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Friday, 4 March 2011

Wear Your Keffiyeh (Arafat) Scarf With Pride!

[Above: get your own keffiyeh (Palestinian-killers') scarf for only £5.99. From your local Socialist Workers Party shop or at the next UAF demo. Buy now before Thailand runs out of supplies. Peace and suicide bombs to all!]

Student and Guardian journalists! Listen! Wear the keffiyeh scarf and it'll guarantee peace and lots of fluffiness in Gaza, Afghanistan, Oxbridge, Manningham and Sparkbrook.

Feel the radical transformation of your political soul into a Palestinian peace-loving killer’s soul as you don the mighty Arafat scarf. Humble your parents with their right-wing suits and ties. Tune into the student vibe of Hamas titillatory violence and peace. Forget the sexy black Black Panthers of yesterday, with their virile and manly black machismo, here comes Brown Exotic Hamas Power in the form of a 100% cotton, machine-washable and non-biodegradable scarf. Can be worn anywhere.

Recommended to be worn at SWP/UAF demos against the fascist, racist, bigoted, racist, neocon, neoliberal, Zionist and racist EDL, with their Nazi salutes, lager drinks and severe lack of student unions.

Beware, stocks of keffiyeh scarves are running dangerously low. Thai sweatshops are unable to utilise enough child labour to satisfy the British student demand for this exemplary non-capitalist child-workers’ product.

So get yours while stocks last! You know it makes sense!

*) As worn by Yazzer Arafat, Aki Nawaz (above: founder of the Muslim Defence League) Tony Blair, George Allahway, all Leftist students and even a few Palestinians.



    The Israeli Keffiyeh, with its intricate Star of David pattern in the center piece, and words AM ISRAEL CHAI (Jewish People Live) in Hebrew weaved into its fabric, this scarf illustrates a divine promise that the Jewish people are eternal. (scroll down for photos)


    1. fuck you viva al quds viva gaza viva palestine