'counter-demonstrating' (or leftist 'anti-fascist' violence) or that they knew that the EDL couldn't disrupt their own conference (as they try to disrupt our demos, etc.) because we'd all be in Blackburn? In that case, I reckon that most of that paltry 500 counter-demonstrators were Muslims this time and for once; which, I suppose, would have stopped them getting patronised and condescended to so much by middle-class Trotskyists from London and the Home Counties.] But violence flared when EDL supporters turned on a splinter group calling themselves the North West Infidels. Some marchers wore gas masks to hide their identity. [Or to look hard or because they are members of S & M clubs.] “They seemed determined to fight someone and because they couldn’t get to the other demonstration they just fought one another,” said one witness. [That contradicts everything the Daily Star has just said about the splinter group, North West Infidels. The Daily Star has just made it clear, and the EDL knows it is clear, that the fighting was about a splinter groups trying to ruin the EDL and make EDL supporters join its racist, fascist and 'hands-on' group. It had absolutely nothing to do with the EDL not being about 'to get to the other demonstration'. This 'witness' was obviously not aware that the last four EDL demos, or more, have not resulted in any arrests of EDL. So he should get both his facts and his interpretations right before he speaks to the press.]

Seven protesters were arrested.


*) I've had messages from people saying that the trouble wasn't caused by North West Alliance or Combat 18. That's fair enough. But none of these people have said who was responsible.

I have said on this post and others that I didn't know who the culprits were. However, this is what many EDL said on the day and what I've read after. If anyone does not who the hard men were, let me know and I will add it to the relevant


  1. Combat 18? Heaven help us!

    Still, if you want a laugh at the UAF, take a look at this embarrassing video from yesterday's counterdemonstration in Blackburn:

  2. I hope you gave em hell! Love the bit about their S and M clubs!I suppose they thought they were so tough after they attacked police and pedestrians at their riot on Piccadilly the other day!!

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