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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Why are Leftists still obsessed by the weekend-long Daily Star support of the EDL?

[Left: Dan Hodges. He what wrote this. He doesn't like the working class. He pretends he just doesn't like the EDL, the "tabloids", football 'hooligans', etc., though contemporary Leftists hate the entire class now that Muslims have filled their vacuum ( in a manner of speaking). Right: an EDL demo - an absolute affront to Leftist democracy. How dare the white working class do these things without middle-class Leftists like Dan Hodges giving them permission to do so? No wonder he and Nick Lowles have given the Daily Star a good spanking over its two-day support of the EDL.]

Coments on the New Statesman article, 'Has the Daily Star turned its back on the EDL?', by Dan Hodges, 25th March, 2011. (Comments are in red.)



 The Daily Star's flirtation with extremist right-wing, if not right-wing, politics appears to be over. Last month Richard Desmond's flagship red-top raised concerns it was preparing to formally endorse the English Defence League after publishing an editorial entitled "Don't Dare Ignore The EDL" with accompanying splash "English Defence League To Become A Political Party". [What’s with the Leftist dirt rags being obsessed with what the Daily Star does or does not say and do? The New Statesman, Searchlight, (especially) the Guardian, Socialist Worker, etc. – they’re all at it! It's that terrible thought which haunts them: that someone, somewhere, may read a position on the EDL that isn't identical to their own. Now; we can’t have more than one view on the EDL, can we? Thus the Daily Star has been soundly and frequently whipped by all manner of Leftists for the terrible crime of supporting the EDL – for, what was it, two days? Though that’s too long for the ant-democratic Left.]

Fortunately it now appears Star editor Dawn Neesom, described in her Wikipedia biography as a staunch West Ham fan and avid kick boxer, has experienced a conversion on the road to Luton, and will be adopting a more circumspect approach to the group who have been bringing booze fuelled chaos to Britain's multi-ethnic communities. [‘Booze fuelled chaos’? This journalist should read the news some time. The last four EDL demos have been without arrests. It’s hard to have arrest-free demos which are also examples of ‘booze fuelled chaos’. Actually, to a Leftist journalist who feels obliged to ‘lie for Justice’, such contortions are easy.] A letter from Daily Star publishers Northern and Shell, to Nick Lowles, editor of anti-extremist magazine Searchlight [Are communists, strictly speaking, ‘anti-extremist’? They were pretty extreme under Stalin, under Mao, under Pol Pot, under Che Guevara (who had no state, but still simply adored killing), under Fidel Castro, under Kim Il Sung, and even under the gorgeous Lenin and Trotsky.], pledges, "Our stand has always been and always will be that of strongly opposing extremism and fanaticism no matter what quarter it comes from, whether it be burning Poppies or copies of the Koran". It goes on, ""We assure Searchlight that the Daily Star will continue to endeavour to be a fair and accurate newspaper serving a true United Kingdom and all its people". [Why does the Daily Star feel the need to ‘assure’ that turd in glasses, Nick Lowles, that it doesn’t support the EDL? Who is this communist ‘statist’ (as the Trots call him)? I never voted for him. No one has ever voted for him. Apart from the fact that he’s a hypocritical and mischievous communist, this bespectacled little twat can’t write a decent article to save his own life. Again: who is he?]

An editorial response from Lowles, who has been campaigning for the Star to distance itself from the EDL, expresses his belief that "the newspaper will not be backing the street gang or any other extremist organization". [‘Street gang’? What, like the UAF/SWP or even like the communists when they can’t get the state, or the Daily Star, to do what it wants it to do?] He adds, "We welcome this statement and what we understand to be a change in direction. We will remain vigilant to keep the newspaper to its word". [Methinks that Nick Lowles is under the illusion that he’s some kind of politician who has the right to mouth off to the Daily Star, and many others, because he’s been democratically elected. He hasn’t! So he should shut the fuck up!]

Despite a perception the Daily Star was morphing into the house magazine of the far right [as if], the truth is the Star stable has adopted a more ambiguous stance to both the EDL and their floundering forerunners in the BNP. The Sunday edition of the paper has run a number of hard hitting exposes of both organizations, and was highly critical of the Prime Minister's recent Munich speech on multiculturalism. Under the headline "David Cameron Boards the EDL Bandwagon" the paper charged "Bungling David Cameron was last night accused of "stoking the fires" of race hate just hours before a thuggish far right march". [Searchlight is never satisfied. It’s already got the Daily Mirror singing from its communist hymn sheet on the EDL. Or at least its spawn, Hope Not Hate, is officially supported and probably funded by the Daily Mirror. Fight the capitalist state with its own tools, eh?]

There have also been indications Richard Desmond has himself been concerned about his Daily's courting of the EDL. Guardian media commentator Roy Greenslade [an unbelievably objective far-leftist journalist], who was heavily critical of the Star's favourable editorial [there’s a surprise!], quoted a spokesman for Desmond insisting the proprietor had no prior knowledge of the paper's stance. [Why is this person regurgitating this story when it’s not that old in the first place?] The Independent also agreed to change its online headline "Has Richard Desmond decided to back the English Defence League?", to, "Has the Daily Star decided to back the English Defence league?" following a request for a correction from Desmond.

The Star's decision to break from its balaclava clad suitors [Some EDL wear such things, primarily to stop them getting sacked by employers who are unfavourable to the EDL or who feel obliged to sack EDL supporters. The other reason is that it stops them being identified by UAF/SWP and Muslim hooligans who are far more into violence than the EDL. Sadly Nick Lowles and this journalist don’t seem to have registered these inconvenient facts.] comes at a time when the paper has been facing internal as well as external scrutiny over its reporting of ethnic minorities, especially the Muslim community. [No! The Muslim community is all sweetness and light! It was the EDL which carried out 9/11, / 7/7 and burned the poppies.] Whistle blower/disgruntled former employee Richard Peppiatt claimed in a resignation letter to Daily Star management Islamaphobia [i.e., any criticism of Islam or Muslims whatsoever] had become a key weapon in the paper's fight for circulation; "Muslims are branded "beardies" [the Islamists tend to wear beards] or "fanatics" [Muslim fanatics tend to be fanatics], and black-on-black killings ("Bob-slayings", as I've cringingly heard them called in your newsroom) can be resigned to a handful of words, shoehorned beneath a garish advert". In response, the Daily Star issued a statement which claimed, "Regarding the allegations over the paper's coverage of Islam, he, [Peppiatt], was only ever involved in a very minor way with such articles, and never voiced either privately or officially any disquiet over the tone of the coverage. For the record, the Daily Star editorial policy does not hold any negativity towards Islam and the paper has never, and does not endorse, the EDL."

Whatever the truth of the Peppiatt allegations, the withdrawal, or non-extension, of the Daily Star's support will be a seen as a blow to the EDL [Not really! When you consider the fact that the ‘support’ of the Daily Star, or Star, only lasted about two days – a weekend – in the first place.] a time when the organization is struggling to manage internal tensions over its future direction. Alan Lake, the EDL's shadowy millionaire financier [Alan Lake is so ‘shadowy’ that Leftist dirt rags are writing about him all the time. Nick Lowles wrote an ‘expose’ of him that read like a shopping list. It was roughly three thousand - or more! - words long. The dullest thing I’ve ever read. He even ‘exposed’ Alan Lake for once having a meeting with Tommy Robinson and also of having once said something slightly rude about Islam… or was that Searchlight?], is keen to channel his progeny [we're all ‘progeny’ to the Left. No leftist, of course, is ever progeny. They’ve all read Marx and Chomsky, you see.] towards the political mainstream, and has been attempting to build connections with the European and international right, including fringe elements of the US Tea Party movement. In contrast Tommy Robinson, the EDL's self-styled 'General' is said to want to remain true to the movement's 'grass roots' strategy of street level demonstrations and confrontation, even though effective policing and community organization are reducing the opportunities for disorder so beloved by many of its members. [You can’t win. If the EDL is full of hooligans, it’s ‘full of hooligans’. If it moves towards Europe, it’s the ‘progeny of Alan Lake’. Let’s face it. Despite the Leftist "analyses" and exposes, it's the fact that the EDL is saying inconvenient things about Islamism and Muslims that’s really at the heart of the matter. And so it should be.]

The 'tit's, bums, QPR [what’s wrong with ‘tits, bums and QPR’? They’re better than Hamas, Marx and sexually-frustrated Leftists trying to get a shag at a ‘pro-Palestine’ meeting.] and roll your own fags' agenda pursued by the Daily Star's inaugural editor Derek Jameson is not to everyone's taste. [As I keep saying. At the heart of most – or all - the Leftist attacks on the EDL is not Marx, not anti-fascism or anti-racism, but good old-fashioned middle class - though Leftist! - snobbery directed against all things working class. You know, the class which Leftists once used to support – or patronise – before Muslims came along.] But the capture of a national newspaper endorsement, form whatever source, would have been an important feather in the hoodies of the EDL. [More outright Leftist snobbery - which Leftists try to pretend is just a ‘right wing’ or a ‘suburban’ phenomenon. The Left has many of its own versions of Hyacinth Bouquet; they just have different targets and wear Arafat scarves instead of tartan skirts.] Dawn Neesom and Richard Desmond's change of heart, however belated, is to be welcomed.

Say oooh, ah, Daily Star... [There he goes again. All this snobbishness directed at the working class. Admittedly, sometimes the working class-isms of the Daily Star, the Sun, etc. are pretty fake and contrived, concocted by middle class office boys with white shirts and too much deodorant. However, this Leftist takes the entire working class as a suitable object of ridicule, from the EDL to football ‘hooligans’. (That's the word Leftists always use for ‘fans’ – they can’t make the distinction between fans and hooligans – after all, most of the fans are working class so they must also be hooligans. Why can’t everyone be an Islingtonite – at least in spirit? Yes I know that there are large council estates in Islington.).]

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