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Thursday, 24 March 2011

Will Carlisle courts impose sharia blasphemy laws on a man who burned the Koran?

[Left: when you burn poppies, which we wear to respect the memories of the millions of dead who fought for the Islamists' right to express their vile views in the UK , you are fined a paltry and shameful £50. When you burn the Koran, on the other hand, this man in Carlisle may be given a two-year sentence. In addition, the Gateshead koran burners were threatened with a seven-year sentence. And people say that Islam and sharia blasphemy laws aren't being imposed on us now! It is Sharia Now!]

EDL Extra comments on the News & Star news item,Carlisle man burnt Koran in city centre in protest at Muslim extremists', 24th March, 2011. (Comments are in red.)

A Carlisle man who burnt the Koran in the city centre could be facing up to two years in jail. [Two years!? That’s an utter disgrace! The poppy burners were only fined £50 and even they laughed at the paltry nature of that fine.

A two-year sentence would be an expression of the courts' political will to defend Islam no matter what. It would be a legal expression of the state’s commitment to multiculturalism and indeed the ‘enabling’ of Islam. It cannot be seen in any other way. It would be a punishment of what used to be free expression before Leftists and gullible liberals said that it is profoundly wrong to upset Muslims in any way.

We have had freedom of expression, when it comes to the criticism of religion, since the Enlightenment in the 18th century. In fact, the criticism of religion in Europe goes back much further than that. Yet, all of a sudden, under the pressure of Islamists, Muslims and the Leftists who feed their grievances, our entire culture, legal and otherwise, is overturned in order to appease Muslims and Islam. And all for the sake of multiculturalism and the Stalinist imposition of political correctness.

I suggest that Carlisle EDL, as well as the EDL up and down this country, do all they can to make sure that this man is not prosecuted at all – never mind punished with a two-year sentence. If we fail in this, we are effectively allowing sharia law – blasphemy law – to rule this secular yet also Christian country. We must fight this in every way possible.]

Andrew Ryan, who claims to be a member of the English Defence League, appeared at Carlisle Magistrates’ Court today. [In a sense, whether or not he is EDL is irrelevant. However, if he is EDL, the courts will try even harder to make a lesson of him and by doing so give out a warning that (sharia) blasphemy laws, and other laws against the criticism of Islam, have effectively been adopted by our once secular state and society.]

He pleaded guilty to religiously aggravated harassment and theft - of the Koran from Carlisle Library. [Everyone has a problem with legalese like this. Indeed, the legal profession uses words like ‘aggravated harassment’ in order to blind the citizens of this country with their jargon. But what exactly does that phrase mean?

Muslims are ‘harassed’ by each and every criticism of Islam, the Koran and Mohammad. Should we give in to their obsessive sensitivities and bow down to Islam too? If we do, Muslims will begin demanding more and more from both the state and the courts – as they have already started doing. That is why they use the words ‘offence’ and ‘insult’ so much. This is their war of attrition against a secular state to which they cry their crocodile tears at every opportunity.

If Islam is such an eggshell, then perhaps we, and Muslims themselves, should ask: Why are Islam, the Koran and Muslims generally so vulnerable to criticism – or ‘offence’ or ‘insult’? Is it because even Muslims themselves know what this protester in Carlisle knows: that Islam is oppressive and warlike and seeks to impose its will on every single inhabitant of our planet. That’s why their Islam is an eggshell religion that cannot take any criticism whatsoever.]

The court heard he had burnt the Koran on January 19 because for the Muslims, the book is their ‘Holiest of Holy.’ [So? Mein Kampf was the Nazis ‘holiest of holy’. We all have our own holiest of holies, even the Borneo head-hunters. That doesn’t give us the right to stop everyone else from criticising our beliefs and then making the courts do what we tell them to do to protect them – as Muslims have done in this case. This is not Pakistan! There is no sharia blasphemy law here and there never will be without a massive struggle to prevent it.]

He said he had been viewing internet clips of extremist Islamic preachers and protesters earlier in the day then ‘lost it’. [Perhaps he also saw the poppy burners or read about their £50 fines.

It is Islam and the Koran that are fundamentally criminal; not the people who legitimately react in disgust to it and then burn the Koran.

Why do we treat Islam with kid gloves simply because it is a religion? Anything and any belief can form a religion. Religions cannot be sacrosanct simply because they are religions. It is the content of religions that matter; the beliefs, rules, and moral statements. And in all these cases, Islam and the Koran may be justifiably seen to fail badly by many people here in the UK – including this man from Carlisle.]

Ryan, 32, of Summerhill, went to the library and booked out a copy of the Koran using a card he had only applied for the day before. [So prosecute him for criminal damage or theft, not sharia blasphemy.]

He then went to the monument on English Street and in front of shocked witnesses started shouting abuse about the Muslim faith.

One of them was his former probation officer.

Ryan managed to set fire to the book on his second attempt, after a friend passed him a lighter, then threw it on the ground and walked away.

After arrest he told police that he knew his actions were likely to stir up religious aggravation.

He also spoke of ‘Asian gangs’ and his anger at Islam. [It seems that speaking out against Muslim grooming and drug gangs is also prohibited by the authorities. What’s happening to our country? Political correctness and multiculturalism are being enforced upon us from above in a kind of Stalinist reign of terror.]

Ryan has a number of previous convictions for public order offences and assault.

Defence solicitor Lauren Heesley said he was protesting against Muslim extremists not Islam as a faith. [That may be true. However, even if he were protesting against ‘Islam the faith’, this is still a free country when it comes to the criticism of religion.]

She told the court that he did not judge people by their race, religion or sexual orientation. [The courts are enforcing political correctness and, worse, a respect for Islam, on the British public. I tell you, these PC Stalinists will soon have had their day. We are fighting back. You will see.]

Ms Heesley claimed that his conviction for racially abusive chanting at a football match had been a misunderstanding.

She said he had been shouting abuse at the referee, as ‘the man in black’, rather than a player. [I’m not sure if any of this is at all relevant to this man’s burning of the Koran. Clearly the PC courts are trying to make a connection in order to de-legitimise his right to express disgust at a expansionist and warlike religion – Islam.]

At this point Ryan started sniggering and his supporters in the public gallery openly laughed.

Ms Heesley said Ryan has a military background which he is proud of, so images of extremist Muslim protesters burning poppies had made him want to take revenge.

The case was adjourned until April 14 for pre-sentencing reports and Ryan was granted bail. [Patriotism is not looked favourably upon by these Stalinist enforcers of political correctness and respect for the highly disrespectful religion that is Islam.]

Magistrates did not discuss what punishment they were considering imposing but the offence carries a maximum sentence of two years in prison.

As he left the courtroom, Ryan punched the air and said ‘no surrender’ to cheers from his supporters. [Good on you Ryan! No surrender!]

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