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Thursday, 31 March 2011

The violent/racist SWP/UAF will be protesting against the EDL in Blackburn this weekend

[Left: the 'thuggish' EDL violently protesting through the streets of London. Right: probably a member of the SWP/UAF proudly displaying the 'right to peacefully protest'. Perhaps it's Clare Solomon, the student leader of London University (who contributed to the last Middle- Class Student Riot in London, who's now of Counterfire; as are many other ex-SWP).]

EDL Extra comments on Blackburn's The Citizen, 'EDL and counter protesters limited to crowds of 3,000', 30th March, 2011. (Comments are in red.)


EDL and counter protesters limited to crowds of 3,000 English Defence League demonstrators and anti-racism protesters will be limited to 3,000-strong crowds each on Saturday, under new restrictions imposed by police today. [Strictly speaking, or not speaking strictly at all, these ‘anti-racist protestors’ cannot be anti-racist because the EDL is not a racist organisation. Some individuals who claim to be EDL are racist; but they haven’t quite got the point of the EDL yet and perhaps they’re pissed off that BNP doesn’t do demos anymore. The SWP/UAF, on the other hand, is racist – it is anti-Semitic, and the many Muslims, and all the Islamists, who are being ‘enabled’ by the SWP/UAF will certainly be racist – anti-Semitic. It is not even just a case that the SWP/UAF has racist members. The SWP has been an anti-Semitic party since the very beginning; but especially since Israel won the 1967 war and could no longer be classed as an Oppressed State or People and suddenly became a Racist Colonialist State, literally over night for some brain-defunct (or theory-intoxicated) Trots.

Oh yes, their god Marx also made a mighty handful of racist comments against both Jews and blacks. Then again, he was only ‘Jewish on his parents’ side’, as someone once put it. (E.g., Jews are ‘chimerical’, ‘self-interested’, ‘hucksters’, ‘niggerlike’, ‘dirty’, etc. Some of these comments would even make Weyman Bennett embarrassed, especially the ‘niggerlike’ one.]

In a bid to prevent public disorder, damage to property and further disruption in Blackburn town centre, Lancashire Constabulary has secured the measure under sections 12 and 14 of the Public Order Act. The English Defence League will be demonstrating in Northgate from 12.45pm to 1.45pm. A counter protest, organised by BADUAR, Blackburn and Darwen Unite Against Racism, and other groups, will take place between 1pm and 3pm in Sudell Cross.

Assistant Chief Constable Andy Cooke said: “Our top priority is the safety of the community, people visiting Blackburn, demonstrators and counter-demonstrators and I believe that these restrictions are necessary to minimise the risk of disorder or damage.” [There will be no arrests as long as the red-fascists of the SWP/UAF don’t initiate arrests. However, violence, conflict, riots – that is radical politics and Revolution (remember London last week) – are vital for the Trot cause. Thus if they can cause trouble, then they will cause trouble.]

“Everyone has the right to peacefully protest and we have a duty to allow that to happen. [Sadly, the SWP/UAF violently – literally! – disagrees with this. ('No Platform' for non-Trots and non-Muslims.) They think that only the people who agree with them have ‘the right to peacefully protest’… and Muslims. If the people who disagree with them do peacefully protest, then they will attempt to turn that peaceful protest in a violent one. This is something this Trot group has done countless times since its formation in the 1950s. And yet there are still many gullible liberals, Lib Dems and Labourites who still don’t understand what they’re really dealing with. Instead they think that the SWP is part of the same ‘broad church’ or happy family which they belong to, and despite the violence, the riots, the anti-Semitism, etc., that they still ‘have their hearts in the right place’.]

"We will not tolerate any law breaking, and where crimes are committed we will take robust action.” [Except against Muslims because they’re Oppressed and poor, just like the billionaire Osama bin Laden and all the well-off and ex-university types who run Hamas.]

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