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Saturday, 30 April 2011

Anti-Islamism and Islamophobia

[Top: the perverse logic (or lack of logic) of the Islamists. The above is a bit like George Orwell's 'war is peace'. The Islamists share a lot with Stalinists (as well as with Trots). Left: Islamophobia is the unicorn that fuels the various Leftist and Islamist revolutionary fires. Right: If Islamism, and also many aspects of Islam itself, are a real threat to Western civilisation, then phobia is an understandable response. It would certainly be rational. Therefore not really a phobia at all! However, can you be proud of a phobia? You can be proud of a rational attitude and stance against Islamism and aspects of Islam - which is what I think this image really means.]

Firstly, Islam, radical or otherwise, has nothing to do with race. Radical Muslims say this too. They also say that Islam 'has nothing to do with nationality' or even culture. They say that ‘Islam is a global religion with a global ideology’.

One culprit for turning the EDL case into a ‘fascist’ and ‘racist’ issue is the Socialist Workers Party/Unite Against Fascism. After all, let’s just hypothetically say that the leadership of the EDL is genuinely non-racist and non-fascist. What would the UAF do then? What would the SWP do then?

Almost every non-member of the SWP, unless he or she is a Muslim, is either a ‘fascist’ or ‘racist’ (or both) to that revolutionary party. After all, the SWP gave up on the white working class years ago when it realised that it couldn’t lead it towards the revolution. It has also given up on British black people. All its eggs are now in the Islamist/ ‘oppression of Muslims’ basket. That is, until the day that the Islamists turn their backs (or worse) on the SWP/UAF alliance and realise they can achieve an Islamic revolution (here in the UK) on their own.

And what, exactly, is wrong with Islamophobia? Phobia (from the Greek) means ‘fear’ - though some say that it actually means irrational fear.

Can you even criticise a fear in the first place?

Can you criticise the fear/phobia of Islamic bombing?

The fear of Muslim gangs in Bradford and other places in the North West and parts of London?

The fear that Islamic Iran and Pakistan may get nuclear bombs and blow Israel and India away?

The fear that the million or more deaths (in the 1990s and after) in the Sudanese Arab-Islamic jihad against black Christians and animists should be replicated somewhere else in the world?

The fear that Saudi-style beheadings for everyday theft (usually of Africans) should start to occur in parts of Europe in the next thirty years or so?

Are all these fears bad? Are they even irrational? Can we do anything about them? No. Not unless we take away the causes of these fears. However, it seems that many people don’t want to do that. Instead they (e.g., politicians, journalists, councillors, etc.) are bringing about the political and cultural situations which will only increase such fears – which will only increase ‘Islamophobia’.

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