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Monday, 21 March 2011

Tommy Robinson of the EDL on Australia's '60 Minutes'

Yeh! Isn't that Australian Muslim chick just lovely? But that's in spite of Islam; not because of it. She's one of a growing breed of Identity (Image) Muslims who love their own exotic-ness or the exotic-ness of Muslims. If she watches Neighbours, wears sexy make-up (despite the hijab, as they do in Cairo), and even if she likes Night Clubs - so what! None of this has anything to do with Islam. Indeed Islam would not let her do any of these things if it could stop her. (The same is true of 'Islamic scientists' and 'Islamic whatevers'. There are no Islamic scientists, etc. There are only scientists who happened to have been Muslims. They were scientists in spite of Islam; not because of it. Just as this Muslim chick is a good-time girl in spite of Islam; not because of it.)

So don't buy these Muslim cheap little tricks which this presenter seems to have bought. That is: She's just like me (us); so Islam must be nice. He even gets well impressed and excited by her use of Astralianese when she says: 'No worries mate!'

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